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Bronze 1 Supp LF Bronze 1+ duo partner! Xelraz by iiCorrupt 4 53
Gold + player lf 5s ranked Azokgaming by Azokgaming 0 46
Gold Support LF Gold ADC for duo! Baín by Baín 0 41
Plat 3 LF plat support/adc to duo with JulioArmandoS by Horízon 2 57
Gold ADC looking for Serious Team Drizzt Strife by Drizzt Strife 5 73
Lf someone to speedlevel smur with! Cloud Leonhart by Cloud Leonhart 0 65
LF serious rank team PLEASE READ Lawlesscolt by Lawlesscolt 3 99
Bronze 3 LF Duo Unhealthy by Unhealthy 0 32
LF Silver Team or Duo Partner Artemys Knight by Artemys Knight 0 46
silver 4 adc LF support Noxus Serpent by Artemys Knight 2 55
LF Gold + team I will Top Mid or Jungle Azokgaming by Dat Bro Doe 1 51
Plat 3 jungler looking for a team lBozl by sandwichessss 1 36
Ranked 5 team looking for new members!! Protagonize by Protagonize 0 37
Gold 1 top laner LF duo Orange Dolphins by Orange Dolphins 1 46
Need a Plat/Diamond player to join decaying Gold 2 3v3 team. Stop decay and get plat. iCastFiraga by Backtrace 1 79
Recruiting for Diamond team! Azulai by Azulai 1 67
Join my team called Team Blast Havoc!!! watbeast by watbeast 0 43
LF top/MId obviouslyurmom by obviouslyurmom 0 32
Need duo partner to grind SuparNovaa by SluggishShark 6 108
If you need one person crippletimmy by crippletimmy 0 33
Gold ADC LF serious team. the tigerblood by the tigerblood 2 48
silver support looking for team Ippoking by J Pixel 1 39
Silver Jungler/Support player LFT J Pixel by J Pixel 0 22
Plat mid laner LF team ~plat macBREEZY by Dagnii 1 37
LF GOLD 3+ Top or jungle for ranked fives IS111fc2810685b038b10a4 by IS111fc2810685b038b10a4 0 24
Gold 1 adc LF 5vs5 ranked team (serious) Pyralinth by Dat Bro Doe 1 38
Gold Player LF 5s ranked Azokgaming by Dat Bro Doe 1 36
Looking to start Gold/silver 3v3 team~! DN Lucid by DN Lucid 1 46
Ranked Team Looking for Bot Lane WHL SeaWolf by Stacona 5 120
Plat II Jungler Looking for duo Arkhelism by Arkhelism 0 30
LF Top,Mid and ADC for gold 5+ competitive tournament team   ( 1 2) Jaax Daramactire by Detras 14 170
mid and jungle duo looking for 5s team cyrrax by cyrrax 1 26
Gold IV Main Jung LF Team GordQT by GordQT 1 50
Looking for a Silver Jungler! The LawKeeper by The LawKeeper 0 30
LF Gold+ Top, Jungle, and Support for New Team Swansational by GordQT 4 87
Gold/Plat Team Looking For Support & Jungle SizeableSchlong by SizeableSchlong 0 33
Ranked 5's Team Looking for Gold/Plat Support GetOffmelawn by D3lori 1 55
Lf gold or below adc and support for tournament theoddone v2 by INDEEP of AH 3 71
Newly Formed 5s team Looking for ADC Rejel by Its Sarcasm 7 163
LF GOLD+ Support player. Summitt by DoYouWantAHug 2 56
Gold/Silver team LF Support Velåtus by Velåtus 0 31
LF High Silver to Mid Gold scrim partners Swiphty by Dat Bro Doe 1 35
Gold III Top looking for a team. Dryzn10 by Dryzn10 0 32
Ranked 5's team lf mid/top gold/plat+ plz TJDOW by Nebron 3 60
Gold V Jungle/ADC LFT slimjimo10 by stricken157 3 52
Team Beybladers looking for Gold+ Jungler and Supp Lefani by TheBeefcake 2 66
looking for a 5v5 team Zealottin by stricken157 1 53
ADC Looking to tryout now iNv TactiX by iNv TactiX 0 31
Plat 1 Support LFT Nnji by Nnji 0 29
Support lf silver+ adc duo swagyolo305 by swagyolo305 0 31