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looking for mid and adc player silver+ Mightyprodigy by Mightyprodigy 0 36
Ranked 5s: Looking for SRS PLAYERS... DaRainMayne by Is It Shark Week 2 73
Gold1 Jungler LF Gold/Plat+ RankedTeam Kharl17 by Kharl17 1 142
Silver 2 Top looking for serious team im delay by im delay 0 27
2 Golds, a Silver and 1 bronze[NEED A SUPPORT 4 R5s!] Sqwegie by Jimsocks 2 72
LF Support Duo DarkSickle01 by ßlix 1 46
2 Plat Players LF ranked 5s   ( 1 2) JBoxx by JBoxx 13 92
Gold Mid/Adc LF Team Dàn by Dàn 1 26
Stream up! Duo Que The Maritimer by The Maritimer 1 42
Looking for a silver support for ranked 5's Syphr by zNrG 5 65
Dia 1 Mid/Adc Lf Dia 1 + Only Team Misure by VuLxZ 6 160
Need 5s team will play adc/support/jungle LouisaRoseAllen by LouisaRoseAllen 0 27
Starting a 5s CommonTaco by BIadesOfExile 1 66
5's Team Recruitment   ( 1 2) piller155 by ItsAthyra 14 259
Lf mid/adc g0tiMe by g0tiMe 1 66
High silver-Low Gold Serious Team Ice In The Sky by HyperzGaming 4 111
Silver Mid AND Top LF team Oh So Obvious by Oh So Obvious 0 23
LF Duo Bot Lane for Ranked 5's Kharoa by Kharoa 0 27
diamond 4 mid/jung Lf team DaveyGoesPEWPEW by DaveyGoesPEWPEW 0 27
Serious Team LF Gold 1+ Top and Jungle! yungDora by valeric 8 75
Ranked 5s Team Mactavish7 by Mactavish7 0 35
Looking for Plat+ player for 5v5 team Stimmed Marines by Stimmed Marines 0 31
LF subs for silver+ ranked team Red the Husky by Red the Husky 0 33
Gold ADC LF Support Duo Bartucs by Bartucs 0 31
Improving Silver 2 ADC LF 5s team Mystic d by Mystic d 0 22
Looking for Gold+ for 5v5 casual team for 5v5 Colonizing Mars by Colonizing Mars 0 47
Silver/Gold Players for team wanted!!!! Kim Jong Krill by Kim Jong Krill 9 169
LF Plat + team Pointblnk by Pointblnk 0 23
Gold 3 mid laner LFT Tadhg by Tadhg 0 27
New ranked team started jungler/support need g1 plus q5 Sabotage by Cupcake Swag 7 123
d1 top looking for serious team ImSoMilky by ImSoMilky 0 21
Looking for Team Members for a Ranked Team DunkMaster USA by Le Rêve 1 42
Looking for Low silver high bronze people for a semi serious team 5v5 TheGoobanater by RG DoubelTroubel 4 116
LF Plat 1+ top laner Aztec Advocate by numbah007 2 43
Silver III Top LF Team I3lades by darkmiraclez 2 92
Looking to form a team DHL130 by DHL130 1 60
New team LF top,jungle, and adc for 5s numbah007 by BoD Ginko 4 73
Competitive team looking for an ADC. Yes Im Fat by Yes Im Fat 8 221
Great ADC LF established team that wants to practice and play ranked GROWN MAN Darth by GROWN MAN Darth 0 25
5v5 team daily practice   ( 1 2) Doran Nhika by Doran Nhika 10 192
ADC Main looking for Support DUO GROWN MAN Darth by GROWN MAN Darth 2 61
Lf gold+ support for serious 5s team 1DoubleDown1 by 1DoubleDown1 2 53
diamond4+ team LF Jungle/Bot lane!! X PjCX by WinstonJcom 3 52
Gold 1(new, still climbing) LFT SilenceD DesireS by SilenceD DesireS 0 38
looking for duo gold or higher :) A Wild tony by LegitRoom 2 59
Looking for plat+ top laner FF Chibisheep by Needles Kane 1 38
Support Need Team! Rewnn by Rewnn 0 21
silver 2 adc lf team RG DoubelTroubel by RG DoubelTroubel 1 32
Need a support for matches (all divisions) McNastiii by McNastiii 0 28
Plat Bot Duo LFT Duddlez by Best Lee USA 3 55