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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Looking for a team Zeppehh Zeppehh 0 32
Plat 1 Jung LF DUO TONIGHT v3nation v3nation 0 36
lookin for a dedicated team SILVERV mid/top I AND I I AND I 0 31
Silver 1 Top Laner LFT (can play other lanes) Zaxal x Zaxal x 1 35
silver player looking for a team i play all lanes and about a 90% win rate jungler DuckingUuP DuckingUuP 0 35
Looking for Duo q NateSlays NateSlays 1 65
Plat 5 top laner looking for a dedicated ranked 5's team ! Chaplinn Chaplinn 4 62
MID laner needed for 5s team! RN ADD! xHomie DuckingUuP 2 116
Silver 4 Mid LF Serious Ranked 5's Team DIGnityy EXcoDreamer 1 46
Plat Support LF Duo or Team Wieners Revenge Wieners Revenge 0 28
LF for team. EXcoDreamer EXcoDreamer 1 70
Gold ADC LF Ranked 5's Team Centrixe Pokemon Cards 8 109
Quintic Mirror LF scrims! hi im Doublelift hi im Doublelift 0 41
solo laner lf serious team GosuShipy Doran Nhika 2 62
Gold 1 ADC LF Team Prilosac Prilosac 3 60
Looking to build a west coast team!!!! BeastlyWonder Prilosac 3 97
Looking for 5v5 Ranked team GetCarriedAndQQ GetCarriedAndQQ 1 47
Extremely active Supp looking for Team or Duo Partner SeductivePopTart Sqwegie 3 48
New Ranked 5s Team LF Top OR ADC Dixio extcy 3 81
LF Ranked team - Bronze or Silver Euphoria Rev Bawsify 3 92
Ranked 5s Team Looking for ADC SPlKE Who Farms Anyway 3 154
Plat 1 Looking For 3s or 5s Team Capler Capler 0 38
I wanna play starbound lf support (gold +) LordTushi LordTushi 3 92
Plat 3 (currently) Top/Mid LF Team Logistixs Logistixs 2 40
Plat 1 ADC LF Serious 5s Team Supurb Supurb 8 118
Ranked Team LF TOP/SUPP Ms Yoona Docta Cheese 7 204
Support LF DUO Dat Preacher achieved 1 52
Looking for 2 more for a Chill Team Nate iKoN Shots 1 63
Team LF Sup and Top lane QxE4 QxE4 2 58
Plat Top LFT that plays a ton Hasu Anko Hasu Anko 2 70
Noob looking for team! YA DANG HIPPIES YA DANG HIPPIES 0 40
Looking for weekend team darksied25 animalmother101 1 34
UnbreakableGaming!!! zurafura zurafura 0 29
LF adc Jungle plat+ ranked 5s taem add bk rando Bk Rando Thy222 1 38
Looking for Diamond 1 players Tee Harris Tee Harris 0 39
Need 2 more for diamond 1 team Tee Harris Thy222 1 40
B4B3 Looking for high MMR player to help me reach gold & duo/teach B4B3 B4B3 5 151
Jung/Sup looking for team REDPAWPRIME REDPAWPRIME 0 33
Gold/Silver team LF Top Laner! Sqwegie CM Hyxz 4 54
Looking for a team (I am an Support/ADC) HELLSFR3AK HELLSFR3AK 0 38
LF Someone to have fun and level with Swordvengence Swordvengence 0 34
LF Diamond Mid Laner for Ranked 5's Team hunter1scc Mystyq 5 156
"Milled" recruiting  ( 1 2 ) Hastyb microjet5 18 496
Silver 3 ADC looking for support ShifuYi ShifuYi 0 59
ADC LF Highersilver/gold team Dmgzappa Dmgzappa 0 34
diamond/plat team needs support right now RANKED 5's dexo dexo 0 38
diamond 1 top looking for competetive d1+ team NIGHTMARESF NIGHTMARESF 0 35
New Ranked 5s TeamLF Bronze/Silver ADC Dixio Pantz0nfire 9 204
Diamond Mid LFT Btamovoob Btamovoob 5 124
Plat 1 support lookin for a team Top Donger Top Donger 0 32