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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
LF Diamond 3+ support KingsEntourage KingsEntourage 0 28
D5 LF Ranked 5's/3's Team Accel World Accel World 0 29
Ranked 5's team L4 Silver+ ADC iiLLNesS iiLLNesS 1 40
[NA] Looking For Jungler [Diamond+]  ( 1 2 ) Snoodles Cratonz 10 149
D4 Supp/Mid LF Team Krauv Krauv 2 53
High gold players looking for jungler a porch monkey a porch monkey 0 32
HIGH GOLD TEAM looking for a mid laner Freelona Adorain 2 42
LF ADC Duo xHibarix xHibarix 0 43
Orlando / Winter Park Players Overgames Nyodo 4 186
Diamond Team looking for teams to scrim DOUBLEDOWNZ DOUBLEDOWNZ 4 50
G4 (Gold 2 Peak) Support Main w/ Competitve experience LF team ItsFrenchie ItsFrenchie 6 50
Oasis Heat looking for an analyst/coach serious 5's team ranked plat5 DOUBLEDOWNZ DOUBLEDOWNZ 4 46
Adc lf ranked team poplolly poplolly 0 42
Gold Adc and Support LF dedicated team Dc2TeG ItsFrenchie 5 44
Gold 4 ADC looking for a team to play with rizzotwinboys rizzotwinboys 0 43
Looking for Top Lane [Diamond] LFX CadenQT LFX CadenQT 0 65
TGI Tournament Team LF D1 Jungler & Mid v Syn Lucian Top 8 86
need players for perfect ascension icon precogg precogg 0 41
Silver 2 Supp LF DUO Silentpainazeral MeltedWater 1 53
New Dedicated Ranked 5s Team Noqqa of Zamorak Nailed It 1 75
Plat jungler lft NovaRaptor NovaRaptor 1 30
Gold 5 ADC LF Duo/Team OMyGames Silentpainazeral 1 55
gold adc lf serious team exdeee rutsue 2 28
Duo Bot LF Gold Team Spiderpig007 Spiderpig007 0 72
Bronze 2, former Silver 3 (mid/support) lf a duo or team, ranked or normal I dont car MeltedWater MeltedWater 0 58
Plat 5. LFG Lapetus Lapetus 0 65
LF Support, Jungle, and Top for Ranked Team Waifu nVee ItsFrenchie 1 102
ADC/Support LF Team(Gold-Plat) Spiderpig007 Spiderpig007 0 63
Give me bronze teams you don't want Zahnet Zahnet 0 64
Looking for serious 5's team can play any role prefer not top Sarlissa Sarlissa 0 25
New team looking for ADC silver+ jonathan2036 jonathan2036 4 66
Need a serious Gold/Plat Top laner LaBMoNkEY Rounic 2 38
Lets throw together a team RIGHT NOW twitchtvtortling twitchtvtortling 0 45
Serious Ranked team Reqruiting plat+ sup walruspopcorn walruspopcorn 0 23
If you have a bronze team you don't want... GIVE IT TO ME Zahnet Zahnet 0 22
Looking to join a 5's. SUPP/MID Bubba Bubba 5 76
Gold 2 LF 5's Team Unumalum counter by wards 2 56
Starting Team LF Adc , And jungler . Silver +  ( 1 2 ) Zerax Kenasty 14 161
Looking for a team to play right now thosespicybeans thosespicybeans 0 25
Nidalee Only Top Lane Stream / Duo Nidalee Only Nidalee Only 2 36
Duo Bot Team looking for 5v5 Team Chefpreator Chefpreator 0 28
Looking for ADC main GOLD+ SupraRage SupraRage 0 29
bronze 1 adc looking for team. IGN: Es Pocketninja Es Pocketninja Es Pocketninja 0 21
Gold 3 Support LF Duo HastyApple HastyApple 2 50
Gold 5 player Looking for an active team IronMarine Ninjacat990 1 28
New team Legends From The Rift looking for silver 2+ players! Aegsasdg th3k1n6 8 121
Sponsored Tournament Team LF Mid SN Tylercombz SN Tylercombz 0 35
silver V jungle looking for team owen7861 Plainty 1 42
Plat+ Duo DDefiance DDefiance 0 33
mid lft tnx jonathan2036 2 36