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Support Main Looking for 5's Team Flesseck by Flesseck 0 14
[NA] Plat 2 ADC LF Ranked 5's Killem4eternity by Killem4eternity 1 23
Anyone Interested for Perfect Asension? Need players +4 Sir Louie by Sir Louie 0 13
Looking for chill peope to pay Support and ADC for 5's ( PALAT + ) VuLxZ by Malakai14 6 76
Silver III top laner looking for a ranked team. Mikado Akiosh by TrueDark401 2 37
Fun4thewholefamily looking for silver top and mid for ranked 5s Gen e2 by Noobyyy 5 30
Plat + serious team needs serious adc only I SPEED I by Killem4eternity 5 63
give me top jg mid for 5s gold pls bob10254 by bob10254 0 12
Looking for a ranked 5's team iiDesigned by iiDesigned 0 21
Recently returned LFT or group lolwhatyourface by lolwhatyourface 5 37
Silver II (79 points) ranked 5s team LF one more. Ramen00dlez by Noobyyy 4 69
Support needed for 5s be gold bob10254 by bob10254 1 22
★ Kirito ★ Competing for 3200rp! Come watch the tourney! lm Kirito by lm Kirito 1 11
Ranked 5's Team RECRUITING SUB JUNGLER. Bruce Bannerd by Bruce Bannerd 0 13
Prismal LF Jungle and Support. Varked by ItsFrenchie 6 83
Legacy Seakers looking for top silver and below Appoe by Useless Banana 1 15
*****LF PLAT V or UP PLAYERS******** Instant Noodles by Instant Noodles 0 18
Joining a ranked 5s team RingOfFates by RingOfFates 2 46
Fun4TheWholeFamily Silver team looking for top mid! 7Pandas by 7Pandas 0 11
Plat V Mid/Supp Main LF duo AngelicBlackRose by AngelicBlackRose 2 25
[TGI] LF D1 Mid Laners [Sponsored Tournament Team] v Syn by v Syn 1 40
Fun4TheWholeFamily Silver team looking for top laner 7Pandas by Gen e2 1 16
Looking for Silver Dedicated Ranked Team TheDoomAgeden by TheDoomAgeden 1 25
(Team) [Silver] looking for serious players.   ( 1 2) TitanSlayerAD by TitanSlayerAD 11 132
Legacy Seekers looking for any rank top/supp Appoe by Useless Banana 2 34
Looking for a team Plat 1 Mayor MacCready by Mayor MacCready 0 11
Ranked 5's Team RECRUITING MID & Sub Jungler! Bruce Bannerd by Bruce Bannerd 0 11
Gold ADC looking for Team Oblation by Oblation 0 6
Friends Beyonce by Beyonce 0 14
Looking for people for 5s   ( 1 2) Smoars by XxXkevinlacanXxX 10 78
FunForTheWholeFamily | Looking for solo Lanes 7Pandas by 7Pandas 1 8
Looking for casual teammembers Methodbreaker by DrCray 3 51
wrong thread 69Nobody by jcarsonw 1 22
need toplane gold+ for 5's Body Fat by BKS Cupcake 1 15
[NA]-[S]-[G4 + adc]-[LF Silver-Gold Ranked 5s] ObyssNA by ObyssNA 0 11
ooking For Low Bronze solo q'rs to form a ranked 5s team, all roles needed Thr34t by Thr34t 1 30
Gold Player Looking for 5's team iiiOzo by iiiOzo 0 14
Gold 5 Support Looking For Competitive 5's Team Oo Tatsuo oO by Oo Tatsuo oO 0 11
need gold top mid support for 5s now pls bob10254 by bob10254 2 50
Looking for players in Panama City, FL! WoodnLeaguePanda by The Graviton 2 125
Brienk needs Tops and Junglers Bkillzone by Bkillzone 5 54
Gold IV ADC Looking for team to grow and get better with add ObyssNa ObyssNA by ObyssNA 0 7
Need a plat+ top laner to sub 5's, game in 2 hours!! Siiii by cheese platter 1 29
gold 4 supp or jung looking for a team xBukowski by xBukowski 1 8
Silver supp looking for serious arc to duo with and climb up as far as one can go Bartolemy by Bartolemy 0 10
Silver adc main looking for a serious ranked 5s team Jokernun321 by TrueDark401 1 30
need support for 5's team gold + Body Fat by Body Fat 0 13
Duo restrictions are bugged, any diamonds want to see what happens to matchmaking? Cho for Athene by Cho for Athene 0 15
Looking to join a team. Deathwatchbeto by Deathwatchbeto 2 33
Gold 3 LF team 3v3 or 5v5 any roll pref adc,supp,jung drksummoner by EnerGetiK 1 7