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LFT Plat+ Mostyhards by Mostyhards 0 75
LF Dedicated support Silver + dylabere6996 by dylabere6996 0 71
Looking For A Decent Ranked Team Mystakin by Sarkenag 1 101
new ranked team Sarkenag by Risenbane 1 100
gold 5 top laner looking for a duo rank partner. AE107977 by AE107977 0 78
Too Old for League Ranked Team Aeron Em by Faydes 4 161
ranked team xffn5x by DaAlbinoBlackGuy 2 144
Gold Jungler Looking for Team Dixiewreckage by Dixiewreckage 0 70
Manager Looking For a Plat - Challenger Team IStratisfied by IStratisfied 1 74
Silver V support looking for team XxMinibeastxX by XxMinibeastxX 0 60
LF gold duo to try to get Plat numbah007 by numbah007 0 79
Plat players need jungle right now Sketchy D by Sketchy D 0 69
Lets Start Gaming. This Word by This Word 0 72
Non ranked team! Ranked someday! Please join minecraftnation by Jack Jetstream 1 78
Bronze II Jungler Looking For Team Mystakin by Mystakin 0 67
Plat players making team need support right now! Sketchy D by Sketchy D 0 63
Serious Ranked 5s Team Recruiting those interested in E Sports career.   ( 1 2) ElementEx by Tempzzy 14 305
LF Top and Mid Ranked 5s Snuffythetildder by Wolfsleigher 1 99
Serious 5's Team LF ADC/MID, PLAT+ Udwon by Udwon 6 171
Hello Elcmab by Mispell 1 74
Diamond AD carry Looking for Team kwangTh by kwangTh 0 70
Serious Bronze Duo To Silver+ Excodar by Excodar 5 166
Looking for plat support and mid players YoungFly by YoungFly 0 58
Diamond Duo Bot Lane Stream! The Maritimer by The Maritimer 0 57
Diamond 2+ ADC Needed For Serious Team magoffice123 by magoffice123 0 71
GOLD Top/Mid looking for a serious gold+ fives team JackSkeletin by JackSkeletin 0 62
Lft DeathKnight444 by DeathKnight444 0 70
Silver 3 ADC / Mid Looking for Duo partner w/ skype JyrasiQ by JyrasiQ 5 101
(L8night)Recently hit Plat V Support main seeking Jungle or adc Duo Bring The Ruckus by KillSwitch427 4 165
Support LFT Dr J Twinkletits by Dr J Twinkletits 0 80
gold S2/plat pre-s3 lf DUO bot M1SS1NGxN0 by KillSwitch427 2 117
Silver V adc looking for a team can jungle decently as well XxMinibeastxX by deathofall84 4 101
Plat players team need top Sketchy D by Sketchy D 0 57
gold 3 adc lft TheDreaded Prime by TheDreaded Prime 4 140
Are there any Korean clan/team out there? Younguru by Younguru 0 122
Looking for Diamond coach stacy by stacy 0 69
need 1 for 3s Read LOV by 2Sirius 4 111
Normal Drafts LF Duo Skype DGxLamb by DGxLamb 0 69
Looking for gold or plat player to duo with Syompe by Syompe 0 69
Diamond team LF D2+ Mid (pref D1) CJBulldogs by CJ Elite 8 267
New League clan recruiting all! Chaque by Chaque 0 65
Looking for support DarkAngle44 by DarkAngle44 0 59
Making new ranked 5v5 team -Bronze-Silver- itz digimon by OneKnight33 3 131
LFM Ranked 3's Hastan by JuJuBoxes 5 134
3v3 Team looking to go plat Necrotic Titan by JuJuBoxes 7 204
Starting a Bronze 5 team   ( 1 2) tkorojgogoig by OneKnight33 12 328
ADC Main LF dedicated support duo Ermagerhdgasm by Ermagerhdgasm 0 54
All plat players Team needs Top Sketchy D by Bath Salt Addict 3 111
LF Gold+ player for casual/serious 3s team. Darik08 by JuJuBoxes 2 359
Bronze LF support duo cryptceepa by cryptceepa 0 43