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Gold II Jungler looking for duo to make it to plat JustWasted1300RP by Tig3rV3nom 3 48
Silver III LF duo in Silver III or above debatableuser by debatableuser 0 32
Lookin for Gold 1+ Jungle/Top Zakc by xH4tedx 4 56
Silver Team looking for a Top laner, and subs for all lanes   ( 1 2 3) Akuma Akira by YoYoingTurtles 21 477
Gold V AD/Mid LF ranked five team TONIGHT AbsoluteZeroNA by AbsoluteZeroNA 1 41
Grinding for Season Victorious Ward Laxus by Laxus 0 65
Putting together gold + 5s team Kahn TroLL D by Kahn TroLL D 0 68
Need G1+ mid laner Zakc by Zakc 1 50
LF a plat/diamond top laner for ranked 5's TSP Oracle by TSP Oracle 0 46
needing a silver + jungler,mid HURRY C9 Life by C9 Life 0 51
Diamond Mid Laner Looking for Ranked 5's! Or jungle Duo! Loryal by Loryal 0 39
Looking for a top laner for ranked 5's team xPhillies by KGunss 6 130
Looking for a ranked 5s team - Very versatile player Rzn by Rzn 0 47
Riot Prized Tournaments   ( 1 2) Destiny Foxy by Destiny Foxy 10 228
Come watch me on Twitch! Smoking Gato by Smoking Gato 1 30
looks for high silver and low gold supports mains Felfire by Felfire 0 32
Plat/Diamond Serious Team LF JG JulyL by JulyL 0 25
Plat bot lane LFT Zakc by Zakc 0 24
Looking for ranked team xH4tedx by xH4tedx 0 25
LF diamond jungle for ranked 5s ToopHawk by ToopHawk 1 28
Ranked 5s team looking for ADC and Support ReachingDarkness by Jsut 6 104
Plat V ADC main looking for Support for DUO Syxoh by Syxoh 1 35
Gold 5 player looking for ranked team Mulleens by Mulleens 0 23
LF a good team to play with DDasani by DDasani 0 30
LF TOP LANERS for R5 Prima by Prima 0 31
Making a Diamond+ Team iAutoU by Brown1e 9 164
LF Diamond support for ranked 5s ToopHawk by ToopHawk 0 24
Ward point team looking for mid LegendIce by LegendIce 0 32
im looking for a silver mid and jungler to play tonight huryy! C9 Life by AbsoluteZeroNA 2 62
Gold 3 LF team 3v3 or 5v5 any roll pref adc,jung SacredÐeath by SacredÐeath 0 30
Looking For Support/Mids Silver+ for ranked teams, coaching staff and scrim parnters RusBear245 by RusBear245 0 33
LF Gold+ Players for Ranked 5's sadly4343 by DryJuice 2 31
Need a Silver+ Mid and Jungler for a Non-Serious team. Bigcomp by Bigcomp 2 41
ADC main LF low silver- low gold duo partner Crews by Crews 6 62
S3 ADC/JG Main looking for team! PENGUlN by PENGUlN 6 65
gold support lf team thegfxmaker by RusBear245 3 39
Silver ADC needs serious Support duo to grind ranked! Addmeeee JamJam I Am by IcyHot7369 1 30
silver player looking for 5s team RobtoN25 by RobtoN25 0 34
Supp looking for bronze-diamond ranked 5's soulhugger by RusBear245 7 99
[Gold 3v3 Team] LF Players [Any Rank] TGI Nyn by NylonThread 8 112
lf plat + jungle and mid, top for ranked 5's playing now CREATlVE SELF by CREATlVE SELF 3 72
Diamond coach needed!:) Aegsasdg by Aegsasdg 1 85
Gold 5 Support Looking For Competitive 5's Team Oo Tatsuo oO by RusBear245 1 60
Need 1 For Normals Now Dart is Cool by Dart is Cool 0 45
Looking for top and adc   ( 1 2) xPhillies by JuicyJr 11 189
New Ranked Team LF Committed Top - Any Rank Pittsburpenguin by Pittsburpenguin 2 60
Come watch me on Twitch! Smoking Gato by Smoking Gato 8 73
Gold 1(season 3) unranked currently, LF Clan/team Zaknafae by Zaknafae 3 83
Silver+ top laner add me JuicyJr by JuicyJr 0 45
Ranked Silver Team/Players Wanted! TheCokerking by TheCokerking 0 47