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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
anyone looking to join a ranked team (check this out) Hotindianguy Hotindianguy 0 53
Wrath Gaming Community recruiting Reventence Reventence 0 26
Moving From KR Server any smurfs here? Pelidnota46 Pelidnota46 4 79
Starting New Ranked 5's Team xXNightShadowzXx xXNightShadowzXx 1 67
Gold 1 (plat elo) mid lf team Cyxexz Cyxexz 1 32
Ranked 5's team looking for Gold+ Top ShizzleMyNiz ShizzleMyNiz 0 29
Silver 4 ADC LF Ranked 5v5 Team 2Dprod 2Dprod 5 57
GOLD 2 Support LF Serious Team incurso incurso 2 46
LOOKING FOR A STRONG TOP FOR A 5s team DunriWikan45 DunriWikan45 0 39
Looking for Adc Coach Rizuel4523 WrathOfDango 3 74
ranked 5's team iiDesigned iiDesigned 0 31
looking for players for fun games!! Hotindianguy Hotindianguy 0 24
Gold Supp LF ADC duo and Team Yogalata Yogalata 0 25
Plat Adc LF Supp LittleWu Yogalata 1 27
Plat 5 support/jungle looking for gold/plat ranked team Cupy Cupy 0 24
diamond smurfing looking for a duo. Pref high elo UnrestBlade UnrestBlade 0 41
Gold 3 87LP LF Support/adc duo achelliez achelliez 6 61
Gold Adc Lf Carry duo Haruuu Haruuu 0 27
Seeking support for ranked 5s Hayker BlingBling1344 8 143
Nami Support looking for team Soprodium Yogalata 1 27
Kings of Feeding Silver 5+ Logically KingsEntourage 2 50
ADC Looking for Team to Play Rysu Rysu 0 19
Gladiator Gaming Forming a New Competitive ranked 5's team.  ( 1 2 3 ) thejdrproject thejdrproject 25 413
Bronze 3-1 Support Main LFT i 73V3N i 73V3N 0 20
Silver 2 Looking For Good Duo Partner To Get To Gold! Liamrocks1022 Liamrocks1022 0 16
Silver V Versatile Can play pretty much any lane Soulbrainer Soulbrainer 0 21
B1 3v3 looking for people TheBunnyKiller14 TheBunnyKiller14 0 20
Gold 5 Supp LF Ranked 5's team ShizzleMyNiz ShizzleMyNiz 3 29
need a duo partner silver 4 it was only dre it was only dre 0 20
Gold Team Needs Top And Support For Ranked 5's Cheetoo ShizzleMyNiz 2 37
lf support main Such Luck Yogalata 3 70
Plat ADC Looking for Team for Ward Rysu Yogalata 1 26
Looking for members . gold+ Freelona timevulture 6 70
LAG- Lost Another Game(NA) LF gold or higher players for mid support top or jung CUIVT FACE timevulture 7 69
Korean Diamond Player Coaching for Free! it was only dre it was only dre 0 30
Support needed for ranked 5's hg1guyh ShizzleMyNiz 2 75
Gold ADC/Support Lookin for duo GRedPanda GRedPanda 0 26
-Staff positions available- Destiny Foxy Casanova oxo 3 51
[NA] Azir is here! (Or ... clumsiest girl NA) Arbitrarium HKG Sarah 3 54
Creating an all SILVER team, trying to reach GOLD  ( 1 2 ) xerxies Trom 11 120
Serious 5v5 Plat+ Team  ( 1 2 3 ) Rysu Rysu 21 346
Gold adc lf team or to make a team!!!! calicoIRL ShizzleMyNiz 1 32
Gold V Support Looking For Ranked 5's Lucky Support Lucky Support 8 69
looking for Gold+ for serious ranked team God Poro ShizzleMyNiz 4 56
Plat 1 ADC looking for ranked 5v5's Deathly Pancake Deathly Pancake 0 19
Silver IV looking to climb back up. Indovino Indovino 0 24
Daily Tournaments(40,000 RP+5 Triumphant Ryze Skins) Destiny Foxy Destiny Foxy 0 55
LFM Silver Ranked 5s Team  ( 1 2 ) Tyology Tyology 14 147
team of diamonds needs a support MAIN. or duo bot. Diamond+ Bronze Harris commisar44 3 56
looking for duo poo55 poo55 0 33