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Unranked team 3v3's TeHazard THM by TeHazard THM 0 73
Silver V looking for ranked duo partner to get Gold Giraffelatio by Razrent 1 61
Need team can play anything! Fonser by Fonser 3 48
High KDR unranked player looking for duo/5 man team. FuriousBalmung by FuriousBalmung 1 104
Team 2Serious Recruiting Zattøbløød by Zattøbløød 1 25
(Gold) Jungle Main LF 5s Team TheOtherNWord by TheOtherNWord 6 69
Lf duo partner for placements MotherLvr by MotherLvr 0 36
Im just looking for a good team Flener by Flener 0 21
RageFree Pals- Looking for top, mid and jungler Calveeen by Bwinthehouse 3 94
For Valhalla Seeking Gold+ Jungler Falcon68 by perma lag addict 5 43
Active support + mid lf ranked team TempestVFX by TempestVFX 4 47
Gold player LF spot on team Shiftiz by Shiftiz 0 26
Jungler and Mid/Support Players Looking for Team! Swa1n Gretzky by Swa1n Gretzky 2 48
Looking for ranked 3v3 team Sargentidiot by Sargentidiot 0 17
Interested in forming a bronze team DyrtyByrd by Buzzed32 5 46
Looking for Diamond Support Player for Ranked 5s Knows Gogeta SS4 by Varthftw 1 63
LF Support to Duo Dylan415 by Dylan415 0 26
Ranked 3v3 team looking for 1m silver+++++ GLAMPIRE by Sargentidiot 1 35
Silver 1 - Main ADC/Mid LF Team ZeroUnlimited by ZeroUnlimited 0 17
Silver Top Player LF Ranked Team Buzzed32 by Buzzed32 0 18
Silver V LF Team helivon by helivon 0 19
Gold 1 Support looking for Team or Duo NuwishaSig by NuwishaSig 0 27
Silver 1 LF duo partner Bîggs by Bîggs 0 31
LF Serious Duo partner SwiftSuffering by helivon 1 51
LF TEAM Silver 5 jaeflow by helivon 1 34
Looking for Silver+ players for new Ranked 5s team! Zunsin by tyberiartus 3 46
Yurusenai no Yume: Dream of the Unforgivable CPDesolationist by AZHPlZeroCool 1 114
LF team donut touch me by donut touch me 3 24
Busco gente para un equipo serio en el NLA server Zorflexñaña by Zorflexñaña 0 47
looking for top player KillerKuala by KillerKuala 0 20
Gold 3 ADC/MID LF serious 5's team XSV kid by XSV kid 1 42
Silver 3 looking for duo/team Shamyyy by Shamyyy 1 34
Need ONE more Team Member (Must be Silver) The Erotic Whale by The Erotic Whale 0 36
Looking for a normals group v8 TreeDome by v8 TreeDome 0 34
looking for a ranked 5s team and duo partner very serious King Of Savages by King Of Savages 0 25
LF> Teams to scrim with MotherShipRush by JeweIius 1 45
Jungle main LF serious team SHIP3Y by SHIP3Y 1 29
ATPHG Recruiting all around players ThePevin by ThePevin 1 40
Silver Jungler lf duo GlockNessMonsta by GlockNessMonsta 0 26
Need ONE more member for New Team (Must be Silver) The Erotic Whale by The Erotic Whale 0 22
Starting a Team players needed   ( 1 2 3) RushingVixen by SwordoftheMorn 25 468
Low tier LoL team (Bronze)   ( 1 2) ThisCoolBlackGuy by iaace 14 325
Equal Rights Gaming Community AntIsynthetik by AntIsynthetik 0 42
Top Laner looking for a team Paex by AD Carry 2 42
Creating A Silver Team The Erotic Whale by Waffleroo 1 28
Gold/Plat team needs jungle/top 1MS SketchyD by 1MS SketchyD 0 34
We need an adc sub Diamond + soloqueue elo required Blaster by wtfuxtony 2 51
ITK Recruiting Full time support ITKNoRemnants by ITKNoRemnants 0 31
Plat ADC/Jungler LF Gold+ Team Thajellyfish by Thajellyfish 0 12
Gold mid looking for team Dr Chrome by Dr Chrome 0 18