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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Recruitment Thread *VXM* Ventrexium Alendei Alendei 4 157
Looking for a team that plays after 8pm pst Little Squirtle SpudStud 1 35
Rank 5s looking for support and jungle SSW Panda Little Squirtle 4 111
Player looking for a team or group Lord White Snake SpudStud 1 41
Creating Serious Ranked Team!  ( 1 2 3 ... 6 ) TheDovahKiing vTsDyA Ignition 51 1154
Looking for a team that has 4 people needing a 5th IM Violet Xharxis 2 60
Creating Late Night Ranked 5's Pròdìgý Dart is Cool 1 49
LF Top main for 5's team Bartholom3w Bartholom3w 1 56
Looking for ADC JDunn306 Gatora 1 52
Gold 4 Support Main AllegedKibblez AllegedKibblez 0 31
Plat3 Jungler LF 5s team olicmoon olicmoon 0 18
adc looking for 5v5 team running games now StungunPewpew StungunPewpew 0 24
G5 Support main LF Team Seraph1013 Seraph1013 0 43
Jungler Looking for Team Thr34t Thr34t 0 28
LF plat/diamond TOP laner for 5's Sexy Eric bestguy007 3 55
S2 LF a duo partner to get me to gold and help improve. Rocketneo Rocketneo 2 38
Youmacon Team Needs Players Spelling Spelling 3 71
JMLS Group teams recruiting (Gold 2+) Competitive group. JMLS LoveBoxXx JMLS LoveBoxXx 1 81
Looking for a smurf account that is silver/gold SIRCOXALOTZ MMHSTerror 1 58
Colorado League of legends team needs a top laner! Crispy Decision Ahdes 5 98
Silver+ 5s Team Need ADC/Jg belopro belopro 0 43
Looking for jung for 5s TooPraised TooPraised 0 29
Looking for adc for ranked 5s team TooPraised TooPraised 0 32
Gold adc LF duoQ preferably support but can be anything daredevil39 daredevil39 0 28
LF Duo Derrick James SIRCOXALOTZ 2 57
Gold/Plat Jungle main LF> Rank5s Team Junqlee Junqlee 2 30
Gold Support in need of a good ADC main. SupraRage SupraRage 0 31
Looking for support, new novice team. Bronz 5 and sivler 3 SxG KillShots RAIDERFANBRANDON 3 49
gold 5 looking for team hijustin7 hijustin7 0 17
Looking for support for bronz ranked team SxG KillShots SxG KillShots 0 21
LF Ranked 5's Team L33t ArchangelZ L33t ArchangelZ 3 97
Team OGZ Rising Recruiting ADC D5+ OGZ Racker16 OGZ Racker16 1 36
Looking for 3, 5v5 team | Jungle/Adc/Support TooPraised TooPraised 0 26
Its only game why you heff to be mad xAbstract xAbstract 1 36
Looking For A Duo Jungle xHostility xHostility 0 53
Gold V Top/Jng and Silver V Supp LF 5s for points Fa1seRea1ity Fa1seRea1ity 0 38
Building a Dedicated Gold - Plat Team  ( 1 2 3 ... 5 ) MarineUsMcRH MarineUsMcRH 47 746
Looking for 1 More for Ranked 3s Fa1seRea1ity Fa1seRea1ity 2 60
Ranked 5's Team Looking for Top Main NiteSlayr Razanel 1 48
Challenger Team LF High D1/Master/Challenger Mid Ashesz Xeralis 4 95
Master 5s Team LF MASTER TOP/MID Franq Ocean Xeralis 7 75
Ranked 5'sTeam LF Diamond + Mid JaMaarkques JaMaarkques 0 18
Gold 3 in series lf duo q partner to plat 1337H4X0R420 Derrick James 2 47
Bronze looking for 5v5 ranked team TriPolar123 TriPolar123 2 36
S2 support LFT A God Wo0d 4 49
Silver ADC needs support main duo! NOW JamJam I Am JamJam I Am 0 29
Looking for a jungle main for a team aiming for gold or higher next season :) GhasTly11 Crs BeastlyTimmy 1 35
Gold V Mid/Support Looking to join a Serious Team Big Seth Big Seth 1 27
LF Jungler Ranked 5s  ( 1 2 ) Coaz Rebornnn 10 155
5s Team LF Top Laner Tulamood Tulamood 0 35