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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Looking for dedicated team ScaryGerry ScaryGerry 0 54
im a s1 mid main wanting a team alphaxunknownx alphaxunknownx 0 69
Gold 1 adc looking for serious ranked team Johnn Stamos Johnn Stamos 5 125
Gold Support Looking for Duo to Plat x 9 SKB Vires 4 105
Gold Support Looking for ADC to Duo to Plat x 9 x 9 2 49
Need a Support for next season 4 eV Raphael eV Raphael 0 75
Diamond Team LF Diamond support (serious team) Teskey Teskey 3 61
Looking for a some people to play with :D deadly sinn deadly sinn 0 60
Gold 5 Mid LFT Someone2Knoe Someone2Knoe 0 52
Stream up! Duo Que The Maritimer The Maritimer 2 65
Established gold/plat team looking for top and mid Beelzehan lives Pugsly The Great 4 80
Silver Top laner LF team TheBigT22 TheBigT22 0 27
High level very experienced Mid LF very serious and dedicated team Diamond + Ix ReGeNeSiS Ix ReGeNeSiS 7 103
-==-Gold Adc looking for team-=-=-= Xerow Xerow 0 28
VERY active ADC/Support player LF duo partner PeaceBuzzed vVvPerilous 1 102
S1 mid looking for a serious team alphaxunknownx alphaxunknownx 0 30
LF silver+ top lane and jungle shotcaller for ranked team  ( 1 2 ) Tidlz Guissepee 15 295
Looking for a mid mcgarrah mcgarrah 1 56
Gold IV ADC looking for ranked 5v5 team Xerow Xerow 0 90
LF Silver+ jungler for ranked team kettler Guissepee 2 57
Silver IV jungler/mid laner seeking competitive team Guissepee Guissepee 0 657
Looking for Team to join.Experienced ADC/Jungler Bronze IV Captain Teemo 47 Captain Teemo 47 2 73
Silver 1 Support LF Gold Team TheRubberDuckiee TheRubberDuckiee 1 44
silver+ team ItzHamza ItzHamza 0 95
Plat 1 Top LFT GoingHAM GoingHAM 9 251
Looking for a SERIOUS season 4 team (prefer gold+)  ( 1 2 ) LaxBroGotFlow LaxBroGotFlow 11 291
LF Team, Silver V ADC/Mid SL Dolphin SL Dolphin 0 91
Dedicated Team looking for support zurak55 zurak55 6 143
LF top laner for Gold 1+ team. WestonWrightMD StartFromScratch 2 48
PLAT V is lOOking Own 2k Own 2k 0 442
Gold support looking for team GriffWWk personwithface 5 105
Looking for a steady team who needs an experienced support bjammer bjammer 0 101
Looking for gold/plat team for s4 wurldstarrrrrrrr wurldstarrrrrrrr 0 82
Need team for next season knegredahmus knegredahmus 2 64
Mid LF team OnlyZerX OnlyZerX 0 87
LF adc and support Clan Balls Deep BD MIND TAP BD MIND TAP 1 112
Sporks 3v3 (Gold / H^ Silver) S4 Paper Spork Daub 8 749
plat top/adc looking for team WhiteSwagBear WhiteSwagBear 0 84
Plat Support LF Serious Team Nia May Vai Nia May Vai 0 27
Need Gold1+ top laner. for team 5's WestonWrightMD T Blank 2 47
Looking for adc and support GOLD 1+ BD MIND TAP BD MIND TAP 0 732
Starting new GOLD + Team u want in? eVo Nemo eVo Nemo 0 22
Adverse Reloaded LF TOP & Jungle &BACKUPS kALMM kALMM 0 1506
5's team seeking a committed marksman ISupportOrFeed MrRobeert 6 108
Need an adc and support. BD MIND TAP BD MIND TAP 0 1562
Jungler LF Established Team eVo Nemo eVo Nemo 5 58
Become famous for S4? AVSplayer AVSplayer 7 375
Diamond looking for tourney team XeroDegreez XeroDegreez 2 49
Looking for gold+ players for a tourney SUNDAY! Beauski23 T Blank 2 78
Team 5 man gank lf gold + players usuckatlkeague usuckatlkeague 0 23