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Gold 1 Support LF Ranked team or ADC duo Saiith by MichaelJustin 5 86
Started from the bottom now we here.. The Epic Solo by TastyShroomTip 2 64
LF Mid and Top Laner 5's ranked   ( 1 2) ApatheticLamp by crazyjay 15 283
need plat adc for ranked 5s team NOW drownd by drownd 0 25
LF Mid and Top ApatheticLamp by OniiSamaa 6 75
Looking For a Casual Team Cursedjinx by sephiroth70001 1 64
Plat III Top looking for team Clockworking by Clockworking 0 31
LF clan/team Rainman0027 by sephiroth70001 2 55
Casual 5s Gold III+ Team LF ADC Joequel by Joequel 0 23
Semi serious team looking for a jungler. Roninrahl by Roninrahl 0 19
Jungler looking for team canuckboss by canuckboss 0 24
jungler looking for ranked team jetLeechan by jetLeechan 2 59
New Noxus LF a ADC and SUB support Just a Pranc by Just a Pranc 0 48
Gold 1 ADC Looking For Team or Strong Support Duo HitmarkerHeaven by Flamejin 1 60
Casual but want to win Ranked team Silver + Terlyn by Terlyn 0 21
Bronze LCS Free agent mojoxpowerx by mojoxpowerx 0 37
Bot support! Burning Turnip by SnorlaxIsFat 1 27
Team Direct Gaming looking for top, mid, jungle Harpuna by Harpuna 0 25
R> Plat ADC, Supp, Top Joequel by Joequel 3 46
Looking for ambitious players to enter the competitive scene in S4! Diamond+ Players   ( 1 2 3) QuangsterX by QuangsterX 22 383
Gold 1 mid LF Gold+ Team Gnarbro by Gnarbro 2 35
Looking To Join A Serious Team Can Play All Roles AsylumBedlam by AsylumBedlam 0 41
TheFlameHazes Gaming Community YourCuteLoli by Mech KhaZix 8 141
Looking for support player for ranked team T3AR AkuAku by crazyjay 4 51
Rank 5s Team LF ADC/Top/Mid Too Dang Kind by HitmarkerHeaven 2 53
New Noxus LF Sub support Just a Pranc by Just a Pranc 0 19
Support looking for Duo GriffSmurf by GriffSmurf 0 27
LF support for 5's team Elrag by KuntaKentā 1 39
Forming new team LF Members TXH Mack by Ryceman 3 74
Silver Support LF Team xKojii by xKojii 4 52
[Recruiting] 5v5 Team Gold+   ( 1 2 3) XxHarmnakxX by UG Tyrone 20 350
Sliver 1 Looking for Ranked team Pure Mercy by Malleus Deum 1 29
Silver III Team LF New Top and Jungle Lifts by TheDipster 2 88
Vancouver team lf top/support/jungle OFisOG by OFisOG 0 49
Looking for SIlver Support to get to gold the skillages by Hans04 2 61
If anyone can help me get to silver I will gift them a skin. HufnPuff by HufnPuff 0 35
Platinum ADC/Support Player LF Team Īnori by Īnori 2 29
Gold ADC LFT My Little Zapdos by My Little Zapdos 8 88
LF strong duo to get me past bronze 1 MrSonicSyndrome by MrSonicSyndrome 0 24
Need a dou to get Gold UnkZxSpN by UnkZxSpN 3 67
League5 Is Looking for SHOUTCASTERS!   ( 1 2) L5 Veelia by L5 Veelia 11 298
Silver 3 Looking for a Duo to get out of Silver simcawest by simcawest 3 50
Bot Lane Looking To Create a team TheBlondeOne by TheBlondeOne 2 38
To3 of Golds and a Silver, looking for mid and jungler! Arbitrationus by Arbitrationus 4 61
looking for duo TastyShroomTip by TastyShroomTip 1 55
Support looking for duo Tetsukabe by Nyctic 3 41
Looking for a jungler and mid lane GOLD Tyiz by Tyiz 0 24
LF Girl Support (Silver/Gold+) Warza by Abstractions 1 113
LF Gold Jungler for 5s team Tyiz by Tyiz 0 20
LF A5's Team for FUN or grind ranked CloudCarry by CloudCarry 2 104