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plat 1 ADC looking for ranked 5s team No Comment by No Comment 0 18
Looking for ranked 3's or 5's Team Leeteroid by Leeteroid 1 30
5v5 LF Gold+ Jungler pst. Quiick by Quiick 0 19
Looking for a support and mid laner Chuggin Paste by pucking ducks 5 100
PacOP Needs a MID and TOP NakedCastle by NakedCastle 0 30
Diamond 2-4 Mid/adc but willing to change, Looking for competitive team. Lovestoospoodge by Lovestoospoodge 0 41
New team reccruitment (gold: Support-jungler-adc) Niktarace by HR molson acken 6 108
Silver V Mid laner LF team. nxd dreamer by Athics 1 22
Lf top/jungle gold + youngerloler by youngerloler 1 27
s1 3v3 team looking to get gold need good people. Dale Rossman by Dale Rossman 9 91
looking for any ranked team!!! pucking ducks by pucking ducks 0 15
Team No Bueno looking for a Support TSteeves by TSteeves 0 37
Silver 3 suppport looking for silver team Lalawooo by Athics 2 40
We need 1 more player for our team GetRisky by GetRisky 0 37
Plat ADC looking for a gold 3+ support Evil Froggen by Evil Froggen 2 47
LF d5+ top for diamond ranked team xbeastinitupx by PainMon 1 64
LF Support/jungle gold+ youngerloler by youngerloler 0 29
Looking for 5v5(Diamond 2) PainMon by PainMon 0 17
Newly Plat ADC LFT Drizzt Strife by Drizzt Strife 3 38
Top Singed looking for a team for season 4 MrBoomm by MrBoomm 0 89
Looking for a team IAmTwist by IAmTwist 2 40
LF D1 Top Laner Zoroark by TubaPicnic 1 50
four man team looking for a Mid CatalystPLUR by GetRisky 3 70
Looking for a support for our 5v5 team. [any plat or higher] Noxus Blade by Noxus Blade 1 35
3 bronzers lookin for 2 more Blunts4Brekfast by Cocoa Peanuts 3 60
Silver/Gold serious team LF Jungler Narzick by Jefito 2 48
Strictly Kings or Better is recruiting gold+ support and mid! Cronje by Sydelle 2 64
Making Silver/Gold team LF Players   ( 1 2) DarthBlunts by nxd dreamer 11 141
Lf adc to duo with silver V support XxMinibeastxX by XxMinibeastxX 1 33
power play right now tonight trying to get out of b1 CRUNK1 by CRUNK1 0 35
Lyre Birds looking for serious players Lalawooo by Nezuhl 5 80
FBAS Seeking ADC/Supp lolwhatyourface by Ubuntuhenschel 3 46
Recruiting Silver Players, Need Top, Jungler, and Support Looking to Get Better. DJHeinrich by Sirberrus 1 60
Wanting Elise Skin Tender Cactus by DashiJador 1 67
Trying to form a Ranked Team. Need to get in touch with some of these summoners on NA Mage by Mage 0 60
Full 5s team LF Top/ Jungle/Support DashiJador by ScarLiege 3 96
LF Platt 1+ Mid for ranked 5's team fluffybager by fluffybager 0 19
Recruiting A Jungler For 5s Team Woukki by FFfanatic01 5 97
Looking for Gold+ top laner for amateur lcs team Cronje by domoKing 1 44
Strictly Kings or Better is recruiting gold+ support! Cronje by Cronje 3 66
Platinum IV Top Laner looking for weekend team LongChopStickz by LongChopStickz 1 29
D2 Support/Jungle player LF Diamond+ 5s team xXFenix15Xx by xXFenix15Xx 0 23
---===LF Jungle, Support===--- iHukgek by iHukgek 0 32
platinum mid/ad LF ranked 5s team oh my tosh by oh my tosh 0 17
Searching for gold+ ranked players for 5v5 team.   ( 1 2) Keystone Lightt by Keystone Lightt 13 226
LF Platt 1+ Mid for ranked 5's team fluffybager by fluffybager 0 27
Serious 5's team looking for a new jungler, plat+ CoachPutMeln by LongChopStickz 2 37
Gold Team [AK Gaming] LF Support l Play Jungle by Seerterror 3 70
Looking for backup players Koothaan by Koothaan 0 47
Serious team LF Support   ( 1 2) twitles by xCyanosisx 15 391