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Looking for people to play with for fun Jen246801 by Jen246801 0 38
Srs Rank 5's team looking for more players Diamond + KingsEntourage by Malindar 3 53
Silver 1 ADC/support looking for a fellow bot laner! PetarIsAGangsta by PetarIsAGangsta 1 75
Looking for support around s2 (smurfing) llDarkll by Devotedmelon 8 122
LF Dia+ skill duo before season end Magni Chrysaetos by Magni Chrysaetos 0 36
Looking for a competitive 5's team MikeDz by MikeDz 6 127
looking for a support from ranked FNGizmo by FNGizmo 0 28
D5 ADC LF Team For Go4lol/Willing To Create One TDW Hunter by TDW Hunter 0 22
Plat 1 jungler diamond grind Ballistic Beaver by Ballistic Beaver 0 59
Diamond 5 ADC LF Team For Go4lol TDW Hunter by TDW Hunter 0 24
Last Minute Effort is looking for 2-3 more Diamond IV+ Players! Alyxzu by Alyxzu 2 57
LF some people to play with FNGizmo by FNGizmo 0 33
Season 4 ranked team tryouts l4dmaster by l4dmaster 6 266
Looking for a ranked 5's team i play support or mid RipWetPuppyCome by crusaderman 2 83
Support, Jungle, And Top Left 5's Team crusaderman by Khas 1 37
NA LF diamond level players for Ranked 5 team KingsEntourage by 9Line Von 1 64
Bronze 3 Looking For 5V5 or 3V3 Ranked Team Gaz3ll3 by Gaz3ll3 0 30
looking for people to play with   ( 1 2 3 ... 9) illuzionofdeath by Khas 85 2,710
Looking for Diamond+ players for Serious 5s Team   ( 1 2 3) ScarletRiven by ScarletRiven 22 470
Looking for Competent people to group with Khas by Khas 0 33
Silver 4 Mid Lane LF Team TP Lucifer by crusaderman 2 57
plat lf srs ranked 5s team RandyRover by RandyRover 0 35
Looking for a duo - Gold I Da Latsi by Da Latsi 0 35
Created New Team Join Fast crusaderman by crusaderman 0 56
recruiting bronze-silver elo k1ngv1p3r999 by EternalTwilight 2 141
Diamond Smurf leveling 1-30 IPS CoLd FeAr by IPS CoLd FeAr 0 41
Looking for gold/plat 5s members kurtis92 by kurtis92 8 184
Bronze Support Looking for Ranked Team that Meets on a Regular Basis Bob the Xenocide by Bob the Xenocide 2 82
LF ranked 5s members. Plat IV+ Stall by Stall 4 112
Lf silver/gold members for ranked team Ali The Killer by Ali The Killer 0 40
Looking for a duo that carries IIA7XII by Chaugh 4 111
Plat 5 Adc Looking for Serious Team Foami by Foami 0 27
Looking for Plat IV+ 3's blackenedsummit by Just Adorable 1 41
Diamond 1 ADC/MID LF serious team Shadowcol by Shadowcol 3 135
Looking for new 3's team TCX by TCX 0 37
Team LF Gold+ Jungler & Support mYoJackHammer by mYoJackHammer 0 43
Looking for an ADC to duo Season 4 eventually join a team with Ø Xyann Ø by TheWinglessCrow 2 57
Ranked 3's Joygasm by Joygasm 0 41
Silver II 3s Team LFPs Proanox by PRoXHeiMO 7 192
Xyann has been compared to Madlife. Ø Xyann Ø by Ø Xyann Ø 2 103
Looking for top/mid HanJaehoon by PSYCOsanches589 8 129
I give up Earth NA by Earth NA 0 60
Need one more for ranked 3s Earth NA by kushopz 2 62
support LF silver duo ADC SoliSDarK by SoliSDarK 0 68
Making 3v3 rank team AznPain by Kiss my Gucci 3 109
Looking for 3v3 parteners to play today and tomorrow maybe (11/2-11/3) ShackFu by Kiss my Gucci 6 127
Looking for players in Asia to start a ranked team h8dballa by h8dballa 0 69
Plat adc looking for a team Dealer4Life by Dealer4Life 0 59
Looking for filler for bronze team Ninjassin by kushopz 2 102
Looking for a Ranked Team Loud Intrduction by Chrismoto1990 2 100