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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
New 5s Team Recruiting!!!!!!!!!  ( 1 2 3 ... 4 ) Made In Amerika Zeebah 39 1055
S1 Marksman // LF>Duo Road2Gold Alchemïst Alchemïst 2 74
5's Team LF TOP Main Plat+ JustaGamer Cervance 1 54
Gold IV Player looking to Duo with any Bronze. Icarion GrandpaNumnums 2 132
Looking for honorable players for travel team LtFox Thee Great Neqro 2 88
good adc lf serious 5s team Ali The Killer Ali The Killer 0 28
Plat 2 Mid/Support LF 5's Team NaturalFruitChew NaturalFruitChew 2 39
Duo bot looking for Ranked 5's team  ( 1 2 ) Enbolition Enbolition 18 520
Platinum adc looking for team ! RIFT MaxiE iDropBeatz 1 40
gold top/mid/adc Lf any team FuzzyWumpleStump FuzzyWumpleStump 0 24
eVo Gamers Recruiting HighRes Gamer HighRes Gamer 0 50
Looking For a Ranked Team Check This Out!! Nahuel1 Admiral PewPew 4 165
Serious support Shieru Shieru 0 39
Gold Team LF support Silver + CGG Phantom CGG Phantom 0 31
Recruiting top/jungle/support for a S4 team Kwizz Kwizz 0 41
Team Tetra! [Bronze +] kik account faxxmachine 6 184
Looking for an ADC for team! Season 3/4 Liamrocks1022 Liamrocks1022 0 46
Gold 3 Jungle LF team Teknique 7o7 Teknique 7o7 1 47
Adc Looking for a Support!!! Made In Amerika Giselle 8 217
Silver IV TOP LF 5s team MRSCHMIKLZ stupidgoblin 1 39
New ranked 5s team recruiting D2+ players N2P BimBamBoozy N2P BimBamBoozy 1 55
Looking for a team who needs an ADC HypnoticWorm HypnoticWorm 2 66
LF People from Ottawa, Ontario for local Tourny Solograve Flutternuts 6 188
Looking for an ADC for silver/bronze team Liamrocks1022 Liamrocks1022 0 50
Recruiting Plat 1+ Mid/Jungle and Support for Indy tournament God Tier Panth God Tier Panth 0 43
LF S4 Team BIitskrieg BIitskrieg 1 47
LF Serious Team Koavu Koavu 1 49
close Apple Apple 0 38
Looking for ranked team (MID) PvtBootyStroke PvtBootyStroke 0 34
Serious team looking for support/mid S4 Littlelue Littlelue 0 50
Plat player looking for team Popiz Popiz 0 42
New S4 team looking for jungle/adc starters I 3point14 I I 3point14 I 0 78
Support looking for duo partner Phylactery Popiz 1 69
Looking for a Diamond+ Jungler CM Ace Amethystz 9 199
LF all female 5s team wondergoblyn wondergoblyn 0 71
Pacific eSpprts {Serious team} LF high Plat or Diamond mid/top! NA Eric NA Eric 4 128
Gold 2 Support LF ADC Duo/Team Cry1 Cry1 1 67
Looking for players for ranked 3's Rawr Poptart Cat Rawr Poptart Cat 1 42
Diamond 2 Jungler looking for team N2P Bisiw N2P Bisiw 0 37
Skilled ADC Looking for a Plat or Diamond Mentor Panzero Zoroark 1 56
3's ranked team start up Eternal Feeding Rawr Poptart Cat 2 81
SIlver 1 mid and jungle Strathagos Strathagos 0 30
Dark Intent Gaming Looking for Devoted Players!!! DJINN8345 DJINN8345 0 61
Silver 2 Mid/Marksman looking for a 5s team! B1ngus B1ngus 0 36
Silver 1 ADC/Jungle/support lf duo parterner LollipopSunshine LollipopSunshine 2 91
LF a 5V5s team in need of a mid/versital player alphaxunknownx alphaxunknownx 0 44
Plat 2 Mid Plat 1 Top LF Serious Team xBoing xBoing 0 31
Diamond 1 adc looking for 5's team SantaGexx SantaGexx 3 129
silver I looking for lower level duo partner kwami42 alphaxunknownx 2 82
Looking for Diamond 5 or Higher Players. Shenoku Malaki Megohraw 5 156