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Blackfox is looking for a top and mid! (Plat +) BIGVIDO by A Lusty Maid 3 78
Team LF Top Laner SDoT by SDoT 3 71
LF an ADC to duo bot with!!! Goozyyy by xHeXsX 1 53
Starting a once a week team UCMTonKatsu by UCMTonKatsu 0 31
Plat 1 top/adc/mid LF gold++ team AeroTheDerp by AeroTheDerp 0 19
Gold II Support Main Looking for Duo to PLAT/Not so Competitive Rank Team Chikou by Xsmqt 9 114
Lonley Support Need's a Team. Nerdfuel by Nerdfuel 0 23
New Clan Looking for Social and Serious Members. Megalothian by Megalothian 0 39
bronze player with a silver gold mentallity LF a team Wicked Kirito by Wicked Kirito 0 25
Team PluffyDevils Looking for Top & Mid   ( 1 2 3 ... 4) Wigglenutz by Goku For The Win 36 655
Plat adc looking for a plat support to duo que Kariinthesky by Kariinthesky 1 28
silver III mid/support/jungle looking for team. Jigglypuff LVL9 by Jigglypuff LVL9 1 22
Plat 1 ADC / Jungle LF ALREADY ESTABLISHED TEAM. Gentle Eagle by Gentle Eagle 0 15
Gold ADC LF a Support Main Korean Tyiz by Mr Chubbz 5 55
Check Ou tthe BEst Highlights EVeR!!!! Aoncxone by Aoncxone 0 30
Gold I Mid player looking for serious 5s team Mindalus by Mindalus 1 25
Laval junior high school players or laval liberty high school players Gladmodes by Gladmodes 1 66
Lonely Support Needs Team. Nerdfuel by Nerdfuel 0 19
Silver 5's Team - New - Recruiting Mercurydown9 by Prof Z 21 3 80
Lf top/jungle for new team Zutorious by Novadrake 5 105
Look for a 5v5 team. Oaken Fox Mage by greggoeT 1 35
Looking for people to join my 3v3 rank team HelloRockett by HelloRockett 0 25
serious support player lft Mr Chubbz by Mr Chubbz 0 43
Mid Looking for Supreme Jungler for duo or Team Fondoo by Fondoo 0 30
Silver 2 LF team trapnasty by Jurgrady 1 26
Making a 3s team of plats and diamonds Gh0stMaj0r by Gh0stMaj0r 4 87
Mid Looking For Duo Partner S1+ Im Dos Chains by Im Dos Chains 2 28
DUO Q Gold 1+(LifeTime) WeenieHutJuniors by WeenieHutJuniors 0 29
diamond smurf lf skilled duo to do placements Chellity by asturien 2 78
Diamond 1 Support Looking for Team Frownland by Sylvok Soratomi 5 346
LF 3s Ranked Luzon by Tissaphernes 1 56
LF cool person gold 5+ adc to play with Digii686 by Digii686 0 23
LF plat+ mid and jungle for go4lols Sunday morning TurtleJesus by BIG GUCCl SOSA 2 63
Looking for a mid with specific champions HeruWolf by HeruWolf 7 108
Cryptic Hades LF members! itz copacetic by itz copacetic 0 31
Silver 3 looking for a team ^^ Rocky5476 by Rocky5476 1 38
Silver Player looking for a duo partner/5's team. Only Rizz by IRntGreat 1 23
Top/Jungle LF Team Best Fondler NA by Best Fondler NA 0 38
LF Top/Mid/ADC For Team Jurgrady by Jurgrady 0 37
Just got done with a 50+ Min Loss Looking for Team READ Best Fondler NA by Best Fondler NA 0 28
Looking for High Level Players. ToxicityShrooms by ToxicityShrooms 2 62
Gold 1 + looking for ADC Slurse by Slurse 0 21
Need cool peeps to play with Marvel Comics by Marvel Comics 0 30
LF adc and support for ranked 5v5 team Dreytin by Dreytin 0 28
Looking for someone to start a team with! Xelraz by Dreytin 2 52
-=-=-=ADC LF -> Support [GOLD V+] -=-=-=-= Drachenx by Drachenx 1 18
Plat V Support LF Bot Duo x├čeast by TDW Hunter 3 59
LF Good Duo Partners - In Silver IV   ( 1 2) vv Relentless vv by vv Relentless vv 10 184
LF A Jungle and Mid To Play Tonight And Play in Go4lol TDW Hunter by TDW Hunter 0 36
Looking for 3 more for 5s. B1ngus by T Noxik 9 121