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Support looking for Duo GriffSmurf by GriffSmurf 0 34
Silver Support looking for Duo GriffSmurf by GriffSmurf 0 25
Serious ranked 5's team looking for jungler Lunar8855 by Lunar8855 6 114
Plat5+ Ranked 5s team recruiting   ( 1 2) Kknp by Kknp 10 227
Solid player looking for ranked team Shivvan by Shivvan 0 37
Diamond II Mid Looking For Team. Depraved by Skoundrel 1 72
Casual Silver ADC/TOP looking for team Century ONLY TOP by Century ONLY TOP 0 27
1650~ Gold Support LF Duo Partner TaxedRK by Saucy Platypus 3 101
Looking for ADC for 5's team   ( 1 2 3 ... 4) Thanada by DrDoll 34 891
S1 Want a Pro Duo, good at all Roles Best Darius N by quietuz 5 91
Lf team members DomoStar by DomoStar 0 48
NWA LF Mid and Jungler NWA Imuay by DarkePacific 6 133
Active Mid looking for solid team Wolven Swiftwind by Wolven Swiftwind 3 60
Looking for Bot lane for a 5v5 ranked Demon0fHell by Whispering Wnd 2 90
LF Duo Support 1YoungOne1 by 1YoungOne1 0 36
Looking for a Jungler who wants to get better! BetaJug by BetaJug 2 86
Need Good Teammates Menne31 by Menne31 7 250
Looking for a 5v5 Team Match! Funkapotimus by Funkapotimus 0 38
Dedicated Support Looking for Team Mr Test Tickle by Mr Test Tickle 3 47
Diamond elo team looking for TOP laner and JUNGLER! Fexir by Maxxey 1 108
looking for duo to grind ranked with aSkitzo by aSkitzo 0 38
Looking for a true duo partner, <More Details Inside> Hungry Tape Worm by Hungry Tape Worm 3 77
New team looking for members Fu Qube Itch by Fu Qube Itch 0 57
Mid/Jungle LF Team and Duo partner Snackie by aSkitzo 2 230
Jungle and Support Looking For Competitive Team   ( 1 2 3 ... 4) Voxzz by Downf411 38 530
Gold support looking for a team who wants to go pro. Rendric by Rendric 2 81
Gold IV Support LF Rank 5 Team Haruka Shinigami by Haruka Shinigami 1 66
[NA] Silver V need good to duo partner to carry with. I top and mid preferably. Zeneron by TheForge007 2 90
Support Silver 4 looking for adc to duo Chaimaaaaa by Chaimaaaaa 0 238
ADC LF Duo KrispyPanda by KrispyPanda 1 58
[Pre Existing Conditions] looking for Jungle/Support/ADC mahxtoast by dlowis 9 199
Support LF Team CptLimpDix by CptLimpDix 0 19
Support looking for adc duo silver 2 mackdaddydiesel by mackdaddydiesel 0 36
Fear eVo is looking for a duo partner Fear eVo by TheForge007 1 39
I can play any champion. I need good people to play with. Please help. Karnaj by Karnaj 0 32
Gold 4 ADC, LF support main to climb ???? by shankyshankz 4 59
Casual late-nite LF team Linrack by Linrack 0 30
All Girls Team -Girl Rated Gaming- Recruiting ADC Launa by llDarkll 3 186
Plat and Gold players lf3m for ranked.   ( 1 2) King Avaricious by e1usive 14 233
Silver Tier Team LF Top/Mid revog by Lykko 8 129
ADC Looking for 5s team, May have more members to bring to the table   ( 1 2) Illiastar by Illiastar 13 226
Plat Player LF Team Basilical by ImAmac 6 108
Platinum Mid or ADC Looking for team! ErasuresFinale by ErasuresFinale 1 43
New Ranked 5's Team LF Jungle and Support Ionia by Whispering Wnd 2 111
Gold 1 top (can also mid) lf team Frosty96 by Frosty96 0 34
Silver 3 ADC Looking for DUO Nomisus by Sk1n J0b 2 43
lf plat+ top. tryouts now Flshlight by JustForLucky 3 357
Plat Team looking for Jungler, adc, mid Sinze by Sinze 0 43
LF Main ADC and Main Support for a new ranked team! Zuriem by Zuriem 0 44
gold D 3 looking for a Duo partner SnFuBaR by SnFuBaR 1 38