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New Team Looking for support rokiboy by rokiboy 0 85
LF Top, ADC, and support for new team! Myythic666 by boobmonster2 7 137
Rage Quit Gaming Looking for Members and Staff   ( 1 2 3) Luckflos2 by Luckflos2 22 301
LF any team Gråsshopper by Gråsshopper 0 28
Adc Nitro Shock Looking for a team Nitro Shock by Nitro Shock 0 51
Silver Support Looking for Duo Zaoc by Zaoc 0 30
Gold V Top Laner LFT Bubba McFly by treelines 1 27
Gold Jungler - Looking for NA Team treelines by treelines 0 21
Pandorum Gaming Havenbrook by Havenbrook 0 27
Team looking for mid pop00922 by pop00922 5 88
Main adc looking for main support for duo Fear The F0x by Sarkenag 1 37
ADC LF Team Drizzt Strife by Drizzt Strife 0 12
LF Support (Bronze I+) and Jungler/ADC Subs EvilAgony by EvilAgony 2 61
Silver V looking to join/create ranked team BobbyDM by BobbyDM 1 46
Platinum ADC Lf Team xHerionx by xHerionx 2 38
Silver V adc looking for Team wanting to go Pro. BeastGriff by BeastGriff 4 70
<REAPER> Messengers of Death Spiderpig007 by Spiderpig007 2 87
Looking for a ranked team in need of an adc Unseeable by Unseeable 0 48
Team Reality Marble looking for support Ornstein by Ornstein 0 42
Bronze ADC LF Duo 1gDay by 1gDay 0 23
Diamond Support Looking for a SERious TEAM TheHoodRobin by iSong Ji 5 83
Looking for a clan sadowclone by Moreus 1 47
Best dunk yi na streaming! Standyourground1 by Standyourground1 8 46
The Lonely Top Laner Looking for a Team :( BigFern by BigFern 1 47
Willing to pay to help Duo!   ( 1 2) Tickle me Pickle by Tickle me Pickle 14 288
Platinium 3 LFT top or adc pref. Smaze by Pandaman97 1 109
LF 5's team snipey648 by snipey648 0 22
[EvG] Envision Gaming now recruiting Titan Fox by Titan Fox 4 83
Plat 3 LF Top Support and ADC for team SwagAmerica by SwagAmerica 0 31
Stop Looking for a team and Just make a team:) Silvers and golds looking for a team BigFern by BigFern 0 26
Looking for D5 Jungler and Top Shashakiko by IGankedURMomOP 1 21
Looking for a top laner for ranked 5s team Worldboss1 by Evleron 4 103
Ult the wave is looking for a mid pop00922 by pop00922 2 38
Bronze V Looking for a Duo partner! aaacce by aaacce 1 104
Need Jungler! Gold + Only! Puffie by Puffie 1 32
Team Move Like Jaggers Recruiting All Roles available. SmexyLenex by Leeft 7 123
LF Diamond V Jungler and Support for Ranked 5v5's Shashakiko by Shashakiko 0 23
✚✚✚✚✚ NB Gaming is looking for active members ! ✚✚✚✚✚ EnziKami by EnziKami 0 113
Diamond V Looking for casual ranked 5s or a duo que partner Kurosawa by Kurosawa 1 49
Team Mid Donger LF Support (High Silver +) Nerff Irelia by Nerff Irelia 0 47
No Bull Gaming Rampage I by Bad at top lane 7 138
LF Bot lane for Serious Competitive 5s F5mg Ephreim by Tpurry 1 75
LF duo Shamyyy by iRenZiie 1 27
Bronze/Silver Player looking for team. Chômp by Chômp 0 33
Top laner looking for clan Brunax by Brunax 0 33
Diamond V Team LF Top, Mid, and Jungle Rakiko by VedatVonOath 1 30
Creating LCS Serious Team LF Top, Jungle, ADC, Support   ( 1 2 3 ... 7) PissyHousewife by Daydread 61 1,686
LF For Plat+ Top laner for Serious team EpicMonsterr by VedatVonOath 3 45
LF jungler. Be plat1 or diamond+ VedatVonOath by VedatVonOath 2 48
LF Diamond V Top and Mid Shashakiko by VedatVonOath 2 47