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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Support/Mid Player & Jungler LF Team Alsa Travel Alsa Travel 0 31
LF TEAM TO JOIN Silver+ SoLidBeatZ SoLidBeatZ 0 33
Silver 1 ADC looking for team Vertuhcle Vertuhcle 2 69
Diamond Player LF Diamond 5's Yetiss Yetiss 0 62
delete TechnicTits TechnicTits 0 51
Silver 2 ADC Looking for a serious team Lime Of Fire Lime Of Fire 0 33
Diamond Mid / Adc LF Diamond + Team. Volkano Volkano 0 47
Diamond Mid player Looking for experienced team JDubbin IaMOwNu 1 60
Diamond LF 3v3 Yetiss Yetiss 0 35
free rp no survey no virus senced Tudy 2 60
Skilled Silver ADC Looking for a Support to Join Team/Duo Centrixe Centrixe 6 103
LF a team Im a Top laner g2 100Skillz 100Skillz 0 36
Looking for silver+ player to make a new 3v3 team Cñc Cñc 0 24
Interested in un-ranked play Waffles01 Waffles01 0 29
Diamond Top Laners/Junglers Wanted LD Lunatik Only Panda Teeto 4 91
Bronze looking for 4 ppl to make a team Havokkz Marcquint559 4 111
Jungler/Top Looking for team or duo partner EliteTeddyV3 EliteTeddyV3 0 33
Looking for Any team that will take me Bronze 1 EliteTeddyV3 EliteTeddyV3 0 45
Gold Support LF Duo/Team Trickster Trickster 2 95
Great Top Lane Summoner! Lord Yoko Lord Yoko 2 130
Team Sporadic Practice (Plat+) The Maritimer The Maritimer 2 57
LF diamond or high plat jungler TheWhiteShofu TheWhiteShofu 1 37
kontroL Gaming n1temare HOE MAH GAWD 1 54
support lft hellro69 hellro69 0 33
Silver support seeking duo Mistress Secret Prowler177 3 114
solo top looking for 5's team jesusisfakeduh jesusisfakeduh 0 33
Ranked 5's LFM STZ Feelsbad STZ Feelsbad 8 179
d4 Jungler/adc lf a competitive team Haters Spike Haters Spike 1 56
Starting a team (Platinum+) xInoriYuzuriha Tudy 1 62
Gold 2 looking for duo FennecTheFox FennecTheFox 0 55
Top looking for team RisenxLegend Tudy 3 50
LF Duo Partner Gold+ Victi Victi 0 31
Looking for serious bronze / silver team info inside DLRAGE DLRAGE 0 44
Plat mid main LF duo petex petex 1 70
Plat 1 Top LFT Tudy Tudy 1 84
Looking for 3v3 team iroxus iroxus 0 56
looking for a team Monoick Monoick 1 70
D3 Mid Laner Looking for team. HiEN HiEN 0 31
Ranked team looking for a jungle!! Travierce Travierce 0 53
Roughly Gold Team LF Jungle/Top  ( 1 2 ) Nia May Vai nburkism 10 225
LF gold/plat Top Tralf DaarkHeart 1 50
Support or Jungler looking for ranked 5s smalltx smalltx 0 49
Creating S3 Ranked 5 Teams PLAT+ ONLY Chesticls Enbolition 9 164
ADC Looking for a team and duo partner in bronze 5-1 Overgifted Overgifted 0 51
New Team Seeking a Jungler Vex120 smalltx 3 108
LF Plat+ Support Player Wully Wully 2 72
Support Spot open ! Ranked 5s Travierce Travierce 0 56
Team looking for Top add me now! :) RiehlDealDash RiehlDealDash 0 57
Team LF ADC and Jungler Add me now RiehlDealDash Vanku 3 62
Need Top and Support for Ranked 5s! Travierce Travierce 0 54