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Silver support looking for team The Party End by The Party End 0 17
GOLD+ team looking for Jungle/Top Laner Murdort by Murdort 0 24
Looking for a Silver or higher jungler for ranked 5s team EffXz Iz OP by Here Fishy 3 47
jungle main looking for team clarkcooper by clarkcooper 0 28
LF D1-D4 toplaner WaldoFolkks by WaldoFolkks 1 29
Looking for plat+ duo que HereWeGoATL by HereWeGoATL 1 45
LF Diamond Mid Blud Munni by Keylog 1 30
lf serious duo, plat or high gold, I Am Da Corn Man by I Am Da Corn Man 0 23
Need a Mid and Jungler for a Gold + Dedicated Team SoxSox by Fate Vs Faith 9 93
LF 5s team. Support/Mid Main. Gold V. Moone Moone by Moone Moone 0 16
Gold 5 ADC looking for ranked team/ support duo Synclerella by Synclerella 1 22
gold1 ADC main looking for support duo marcnutter by marcnutter 0 28
Looking for a 3v3 Ranked Team u Dead Son by Thrashur 1 47
Looking for gold v+ mid lovable koalas by lovable koalas 0 33
Plat adc lf Ranked 5's Team Hot Balls by Hot Balls 1 32
LF Silver Support for 5v5 Ghost6315 by TChief 1 28
Analyst/ Coach In Training! LF Team that wants to work together annalisea by snugglebutt69 1 63
D1 Mid/ADC looking for ranked team with all diamonds Keylog by Keylog 0 25
bronze team EvilKings needs subs!!!!!! xzdarkx by CIROC Papi 1 31
Serious 5's team looking for members Ghost Gaiden by ATTL Omicron 7 208
Team looking for main Jungler or Top Laner Murdort by Murdort 2 68
Looking for a SERIOUS TEAM BangYouWithARock by Nrg 1 45
Jungle or Gold+ Support Nrg by Nrg 1 34
Casual/Average LF Silver/Gold Zygrazor by ATTL Omicron 5 247
Jungle gold+ player BLEXCALIBOR by BLEXCALIBOR 0 24
Competitive Ranked Team LF Plat+ Mid Laner   ( 1 2 3) Improbus by GG Beast Mode 22 371
Picking up mid for Gold/Plat ballaa1199 by ballaa1199 0 26
Looking for gold + mid SpiritFeet by glosh 3 53
Plat Top/ADC LFT Hex 4 You by Hex 4 You 0 20
Looking for flex player odawg3421 by odawg3421 0 54
Putting together a MA team for LAN tournament GlMME DAT BUTT by DwIrony 2 72
Seeking gold+ substitutes for ranked 5's team.   ( 1 2) Maxim by GG Beast Mode 14 233
B2 Smurf from Gold LF Support to Duo Relocates by Relocates 1 43
Plat/Gold 5's Team DixonCiderTonite by DreamNinja 4 50
Gold 3 ADC LF Support Gold 3 or higher. Keaubra by glosh 2 33
Plat AD LF Team Reckcer by Reckcer 0 31
we need a 5th for ranked 5s. come on NOW papalokey by CosyMink 1 59
Need Member for fantasy LCS league MasterPlasterer by Thunder Cats Pro 2 56
Gold + Team looking for top main DesertFox by CosyMink 2 61
Looking for High d1 top lane Sinze by Sinze 0 24
Gold AD LF 5's team Oldd Greg by Oldd Greg 5 111
What can we give away to bring in more viewers? darkorpse by darkorpse 4 84
Silver+ Team looking for Top kT Price by Trollololol2 3 59
HZN Gaming Looking for dedicated Jung HZN Ghosty by HZN Ghosty 0 28
Looking for G3+ Support Whiteshadow1 by Whiteshadow1 2 40
Halp! DrunkPanda107 by DrunkPanda107 0 48
5's Team T00STUP1D4U by SoFly365 2 64
+Valoran Vanguard+ New 5v5 Team!   ( 1 2 3) Jinx Fever by Sedna 26 494
Victorious Gaming Daily Draft Stream Vesthis by Vesthis 0 35
Gold Support LF team Acolarh by Acolarh 2 88