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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
5's team, need a support/jungle/top NA Madlift NyX efluXz 5 170
Looking to join a 'For Fun' Ranked Team Firefly Exotica Firefly Exotica 0 52
Bronze fun team :) Yoda116 Skeddyz 5 71
★ ★ ★ RenGold eSports ♛LF ADC,ANYONE CAN JOIN★★★ Django24 Kingsolara 6 117
Team LF Gold+ Jungler nightmarishghost Trash ADC 4 72
Silver team looking for Top & Jungler!  ( 1 2 ) Quitting DamenM 11 174
Gold V Support Looking For Committed Ranked 5s AyJet AyJet 3 155
anyone want to yolo que with me? ShroomAbuse Nebron 1 41
plat MID/ADC LF tourney team stb stb 0 27
LFM for 3s Plat3+ TSG Gomu TSG Gomu 0 47
Looking for Duo partner. WorldDominator29 Yoda116 2 64
Eternal Blue is RECRUITING! Accepting Platinum 2 players and up! SMD SMD 5 80
Ranked team high gold/plat recruiting jungler and support Cloud Leonhart Cowardly Muffin 7 139
LF Adc duo silver 1+ Lorg Lorg 1 47
B1 ADC L.F. B1 Support or Higher Noxian Aviator Noxian Aviator 4 86
SUPPORT LF 5S TEAM Gold+ Finding Matches Finding Matches 0 31
PLAT support/top main LF ranked 5 team (PLAT +) GR Blizzard Unneeded 7 125
Plat 5 ADC (currently) Looking for competitive team WTFok WTFok 0 28
Gold 1 ADC Main Looking for team to play with right now Monkey10pts Monkey10pts 0 25
LF Plat 1 / D5+ Support for 5s! (Evening-Late Night) GarJager Chaoxic Matter 1 36
Plat V Support LF TEAM + DUO  ( 1 2 ) Pyro Pixi Unneeded 13 224
Support main LF Commited 5s team gold + Finding Matches AyJet 3 53
New 5v5 Team Looking for a Gold+ Support! Unneeded Nureru 3 105
Making A New 3s Team. MisterButtPlug MisterButtPlug 0 52
Looking for Diamond 5+ Jungler Doctor Neth Doctor Neth 1 46
d1 Jungler lf a serious team IGotWhatItTakes IGotWhatItTakes 6 125
Silver 2 Support Looking for Competitive Team NickkaJ NickkaJ 0 28
Looking for 2 Players from SSM Ontario for lan Tourny [ASAP!] Nesi Nesi 3 64
Top/Jungle looking for Plat+ Ranked 5's Team CM Shock CM Shock 1 58
Currently Diamond 4 MID with D1 xp and exp in diamond in all ques LF 3s or 5s Plussign Plussign 2 57
Team Looking for Silver 3+ Mid Player FPG Fyre Nofi 1 43
plat-diamond jungler needed RG Simba The Rockstar 3 63
Silver III support looking for serious competetive team XxMinibeastxX XxMinibeastxX 1 52
Diamond Player Coaching Lower Elo Azokgaming Azokgaming 4 58
3's team looking or making smurfs only! MrMoogle56 MrMoogle56 0 29
Smurfing gold-plat, Looking for plat-dimond main with smurf Yuuza MrMoogle56 1 42
Silver Team Looking for Support and ADC Kitties Meow Oonnee1 1 83
Low Silver Player LF Team Cahonays Gravitype 3 66
Requiem Gaming ; Serious 5v5 Ranked Team (Gold+ Only please) Sinful Design Sinful Design 3 69
New 5v5 Team gold+ Pubstepped Pubstepped 0 33
LF duo partner to plat Nebron Nebron 0 37
Bronze (Almost always on) looking for duo/ team. Crimson of Rose Crimson of Rose 0 36
LF gold+ ADC nightmarishghost nightmarishghost 0 31
Support LF team GOld + Finding Matches Finding Matches 0 29
D1 mid lf 5v5 team Toby n Tyler SMD 1 41
Diamond 4 Top Laner LFT Emperor Momo Emperor Momo 0 32
Looking for Two more for 3's Jugguluron Jugguluron 0 34
experienced player looking for a 3s or 5s team Coldmanj Yousing 2 46
Plati 3 Mid Nid looking for ranked team KstL KstL 0 26
Iron Bananas Recruiting Diamond 5+ Jungler for Competitive Team DuhPerry DuhPerry 8 362