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Plat 1 mid player LF 5 team UCMAN by UCMAN 6 62
looking for duo support!! cpt shimmyshim by cpt shimmyshim 0 21
looking for duo partner to play support cpt shimmyshim by Csizzle 1 41
LF a Strong and Dedicated Jungle (silver+) Paragynem by Paragynem 0 46
Silver 2 Support Main LF duo partner, playing now Undercorpse by Undercorpse 0 25
Plat ADC Looking For Plat+ Team! No Wy by No Wy 6 68
Support LFT XoTc Zattoblood by XoTc Zattoblood 0 21
Gold ADC LF Team Drizzt Strife by The Best Vlad NA 3 50
Gold ADC LF Team The Best Vlad NA by The Best Vlad NA 0 18
Up and Coming team looking for Mid/Top Lane sub GinjaNinjaBiatch by No Comment 4 104
Silver 1 Mid or Adc LFT BLK Pyrn by BLK Pyrn 0 29
i'm looking to do 3v3 ranked team. xjudah by xjudah 0 17
Silver Support LF Plat + Skilled Team WatchoutBuyWards by lAri Goldl 1 58
New competitive team looking for people to fill roster! Requirements inside!   ( 1 2 3 ... 4) petex by petex 36 741
LF>jungler for competetive team Knivez II by Knivez II 0 27
Silver Support LF Plat + Skilled Team Jax Mcqueen by Jax Mcqueen 0 44
Looking for Diamond Jungler Brisner by Brisner 4 94
+Team Radiant+ is looking for a mid laner! tR Highlight by Spirit V2 4 91
Team Radiant LF Silver+ Mid laner! tR Highlight by Spirit V2 2 50
LF Top Laner/Mid for Ranked Team! Xelraz by Frosted Pandom 3 74
Lf support jungle gold+ Cz Ver by Cz Ver 0 32
Looking for a top. IRageyy by Wotah 8 99
Flatline Gaming Looking for a well rounded manager   ( 1 2) FLG Dyonz by IsaacKaz 12 265
Silver ADC LF Support to go to gold with Best Varus Kenya by Best Varus Kenya 0 30
Top laner looking for decent ranked team to take things seriously dirtymike911 by dirtymike911 0 24
Trying to create or join a team of ~Silver players for Ranked. Batman says by Batman says 0 24
LF Top / Jungler Ranked 5s! GOLD + iiMacjay by AlbinoBlackMan33 5 88
Silver top and support LF casual ranked team Howdy Hey by Batman says 2 80
LF Duo (Free Gift :D) Hekarim by LTqwerty 4 172
Canadian player looking to start/join team Antarcdic by Antarcdic 2 49
Gold Jungler/Top LFT Prodigal Penguin by EvokeSabreTooth 4 70
TEAM LF Top Gold/Silver 1+ EvokeSabreTooth by EvokeSabreTooth 2 32
Looking for a team Amish Hacker by TheMagicMarker 2 44
Silver 1: LF Reliable Duo Partner. (Free skin) Shibuya Boy by EP Taffy 8 159
Looking for duo partner... Main support gold 2+ please Csizzle by Csizzle 0 21
plat mid/adc lf a tournament team Daft Monk by Daft Monk 0 29
Gold adc looking for support to duo with EP Taffy by EP Taffy 0 27
New silver/gold team yolo que heroes   ( 1 2) destroyerblood by Wumble 12 205
Team Insomniac Gaming Looking For Jungler! Da BreakfastClub by IsaacKaz 4 77
LF supp for new 5v5 team superkamigurru by superkamigurru 0 31
Gold IV ADC looking for 5v5 team TheMagicMarker by TheMagicMarker 0 29
Looking for Adc and Support ITKNoRemnants by ITKNoRemnants 0 50
Looking for better players. jplaya671 by jplaya671 0 34
Hello Rawrence by Rawrence 0 17
Gold 2 ADC LFT XxLethexX by XxLethexX 1 41
LF ADC/SUPPORT/JUNG for serious team serious players only SSP3ED by Bunsa 7 98
Looking for fun/ friendly clan FireWithin by FireWithin 4 102
Looking for ~Silver Mid and ADC Ranked 5s vGDivine by TheMMan 4 61
New Team lf Scrim partners thugzqt by Bunsa 7 93
Iconic Ascent Looking for Mid Laner YeeNilley by YeeNilley 0 35