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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Looking for players, ALL skill levels **ZDG**  ( 1 2 ) ZD Insane ZD Insane 15 271
Gold 2 Adc lf duo partner Who Farms Anyway Who Farms Anyway 0 30
Support Looking for TEAM cK RoYaL cK RoYaL 2 31
Gold 2 Jungle LFT StayDreamin StayDreamin 0 32
Gold V adc main looking for duo! for plat b4 end of season Oblation Oblation 0 36
Looking for DEDICATED D4+ players to make a ranked team with Night x Shadow Night x Shadow 3 80
Making ranked 5s team ADD ME ENipz ENipz 0 43
Need top and supp for ranked 5 teams i8mudd4u Fauxnetic 7 126
Plat 5 midlaner lf team. Money Overseas Money Overseas 4 64
Looking for Jungle and Mid for ranked 5s team Proskuller Drewsiff112 4 106
Support Looking for GOOD team READ cK RoYaL cK RoYaL 4 69
Gold 5 Top/jungle in need of serious 5s team Drewsiff112 Drewsiff112 0 40
Silver I ADC Looking for Support PRØTØMAN PRØTØMAN 4 86
Forming ranked 3's and 5's mjrr1998 mjrr1998 0 45
Silver 2 Support LF Team kT Price antbarrone 1 60
Hybrid Theory [M2M] Top Lane Tryouts TONIGHT! Tabalina Wamaxos 3 81
Looking to manage/coach a team st33l22 st33l22 2 85
LF Top G1+ for Competitive Team Zahl Zahl 4 70
"Slightly" Competitive Team lf players cxtc CPTnNULL 1 93
Looking to play some ranked 5's for season free ward skin SCE SCE 0 86
Serious ranked 5s team. (Diamond +)  ( 1 2 ) PHENOMENO7V PHENOMENO7V 17 262
LF Silver+ players for ranked 5s  ( 1 2 ) Ghaith97 kT Price 19 268
[GOLD TEAM] Looking for Top and Jungle for Ranked 5's Braxton Braxton 0 54
LF Diamond Mid for a5's Samouela Samouela 0 38
Ranked 5s team gold v+ INEW PLAYER INEW PLAYER 0 46
Serious Ranked 5s Team Signups Posu alaskaneagle 1 52
Silver smurf looking for duo smd456 EX00 1 79
Full Plat+ TEAM LF Plat3+ TOP MAIN reslus reslus 8 77
Silver III LF Duo Partner GamerFailure EX00 1 84
LF gold 5+ for 3s games NOW Drinks On You Fa1seRea1ity 2 39
Gold Top, Jng, or Supp LF Team Fa1seRea1ity Fa1seRea1ity 0 43
Silver 3 Support Searching Team or Duo CreousZ EX00 1 35
Plat Plus Team Tsm Amazing Na LEGENDARYPONY 9 102
LF Gold 5+ Mid laner VezTa Ackerlyte 9 101
TP Fabulas VS 0m0 VS 0m0 0 49
Looking for 3s or 5s Fa1seRea1ity Fa1seRea1ity 5 115
Looking for a Mid and Bot Lane That communicates Gold + TD Star Lord ButtholeWipes 3 57
Gold Support LF team Lifey Lifey 0 38
LF Analytical work! (Any ELO) Profaith Profaith 0 40
LF Plat+ Support and Jungle xßeast Colonel Forbin 4 104
Looking Players for Ranked Team Cadeskywalker925 Cadeskywalker925 0 44
LF one more 3v3 player gold+ pref sadly4343 sadly4343 2 40
Diamond Top Lane LF Team  ( 1 2 ) ReeeSes ReeeSes 13 174
Gold 2 Team Looking for Members Reset K1NG Plz no Windwall 1 33
LF Serious Duo Partner Goals Zoning 3 102
LF Team Members For BLG ~ BLG NightShroud BLG NightShroud 0 35
LF Mid Laner (Ranked 5s) Skumbag Sloth Riven Is Babe 8 134
LF Mid and Jungle Plat+ Tourney team iSeeDeadSeaMan iSeeDeadSeaMan 6 100
looking for a serious team Jungle/top JcZ123 JcZ123 4 79