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Main Support LFT ZattSoSexy by ZattSoSexy 0 46
Silver 3 (D5 Smurf) ADC LF Support to DUO CIutchy by CIutchy 0 86
LFM GMT+6-8 (Hong Kong or Asia) players for plat+ 5s.   ( 1 2) BigCottonSheep by CocoMisu 11 264
Looking For Duo Q for placements. RivalGaryOak by RivalGaryOak 0 73
Lets get out of ELO HELL! (LF duo partner) Ðemón by ShatteredofDawn 4 139
im terrible, who wants to be my fwnd E0L by ShatteredofDawn 1 98
5vs5 fun team need support NOW Lokesha by RizzelmyDizzel 3 114
Looking for 5's Team CrG Ditto by CrG Ditto 2 101
Team LF Gold+ Mid/Jungle Kopro by necroticlifê 5 153
Plat V Support LF Team Syroki by ThePinkGoat 5 105
LF TOP FOR RANK 5's skenge by necroticlifê 9 162
Silver 2 Player Main Everything but Top LF Duo/Team banditbeats by ThePinkGoat 1 84
plat 3 support lf a team for fun bloodsheakers by ThePinkGoat 1 58
Onslaught of Memories (mid/jung) Savage Saber by Savage Saber 3 126
Looking for 3v3 players to hit Plat/Diamond Scallywag by ViableDrug 2 88
PacOP looking for Mid. Pîka by Lokesha 1 70
3 High Ranked LF High Plat+ Mid, Jung/Supp PacÍfist by Kukumonkey 1 95
gold 3 + LF DUO Cloud Leonhart by Cloud Leonhart 0 58
Plat+ Team Looking For Support Burstmode by Kukumonkey 7 230
Gold 4 Streaming (LF Duo!) Yin Dragoon by Easnoth 1 72
LF Season 4 team Numbrider by Legend of Ng 1 67
Almost lvl 30 support main looking for adc Flavor69 by Flavor69 0 48
P1 looking for casual team see out by see out 1 57
Team Looking for 1 member 3v3 Gallant019 by Gallant019 0 44
Looking for a Top Or Jungler In utah for Utah LoL tournament. ASAP OompaJizzm by Burgundy Badger 9 272
need support for 5v5 ranked team East Coast Carry by East Coast Carry 1 49
Looking for 2 people to start a 3s team with!!! leeroytroll by leeroytroll 0 42
Silver IIi ADC Looking for serious ranked team Recoil by Recoil 0 58
Gold 3 Mid LF Casual 5's Bufforz by Bufforz 1 37
Neeed Support and mid for 5v5 ranked now East Coast Carry by East Coast Carry 1 55
Plat AD Carry looking for S4 team ArrivedCornet by ArrivedCornet 0 52
Plat III Jung/Support LFT Ghoso by Ghoso 4 152
LF Gold Players with High Ambition Dis Lemon by Im Troy 5 93
Please Dont Be Bronze Looking For 3's Jungler Gallant019 by Gallant019 0 33
Gold V ADC looking for Team. Im Troy by Im Troy 0 25
Need Jungle top and support for 5v5 ranked now East Coast Carry by East Coast Carry 0 35
New ranked team! Penguintits by YoBoii 4 154
Diamond 1 Jungler LFT i11uSioNz by i11uSioNz 4 159
LF Diamonds for 3v3 Discriminated by Discriminated 1 26
Bronze 1 Great Jungler LF Casual/competitive partners/teams (have played since dota) kushopz by kushopz 1 28
BLU Recruiting! minecraftnation by IDK My Name 1 142
Support lf 5s team sivler + Finding Matches by Finding Matches 0 22
Looking for an ADC to run some games right now thelovedocta24 by thelovedocta24 0 26
LF DUO partner please or I may cry... Zurous by Zurous 0 38
Looking for late night duo partner Big Bang Death by Big Bang Death 0 26
Looking for Mid/TOP to run some games right now thelovedocta24 by thelovedocta24 0 41
Plat 5 Looking for Team Cillerlord by Cillerlord 0 29
TSU Silver ADC LF Team Piixelz by Piixelz 1 43
Team Last Resort- members needed - S5+   ( 1 2 3) PolishKielbasa by Mr Masters 21 337
Gold/MID Mid/ADC looking for team Gekimetsu by Gekimetsu 1 41