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ADC looking for a team FR33MONSTAR by FR33MONSTAR 0 18
looking for 1 person for ranked 5s now! ridkid by lord ariakas 1 61
bronze1++TEAM LF ROLES Trevor4 by chiboy 1 29
Looking for Top laner for 5s Difference Maker by Difference Maker 0 37
Gold mid LFT Kemple by Kemple 2 40
i main support and im looking for a ranked team The ADCs BFF by The ADCs BFF 0 33
LF for team to get ward skin FUBUGOTBANNED by FUBUGOTBANNED 0 26
Gold Team LF Jungler to Grow into Competitive Scene   ( 1 2) DRAGGlN by All Day Airy Day 11 168
Plat Filler Looking for Active 5s Team Wolvenstorm by Wolvenstorm 0 25
Duo bot lane Plat + Looking for a good team WaitMyLateGame by WaitMyLateGame 0 24
Platinum Player Looking to Coach Silver/Bronze Team Préz by SexyHoneyBadger3 4 59
LF Group of Players That Just Want To Play ARAM Owski by Owski 4 63
Plat+ Ranked Tournament Team Needs top Laner! Danky the God by Danky the God 3 45
Bronze 1 jungler looking for a duo, pref top or support PalmedTree by IKILLINGYOU 4 112
Looking to be an analyst / coach for a Gold + Team. ßest Karma NA by ßest Karma NA 0 31
LF Godly Support to duo with ! (I am plat 3) Im a Crow CaCaw by Im a Crow CaCaw 2 72
Serious plat levle tourney team LF skrims tonight! Best Middle NA by Best Middle NA 2 41
Looking for ranked team IKILLINGYOU by IKILLINGYOU 0 39
Free Coach, Analyst and Manager LFT   ( 1 2) v Syn by Tomatoes24 10 232
Plat+ Ranked Tournament Team Recruiting! Danky the God by Danky the God 2 77
Viktry Gaming AIR - Gold Team Recruiting Now! hi im Xephyr by mtdrew6 5 92
Custome game - high elo vs low elo - add golkow Golkow by Golkow 0 35
Platinum Ranked 5s Team Looking for Top and Jungle IPoD Max by Kilalah 6 82
Team White Dragon Is recruiting! Serious Ranked Team! Tournament team! memk by Rethreshing 7 177
Serious team looking for ad Bronze Harris by Bronze Harris 0 55
Gold Support Main LF Ranked 5v5 Team The Deadly Thork by NBG Thorknight 4 60
Serious Diamond Team Looking for AD Bronze Harris by Bronze Harris 0 27
U。・.・。U BrianGaming Ranked Team recruit! Let's Have some FUN! BrianGaming by BrianGaming 0 35
Serious Diamond Team Looking for AD and TOP Bronze Harris by Bronze Harris 1 39
Gold 2 Jungler LFT That Kayle by That Kayle 0 20
Diamond team looking for jungler Perfect Fit by Wolvenstorm 1 39
silver supp main LF good active team Scharpie by Scharpie 4 49
gold 4 ranked team need mid/jung were all ready 2 play, add steve stifler in game Steve Stifler by ThatsSo2000 2 95
Support LF silver/gold+ 5s team Elserath by Elserath 0 24
Gold 3 adc/jungle LF serious ranks 5's team Dixiewreckage by Dixiewreckage 0 20
Looking for a young duo partner silver-gold Tuboo by Tuboo 0 37
Gold 3 Duo Bot - LFT Sintart by Sintart 1 40
Plat V ADC looking for team WyldeAsDaTaliban by WyldeAsDaTaliban 0 29
Confined LF Ranked 3/5s Members SoIve by Mdragon14 7 108
Astro Pro Gaming Looking for Plat + For Serious Ranked 5s   ( 1 2 3 ... 4) BestSniperAfrica by BestSniperAfrica 33 622
Platinum level Tournament team is looking for a jungler. Best Middle NA by Wolvenstorm 3 74
LF Team Gold 1/Plat 5 The Gatekeepers by The Gatekeepers 1 57
Lf plat Jungler Ranked 5s Kvothe Kingkiler by Kvothe Kingkiler 0 39
Starting new Gold+ Team!   ( 1 2 3 ... 4) IBringTheTM25 by The Gatekeepers 30 515
Silver looking for high silver or gold or higher DrLager by DrLager 0 40
Bronze I LF Duo To Gold CrewPerri by CrewPerri 0 38
Silver looking for high silver or gold or higher to carry DrLager by DrLager 0 31
Silver 3 looking for team . main mid Momo989 by Momo989 0 29
Serious Diamond Team Looking for Top Bronze Harris by Bronze Harris 0 45
Hey everyone! AaliyahSupport by AaliyahSupport 0 27