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IGN:Scratchee Plat ADC LF Serious Team! Scratchee by Scratchee 0 32
Jungler Looking For Ranked Team TakinYourSoul by TakinYourSoul 0 39
Diamond Support LFT PhöKing by Cm MadDog 3 106
Lf Duo Silver range going gold flduckhunter73 by flduckhunter73 0 45
Looking for ADC Duo Partner (Bronze Division) belizebelize by belizebelize 0 62
Gold Support Main LF Team Sømptueux by Sømptueux 3 37
lf diamond jangler Phacad3 by Yarn 2 52
Bot lane looking for team MuddyMudkip by MuddyMudkip 6 59
I am looking to construct a complete and dedicated 5's team. MisterDipski by Sømptueux 2 78
Fancy Gent Gaming is looking for a gold+ botlane duo Bailey the Roper by Macduffer 3 51
Looking for a jungler and a top any rank Vidieowiz4 by TakinYourSoul 7 88
Any bronze people who want to be carried msg me up. jaeflow by Dantasticjux 5 106
top/mid player looking for team dragonfraggin by dragonfraggin 0 26
**Silver Team Recruiting Support/Jungler*** Dixiewreckage by Simplé 2 75
Plat ADC/Supp Charbonneau by Charbonneau 0 41
Plat ADC LF Serious Team Scratchee by Macduffer 1 33
Gold ADC LF Duo Support to climb to Platinum Drizzt Strife by Drizzt Strife 0 61
BADD Clan Recruiting  FateFallz11 by FateFallz11 6 81
BADD Clan Ranked team. FateFallz11 by FateFallz11 6 102
Gold IV - Looking for Duo - I main support. Aerlinthe by Drizzt Strife 3 55
Mid-Top silver 2 LFT McNastiii by McNastiii 0 28
Mid/Adc/Top Lf Ranked 5's or Duo Partner. Im Dos Chains by Im Dos Chains 0 36
Dedicated team recruiting Support InstantKimchi by ExarchCoercer 1 81
Looking for competent players to just play normals. ICRELK by ICRELK 0 41
Gold Support Looking for a Serious Ranked Team ExarchCoercer by ExarchCoercer 3 44
Looking for 2v2 Scrim Partners for upcoming Magma Chamber Bést Caitlyn NA by Bést Caitlyn NA 4 119
Lf adc or support Shpingbing by skippy12 2 98
Looking for clan or ranked team Crimsonkilla by Crimsonkilla 0 31
Gold 3 Jungler looking for gold + team Simplee Gauze by Dixiewreckage 3 49
Gold V Support Main LF Team Sømptueux by Dixiewreckage 3 36
Plat 3 Support looking a team kixmgk3 by Dixiewreckage 9 112
Support LF 5's ranked team J Pixel by Dixiewreckage 1 37
Looking for a Team or people to duo que DTWS2LN by DTWS2LN 0 31
Recruiting for relaxed and high potential players UW08212017 by DTWS2LN 8 125
Gold tier support looking for plat adc to duo with Harpuna by Krostine 2 56
Platinum Jungler LFT Pancakebunnyman by Fenwah712 2 61
Platinum Skilled Jungler, Placed in silver.... LFT RamniousRumbler by Galatea 4 79
Looking for a jungler for ranked team TheBurningAngel by TheBurningAngel 1 73
S1 support looking for duo partner Fuad199 by Dixiewreckage 2 81
Looking For Talented Gold Jungler To Duo With HurtSomebody by HurtSomebody 0 22
Dedicated [[Adc]] Looking for serious team.   ( 1 2) LolRare by LolRare 10 193
AD/Top Looking For Serious Team Dr Vane by Dixiewreckage 1 29
Silver V jungler/top laner looking for a team AustinFromCanada by Dixiewreckage 1 60
new to streaming, any tips? n9yrr by n9yrr 2 33
Looking 4 Duo   ( 1 2) x ProMini by jaeflow 17 194
1k wins+++++ Doran Nhika by Doran Nhika 1 26
Recruiting Support Dixiewreckage by leaguecantbanme 2 53
Team HKSS Looking for Top and AD Carry HKSS Xae by bloodpython 8 238
(Australian) Team Dingo HighSchool Recruiting! Reznor Synox by Reznor Synox 1 73
LF a clan or team to play with nzblack by nzblack 0 24