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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Recruitment for Team Right Click Nexus  ( 1 2 ) EatMyKhack Pizzafaces 12 177
Support looking for ~Silver Team Faceplosion Faceplosion 1 112
Looking for gold 3+ players for a ranked team Kounniyom NoobTroll3r 5 119
Looking for gold+ players for a ranked 5s team TRD Pro TRD Pro 0 22
Upcoming Lan Tourney in Indiana Need Members !!! Quantic Puppet EzMONEYsniperx1 8 117
Advanced Bots LF Serious Gold+ Top and Jungler for Ranked 5v5 Nguyeezus Nguyeezus 0 37
LF Silver/Gold Team to join TheLeague11 TheLeague11 0 27
LF Strong Plat Duo FLexR FLexR 8 97
LF a Top, Jungle, adc and supp Relise Relise 1 72
LF Support Coach Fizbania Fizbania 0 36
LF Plat 1/Diamond+ Jungler/Mid That can play right now! Vinterland Van Tango 3 63
ADC Looking for Smurf Support ImLaz ImLaz 3 111
looking for a team FR33MONSTAR FR33MONSTAR 0 65
Jungler LF team Van Tango Van Tango 0 50
Recruiting 5v5 Ranked QingXiaMingLing QingXiaMingLing 0 58
LF Diamond+ Mid For Rankes 5's Kallliii Kallliii 2 60
Diamond Team Looking for Diamond Mid SleePpy SleePpy 1 57
Gold 5 Support LF ranked 5s arousingflem arousingflem 0 56
Gold IV Jungle Main LF Team Salil Salil 0 52
LF a Jungler for 3v3 BabysUnlimited BabysUnlimited 0 55
Team Diamond Chasers LF for Silver+ TOP TacoluverZAMBIE TacoluverZAMBIE 3 86
Gold 4 Support looking for ADC pmforbj pmforbj 0 55
[JFM] Just Feed Me LF Players for 5v5  ( 1 2 ) runaxs runaxs 12 246
Gold adc and supp duo LF team Gosleepbaby Gosleepbaby 8 130
New Team LF Top Lane Main BigHeavy BigHeavy 0 68
Support Main LFT I Gave U Obesity I Gave U Obesity 2 104
Creating 5v5 Team (All Ranks) Competitive ykisana ykisana 1 60
Need Players for Ranked 5's Team xCreationz xCreationz 0 38
Silver 2 Adc/Mid LF 5's Team jewmuffinperson jewmuffinperson 0 38
Cyborg Kamikaze Pilots Silver Rank Team LF all roles except Mid for Tourny in August Gamerfreak245 brenvers 1 54
D1 ADC LF Team / Supp duo Martyo Martyo 1 59
Looking for someone to Duo with! Srgkillalot brenvers 1 45
Gold Support/Mid LF Team UnstoppaDOGE UnstoppaDOGE 7 64
LF Mid/Top Plat+ I Lynched Lucian I Lynched Lucian 0 47
Gold 3 Mid and Silver 3 Support Looking for Gold/Silver Team Chippewa2442 Chippewa2442 0 38
Silver 3 Support and Gold 3 Mid looking for ranked team Chippewa2442 Chippewa2442 0 24
Silver 1 Top Looking for Team Hikmer Hikmer 0 29
Support Main LFT. Skeebonix Skeebonix 3 102
Cyborg Kamikaze Pilots Silver Rank team LF Top Laner for tourny in august Gamerfreak245 Ownaron 1 55
GOLD 3 LF ranked 5s Mid/jungle main Mayor MacCready Mayor MacCready 0 23
Gold support looking for adc Deadly Secret Deadly Secret 0 43
Looking for ranked team Support/mid laner Killa10042 Killa10042 0 31
Plat 3 Jangler looking for team iHeartAllah Profane Sniper 1 71
Looking for a team to join IS178a998a4d7bbb2c7eca6 IS178a998a4d7bbb2c7eca6 2 76
Looking for a Gold+ Support Planning to enter Tournys Killa10042 Killa10042 0 33
G2 LF Serious gold rank team iLoveGaySex iLoveGaySex 0 48
Silver ADC LF A Support Duo Partner SightShootKill PvtArea 5 107
Looking for a Gold+ Jungler Planning to enter Tournys Killa10042 Killa10042 0 29
LF a duo that doesn't suck Zolaski Zolaski 0 41
Plat Player Looking for 5s Borawr Borawr 1 31