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LF Silver/Bronze Any Position Except Mid Xerkam by Klika99 7 130
LF low elo silv/bronze 5's team Silentkill by Silentkill 1 31
Lf 5s team condonn by condonn 0 20
Plat+ Ranked 5's Team LF Mid! a dapper elf by FATALx73 2 54
Plat 5 jungler looking for ranked team By the Sword by By the Sword 0 21
Looking for Ranked 5s Team Lykan Exelero by Lykan Exelero 0 18
Girl Gamer looking for help T1g0lbittiez by Greasy Gabe 8 214
Elastic Knight Gaming LF Jungle and Support Xeanic by Pittsburpenguin 2 42
LF PLAT 5+ TOP LANE RANKED 5 v 5s AKS CheeseFIZZ by Frostbreath 1 40
Gold 2 Jungle Main LF duo to Plat! TSM Amazingprox by TSM Amazingprox 0 19
Looking for Jungle, Mid, and Top 5v5 team. Tryouts 7/18 from 6am-10am Central Time. Burias DrakShal by Burias DrakShal 0 27
Silver Support LF Serious Ranked 5s Team Pittsburpenguin by Pittsburpenguin 0 17
fresh to ranked and i hate it i want a team (silver 3) hobomann2 by hobomann2 0 20
Clan Recruitment Endless Shadow   ( 1 2 3 ... 18) brewkourt by brewkourt 179 3,706
Gold 2 Jungle Main LF duo to Plat! TSM Amazingprox by TSM Amazingprox 0 13
LF Ranked 5's team Mr Basil by Mr Basil 0 18
Plat+ Ranked 5's Team LF Support! a dapper elf by a dapper elf 0 22
LF> people for ranked 5's Best LB NA by Best LB NA 0 28
Silver 2 looking for a 5's team dylabere6996 by dylabere6996 0 17
Plat 5 supprt/adc looking for a duo Allinyomouf by Allinyomouf 0 22
Bronze-silver 5's team [serious] LF BOT LANE Nimbus280 by Nimbus280 2 46
Diamond ADC LF ranked 5's team MXE by MXE 8 77
Gold Support LF Serious Team Fancy Pink Pony by Fancy Pink Pony 0 25
LF G+ jungler for team Platypus King by Platypus King 0 27
LF active gold+ Top Laner for ranked 5s playing now! General Pauly by General Pauly 0 28
LF Gold+ Jungler and Support for Trueshot Red   ( 1 2 3) vtrainyu by vtrainyu 22 359
looking for a casual group to play with, with mic midgetedwarf by midgetedwarf 0 22
Gold 5 Mid Laner LFT Ben119 by Ben119 0 16
Silver team need jungle ProtoFTW by SirPookins 2 36
LF silver support to duo bot lane SirPookins by SirPookins 0 19
Lf duo to diamond for 2 weeks Dj Snorklebong by handsdowngandhi 4 120
Want to form a team of new players DieFleeRetreat by darthzeta 2 61
Bronze 3 Top/ADC looking for Team/Group PAhammer by PAhammer 0 9
Diamond 4 55LP ADC LF Ranked 5s Broturkey by Broturkey 1 28
G1-Main supp/ Very good with all roles--> LF Duo A Flying Bunny by A Flying Bunny 7 107
Team Broken Tier - Recruiting rank team for fun and improvement! :D MTL Isedelica by Chaotic PEPSI 8 134
Creating a 5s ranked team Silver-Plat KevAngel0 by Jmw Viking 4 59
LF Sub Top Laner D5+ Im A Bathtub by Im A Bathtub 1 25
looking for a gold plus duo Ahitzman by Ahitzman 0 28
(LGD) Social Gaming Clan with Teamspeak   ( 1 2 3) LGD Penguin by Faiths Guardian 23 2,007
~Looking for a team/community/clan~ Exion by Exion 0 32
Upcoming Player Looking 4 Team! /DUO's ImmaFuknPro by ImmaFuknPro 0 18
Diamond Team Looking for Top/Jungle/Support Cpt Jack by Cpt Jack 0 32
***Gold 4 looking for serious ranked team*** notan03 by notan03 0 14
Plat+ Team LF ADC/Top Mooyun by Mooyun 7 81
B2 Support looking for ADC/Team TurtleTrainer by TurtleTrainer 1 50
silver team lf support Dexteres by TurtleTrainer 4 46
Starting a Gold+ ranked team. NotARapper by NotARapper 0 37
silver player looking for a team or duo redskins1399 by redskins1399 3 84
Gold IV ADC Looking for a support main to duo with ImMike by ImMike 0 18