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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Gold/Silver Team looking for silver/gold jungler. o Tobirama cappa234 1 61
jg/mid main lf duo in silver Aseroki Aseroki 0 38
Looking for Mid Lane Gold+ LoveCream WIFrenchSteeze 1 53
Gold ADC lf team or duo Bshell Bshell 0 41
Support main looking for adc duo gold + or team gold + YungThreshPrince CntrlAltDeleted 1 82
Need dou to plat , g4 here iTz Sh0wTimE iTz Sh0wTimE 0 51
Looking for Support Duo partner Incestmon CntrlAltDeleted 1 64
silver to gold player team looking for a support jewfro11 CntrlAltDeleted 2 98
Create your own easy to use clan website! hylandchief hylandchief 0 108
Great All-Around player looking for a serious team. Rune Pages Rune Pages 1 73
5s Team LF ADC GOLD+ LoveCream LoveCream 0 87
Plat player looking for another gold/plat player with smurf Captain Tacos Ki5a 2 79
gold5 adc main looking for sup hijustin7 hijustin7 0 54
Looking for duo partner currently g2 Fate Senpai Flesseck 1 68
Welcome to Spion Gaming [SP21] Recruiting StretchIsOnFire StretchIsOnFire 9 146
Diamond ADC looking for a team for ranked 5s KerriganZ KerriganZ 0 54
Gold 5 looking for 5s Dagsman Dagsman 0 32
S5 solo LF team/clan Lucky Moniker Lucky Moniker 0 39
Looking for any 5s teams playing right now~ RedTube Madness RedTube Madness 3 74
Looking for Mid and Top for ranked 5s VoLc0M VoLc0M 0 63
LF Platinum Adc Main 2 Duo With! TGI Nyn TGI Nyn 3 81
Team Recruiting People Little Squirtle Little Squirtle 4 97
Plat 3 support main LFT (or duo maybe) Acolarh SohLucian 1 38
Diamond Mid Laner Looking for Ranked 5's! Loryal Loryal 0 25
My elo hell (solo q) ThreatofDoom LoL LeaveBuster 1 63
LF jun and top lane pr0fchao5 RobtoN25 1 86
The Great and Awsome Valkyrie Gaming recruitment  ( 1 2 ) zackatk15 zackatk15 10 117
Looking for Top,Jungle and Adc. Mavric Hunter Mavric Hunter 1 70
Silver 5 jg looking for 5's Ranked team ApocalypticHorse ApocalypticHorse 0 63
Making Team for rewards B1+ Ashio Ashio 0 61
Late Night Group Recruitment Normals/Ranked 5's Gold+ HastyApple Mavric Hunter 3 100
Looking for top laner for 5s VoLc0M VoLc0M 1 68
Silver 2 LF Team  ( 1 2 ) ThisTimesForReal ThisTimesForReal 16 222
S5 Top/jungle/support looking for team TimeFury TimeFury 0 147
Team looking for a support SpudStud TimeFury 2 61
Looking for Support gold 3+ for Ranked 5's Pikapew MilitaryMac 1 64
Gold V ADC looking for Support to duo with. vSurge AngelicBlackRose 2 67
Gold ranked 5's Ricky McFly Ricky McFly 1 94
Any players in the minnesota area? read FeXuN FeXuN 4 45
5s Team Looking For 3 More VoLc0M VoLc0M 0 77
Ranked 5s :D need 1 Rageyy Rageyy 0 52
Plat Team LF Plat+ Jungler XCifer XCifer 1 75
*New Clan* Azuk is recruiting! AzukAnonymous SKT Daker 5 121
LF Scrim Team Silver+ Team Pref sadly4343 sadly4343 0 28
Gold V player looking for serious team! Razanel Razanel 1 26
Ranked 5s Right NOW GOLD + ADD RJJJJ AbsoluteZeroNA 1 52
Fill for Ranked 5's Gold 3 RJJJJ RJJJJ 0 35
Looking for 3v3 team Listrel Listrel 0 27
Putting Together a Gold+ Team Together PossibleTango AbsoluteZeroNA 8 170
5's Team Looking for ADC and Support egg624 iHoodwink 1 55