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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Silver I Looking for Duo partners! Slink32 Slink32 3 121
Recruiting people for high gold plat team Chinese Paradise House Painter 4 98
Looking For Team to Support Nickyboy116 Nickyboy116 0 69
Looking for S4 team Impetuous1 Impetuous1 2 112
Gold ADC in need for a support to get plat by next week. Trash League ADC Trash League ADC 2 90
Plat Support LF 5s Samiamqt Samiamqt 5 107
LF ADC and Support Furious Quackers Samiamqt 3 113
Looking for support duo (D3) Martyo Martyo 0 72
Starting Ranked Team M16 Swift M16 Swift 5 223
LF duo (GOLD 3 +) Discket Discket 0 57
plat 2 games Archope Archope 0 59
Silver V, looking for competitive team King Origin King Origin 0 61
Gold ADC Main/Mid 2nd LF duo to hit Plat! L4KERS L4KERS 8 275
Diamond 1 Smurfing new 30 check it out - http://www.twitch.tv/ronkton Huayra Wylde Huayra Wylde 3 118
Diamond top laner lf sim team Azokgaming Azokgaming 0 50
Diamond 1 Smurf lf duo Mikoto88 Mikoto88 1 91
Plat 2 Hotty lookin for a duo partner Aka a woman Best EZ Uganda Best EZ Uganda 2 104
Plat II Top lane God. Looking for Plat team Or higher Best EZ Uganda Best EZ Uganda 0 65
Jungler lf 3's team Kachomp Kachomp 0 51
Plat iv lf high gold-plat team Chinese Paradise Chinese Paradise 3 53
Looking for an ADC i can duo with KiWiChiWi KiWiChiWi 1 68
Mid Silver- Mid Gold Team LF Mid Adc and Support trustadolphin Lawlesscat 6 160
d1 Jungler lf all D1 team IGotWhatItTakes IGotWhatItTakes 3 176
LF Mid and Jung/Supp eX Boogle Lawlesscat 8 282
Stream On Qualityxx Qualityxx 2 56
TeamOsmium Recruiting! Mid Laner (Gold+) Trinsic Bi11ionair 5 107
Gold 1 ADC main looking for some ranked 5s right now!!! Monkey10pts Monkey10pts 0 40
Looking for league of legends players from IOWA Lyytqt Lyytqt 0 77
Gold 1 looking for serious duoq partner to plat Waesuri Waesuri 0 72
Streaming plat 1 series ! Archope Archope 0 42
Gold Bottom lane duo LF Team Im Kony AMA CausaMortem 1 53
Plat 1 ADC Looking for Support Duo Cpt JeT D Best Ever 1 55
Creating a Team for S4 dashikray dashikray 0 64
Looking for Shotcaller/Coach for Ranked 3v3 or 5v5. Falcon515 CausaMortem 2 106
LF players Padami Padami 0 39
LF duo gold jungle plz. going to stream Da Ladeh Da Ladeh 0 47
-LF- Silver 5 Top/ Mid mcjordalini PolyporeRS 2 56
Recruiting for new 3's team Preferably Plat +MMR in 3's  ( 1 2 ) llDarkll restyL 12 149
LF Team indstutibl fire The1 1 41
Plat 3 ADC lf support who doesn't feed ._. The RipperX The RipperX 0 42
Looking for bronze who knows how to supp to duo with my smurf Wild Blue Dragon Wild Blue Dragon 3 140
Teah glorious 5 looking for a jungler Zeppehh Zeppehh 0 39
Bronze player LF competent duo partner Silas051 Silas051 0 56
Plat 3 top streaming! EzRippin EzRippin 0 30
Team looking for Coach. NameisZaix NameisZaix 4 121
LF Active Team Realized mcjordalini 1 45
Serious team looking for gold + support i ply ndlee i ply ndlee 0 44
Silver 1 top/supp/jg lf team SoLidBeatZ AeroLicious31 1 48
looking for Gold+ ADC Agressive ADc Duo, Skype/ Positive Kda Only. Teisujin DeathValkyrieJMB 1 50
Bronze Jungler Looking For Team InXTheXShadowz InXTheXShadowz 0 25