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LF Plat+ Top for Ranked 5s ToopHawk by ToopHawk 0 15
Starting a ranked 5s team JJtheGypsyLadyy by JJtheGypsyLadyy 0 37
Pure Embers is now recruiting.   ( 1 2 3) UnholyVeng by UnholyVeng 22 734
LF Girl Gamer, Any rank. (Must have cute voice.) Akiyukii by Akiyukii 1 88
Need diamond 2+ mid in arizona. Arizona by Sicclord 2 47
Starting a 5s Team   ( 1 2) Stylezzzz by Stylezzzz 10 218
need plat jungler for ranked team RawkTail by RawkTail 0 23
Full ranked team lf support tonight S41nTxJuStICE by Cpt Cuddles 7 203
need mid and jung for tl tonight theelegend21 by theelegend21 0 24
who wants to smurf with me! SleePpy by SleePpy 0 31
Gold III Adc LF duo Support iMSynthetic by juss gimme head 5 92
Looking for PLAT 2 or higher Top Laner for a casual/semi competitive Ranked 5s Team JoshBob by JoshBob 0 14
LF Plat+ Top Laner Mooyun by Minimp 2 32
Diamond Team Looking for Diamond Mid and Support SleePpy by HEY GTFO MY LANE 2 31
LF Experienced 3s player for ranked team BabysUnlimited by Vursahh 6 56
Ranked 5 teams supreme1summoner by supreme1summoner 3 99
need 1 more for ranked team/Jung theelegend21 by theelegend21 0 19
Gold support looking for ADC Fresh Mechanics by Fresh Mechanics 3 50
Gold ADC LF serious team Gosleepbaby by Gosleepbaby 4 49
Quick ranked 5's Im Teemo IRL by Im Teemo IRL 0 19
LF Top/Mid Plat duo Championdyr by Championdyr 3 43
Competitive Team Creating xxpureexoticxx by xxpureexoticxx 0 43
LF>Team/Duo D Best Ever by D Best Ever 5 100
LF Plat+ Top for Team TaxedQQ by TaxedQQ 0 11
Interested in joining a competitive team z A I M B O T z by z A I M B O T z 0 19
Looking For Top Lane Drewsiff112 by Drewsiff112 0 16
need silver-gold player for ranked 3v3s add quick dora and boots by dora and boots 0 13
Looking for ADC bot lane partner with me as support F1ght2W1n by F1ght2W1n 0 23
Ambition Gaming LF Solo Laner (Ranked 5s) TommyBradysUggs by z A I M B O T z 2 53
Looking for Gold Jungler for 5v5 Team RisTanA by RisTanA 9 86
Silver Support LF DUO Dat Preacher by Dat Preacher 3 56
Ranked 5's looking for new ADC Platypus King by Wii U 9 195
support main looking for adc to duo with SureStrikke by SureStrikke 0 23
Silver 3 looking for team. Damniga by Damniga 0 11
silver 4-LF for duo adc partner i play support add m SureStrikke by SureStrikke 0 11
Looking for Gold 5 - Plat 5 Jungle for serious 5v5 team RisTanA by RisTanA 5 36
R> 3v3 team player DivineDrago by iiTrunks 3 51
Looking for high silver/low gold adc to duo with ShottzkiADC by ShottzkiADC 1 29
Silver III ADC LF Team OG Fail by OG Fail 0 12
LF a serious dedicated team. Xraided Jay by Xraided Jay 1 51
Gold 5 looking for a top/mid/jg for DUO PFC Josie by PFC Josie 0 14
Ranked Team LF Plat/Diamond Top Main   ( 1 2) Shadowmere24 by LegendaryJoker 14 182
Looking for adc for ranked 5s then good to go Drewsiff112 by DarkSickle01 3 58
Support Looking for Ranked Team YourEverything by YourEverything 0 25
Looking for a group or duo to play with Griffinzo by Griffinzo 1 24
Looking for support ranked 5s team ReachingDarkness by ReachingDarkness 0 28
LF jungle or support Gold + 9Line Ginko by 9Line Ginko 0 17
LF Jungler for 5s Poisonsvodka by RareLine 6 118
LOOKING FOR SILVER+ for ranked 5's Allreg57 by k0 Conman 5 84
Top/Mid/Jung lf serious Team Wrestle by AlbinoAyeAye 1 47