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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Creating team all spots open Chris Cooke Lucky Hibird 3 108
LF Serious Ranked Team Toxic 7 Year Old Toxic 7 Year Old 0 64
Need 1 for 3s team gold Elserath Elserath 0 76
Sinister Seven Recruiting- Top Laner GizmoMist GizmoMist 0 41
Decent ADC looking for a ranked team!!! OPmaster77 OPmaster77 0 50
Gold Supp/Jungle Kazzoz Kazzoz 0 56
Gold 1 player LF ranked 5s team (fill) Jeffwally Jeffwally 3 76
Looking for a Supp for ranked 5's READ ZeaLLOL ZeaLLOL 1 55
Gold 5 ADC/Top/Mid LFT xTcR Keith xTcR Keith 7 82
Gold II LF Duo Partner EST OhuMadBro Wolf O Donnel 5 119
In need of a 3rd player for 3s ranked Neon666420 Neon666420 0 72
Sinister Seven Recruiting - Serious Ranked Team GizmoMist ObsidianFrost 2 73
Lookin for people to play normals with Ja Rule Baby Ja Rule Baby 0 48
D4 supp main LFT (serious)  ( 1 2 ) Sona BuveIle Sona BuveIle 15 186
Silver Support Looking For Team Shlack123 Shlack123 0 50
Sinister Seven Recruiting - Serious Ranked Team GizmoMist GizmoMist 0 52
looking for plat 3+ Top and mid laner for serious ranked 5s Costakins Costakins 4 86
S3 ADC LFG or duo partner rejyaj17 rejyaj17 0 55
LF 1 more for 3s Neon666420 Neon666420 0 54
Looking for a team! L>FOR A TEAM ^~^ iAerosoft iAerosoft 0 71
gold 5 looking for team DeadInDitches DeadInDitches 0 69
Gold 5 mid lf srs team ProJared ProJared 1 52
S1 Sup looking for ADC to duo with LyonCubs LyonCubs 0 64
S4 top looking for team Physc0w0lf Physc0w0lf 0 55
ADC/Supp/Mid Player LFT (S2) DPS Konnex DPS Konnex 0 44
Gold Adc lf team or supp duo RJJJJ RJJJJ 0 54
Team looking for silver+ support Restrict blake6669 2 84
putting a team together gold/plat ish GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Traxis Mb 4 75
Diamond 1 solo q looking for 3s team DQT Motivation DQT Over You Bae 3 91
Looking for a Top main to play on a gold ranked 5's team. G Streets G Streets 0 44
Lf jungle any rank add me Best Akali FL Best Akali FL 0 31
Venomous Gaming looking for SCRIMS. VMG Wish VMG Wish 0 46
Forming a ward team  ( 1 2 ) Blaschko2 Crystal Raven 00 12 267
G4 Mid laner LFT Epyon Prime Epyon Prime 0 33
Lf jungler + adc Best Akali FL Best Akali FL 0 73
Silver Player Looking for Ranked 5's for Season Rewards TheRealKarma TheRealKarma 0 64
LF1M player for 5's team Diamonz Kazzir 2 68
LF one for Pre mades be at least gold 2! Now!! N1ghtOwl MastrKlondikeBar 1 40
LFM to make gold team Epyon Prime Epyon Prime 0 38
Silver 5s Team looking for Jungler 0bolus 0bolus 0 47
Looking for ADC duo Stylezzzz Stylezzzz 0 82
L2 make team Epyon Prime Epyon Prime 0 34
Looking for supp to duo with currently silver Fortuneless Fortuneless 0 37
gold 5 looking for team DeadInDitches DeadInDitches 0 20
s3 Top/adc looking for team good map awareness/mechanics incognituss incognituss 1 55
2 Silvers looking for a 5s Team, Mains bot 0bolus incognituss 2 45
LF skilled Duo InsaneADC InsaneADC 0 88
Starting a ranked team. Need 3 - were both silvers. Niiickkk Niiickkk 6 134
Gold 3 ADC main looking for Team Traxis Mb Traxis Mb 1 41
Need Gold-Plat Top Adillis Adillis 0 59