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Plat II Top lane God. Looking for Plat team Or higher Best EZ Uganda by Best EZ Uganda 0 65
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Plat iv lf high gold-plat team Chinese Paradise by Chinese Paradise 3 53
Looking for an ADC i can duo with KiWiChiWi by KiWiChiWi 1 68
Mid Silver- Mid Gold Team LF Mid Adc and Support trustadolphin by Lawlesscat 6 160
d1 Jungler lf all D1 team IGotWhatItTakes by IGotWhatItTakes 3 176
LF Mid and Jung/Supp eX Boogle by Lawlesscat 8 282
Stream On Qualityxx by Qualityxx 2 56
TeamOsmium Recruiting! Mid Laner (Gold+) Trinsic by Bi11ionair 5 107
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-LF- Silver 5 Top/ Mid mcjordalini by PolyporeRS 2 56
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LF Team indstutibl fire by The1 1 41
Plat 3 ADC lf support who doesn't feed ._. The RipperX by The RipperX 0 42
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Bronze Jungler Looking For Team InXTheXShadowz by InXTheXShadowz 0 25