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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Bronze jungler LFT RonaldMcDon RonaldMcDon 0 24
Gold/Plat 5s Team needs top lane corrosively44 corrosively44 1 22
Diamond III Mid Laner LFT, pref plat/diamond+ Yung Rabbit Yung Rabbit 3 53
Gold/Plat 5s Team needs top lanes corrosively44 corrosively44 2 29
Gold 3 ADC looking for support for duo! calicoIRL calicoIRL 0 24
Support main Envy Sin Envy Sin 0 27
Team LF RELIABLE Mid laner Magic Mike Dee AgentOOTwixx 7 94
Plat playerLFT Swiftie Dixs ToxicBlood 2 31
plat 2 looking for comp dedicated team kingwallee ToxicBlood 1 25
Requiting for active serious ranked 5vs members walruspopcorn ToxicBlood 2 47
Gold Support/Jungle and Gold Top/Mid LF Ranked 5's Team Hayride DazedGlory 3 48
Creating an all SILVER team, trying to reach GOLD xerxies xerxies 0 32
Gold/Plat 5s team needs Top and Mid corrosively44 corrosively44 0 23
Gold/Plat team needs top and mid corrosively44 corrosively44 0 21
Looking for Silver players to join my ranked team xerxies xerxies 0 24
Main support lft Shdoh Shdoh 0 24
sV LFT!! |jungler| Akmozo Akmozo 1 34
Plat jungle looking for Plat+ duo. Jeezum Ferumbras 1 30
LF members to start 5s team twitchtvtortling twitchtvtortling 3 70
LF players for 5s team for ward skin points! georgeCARNAGE georgeCARNAGE 0 58
Semi Serious Team LF Jungler Xraided Jay fezin5 2 52
looking for a couple people to go ham on some 3's right now it was only dre it was only dre 0 27
True Ambition eSports need 2 players AMB FunkyBunch Weeping Blade 4 115
Plat+ Team Looking for a Mid to Reach Diamond. iRengar iRengar 0 30
Gold Team (5v5 rank silver 2) Needs TOP or JUNGLE Defensive Defensive 0 25
Looking for D5+ Duo hypermonkieboi hypermonkieboi 1 22
Amigo's only for 5s ohbigboi ohbigboi 0 32
anyone want to play some ranked 5s? Swooperz Swooperz 0 31
LF midlaner for casual team SuperLuigiLXIV Potatothebandit 3 61
ADC LF Support Duo InfiniteDesire InfiniteDesire 0 31
Looking for Top Lane [Diamond Professional Team] LFX CadenQT BKS Cupcake 6 115
Low Gold top LF 3's or 5's to play asap TheDeagler TheDeagler 0 26
Silver 1, Looking to Play Mid For a 5s Team VoLc0M VoLc0M 1 20
Plat ADC main LF duo to diamond WithFeeling WithFeeling 8 143
Gold Adc main LF Support duo/ 5's team vFluffyFade ToxicBlood 2 53
9PM to 1AM Est Genocide Gaming Prime Looking For ADC Support and MID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ( 1 2 ) lolHitsuyaga JoseTheNoobKit 15 154
Plat 3's and solo Looking for 3's Team Sterlunwheel Sterlunwheel 0 16
LF silver 1+ for ranked 5's now! fluffybager targonils 1 33
Lookin for a 3rd Plat+ for 3's TogiStubs Sterlunwheel 1 24
Gold II ranked 5's looking Top | Serious Team NuclearBearclaw NuclearBearclaw 0 21
Looking to play some 5v5 tonight! Pablom88 Pablom88 0 30
(URGENT) LF>Top Ranked 5s Team Tyology Tyology 2 29
Support Looking for ADC duo Knight Wìng Knight Wìng 2 63
Support Looking for Already Plat+ Team Suguha Jeffwally 3 45
Looking to start a semi serious team.  ( 1 2 ) Xraided Jay H2D Eclipse 15 183
Gold V ADC LF Coach Evalyne Evalyne 1 37
looking for duo to have fun =) ericafaithh ericafaithh 0 24
3 Golds Looking to start a Team! TheeGent TheeGent 0 25
Had league for 6 months. Gold 5 Solo Q 14 Game winning streak BlazzedKakashi BlazzedKakashi 1 61