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Need Strong Plat Duo FLexR by FLexR 1 34
New Team Recruiting 1300+ Cowser by Cowser 5 145
Gold Jungler looking for good duo (Mid pref) to get to plat grosLOL32 by grosLOL32 3 44
Silver5 ADC Good KDA's LF Support. for duo Konflik by Konflik 0 19
Mid silver looking for team/Gold/duo Theadvantage7 by Theadvantage7 0 15
Need help with Gold V promos Conradlizzard by Conradlizzard 0 23
LF Gold+ Supp and Top Add Tyzn Tyzn by Tyzn 0 16
Serious 5's Team Need Top/Mid/ADC *Drop Zone Gaming*   ( 1 2) Calistar by CurbStompScrubs 18 198
Silver 5 ADC main LF duo partner NickxWins by NickxWins 0 15
LF MID for ranked 5s team Poisonsivy by Poisonsivy 0 30
5s Team Looking for Mid and Support anyone welcome CurbStompScrubs by CurbStompScrubs 0 24
Looking For (at least) A gold 5 support sub for Ranked 5's team SaborFlash by Keblo 1 22
Plat 5 LFT JG/TOP Angrygrampa by Angrygrampa 0 29
looking to play ranked 5s tonight DuhFlyingPenguin by DuhFlyingPenguin 0 36
Need team .... Serious tms only BizzyBlastin by BizzyBlastin 0 33
joining a team when im level 30 Diablo Sanji by Diablo Sanji 0 27
Silver Jungler looking for team Aikado by Aikado 1 52
Noob Extinction Gaming LF Plat Mid DarkMorningStar by DarkMorningStar 1 34
Looking for players to join a plat 3v3 team OWNED N BONED by OWNED N BONED 0 26
LF team PkmnEskimoNinja by PkmnEskimoNinja 3 61
LF silver support drolmiJ by DuhFlyingPenguin 1 61
Lf top and jungler diamond+ for serious and competitive team!   ( 1 2) Scratchee by Scratchee 10 130
Need top to complete 5v5 ranked team roster Dragster99 by Angrygrampa 2 61
Lucid Esports Looking For a Top Lane hG Vonix by MohicanKangaroo 4 78
LF Duo Queue Partner and Teammates   ( 1 2) L1G3RZ3R0 by L1G3RZ3R0 18 249
Not spondered by pepsi is recruiting a bot lane!!!!!!!!!!! franticbanana by StreamRunnerHoof 3 121
Silver - Gold Ranked Team. Cryptidal by Cryptidal 9 114
Making ranked 5v5 silver team falco120 by falco120 0 30
Looking for an Adc and a Supp Shadows7398 by StreamRunnerHoof 1 51
Lf adc duo SelenaGisonmyD by SelenaGisonmyD 0 35
Gold 2 Mid Laner LF Serious Ranked 5s Team S1eight by S1eight 0 21
Gold 3 adc lf support main duo to play Hi lm Godsu by Hi lm Godsu 0 25
Serious Silver mid laner LF Team llatromi by TacoluverZAMBIE 1 29
LF mid lane that is plat 3+ amazinchewy by amazinchewy 0 27
looking for plat or higher mid laner Sonic Panda by Sonic Panda 0 24
Gold 2 Player StreamRunnerHoof by StreamRunnerHoof 0 20
Need Mid and a couple subs to complete ranked team Dragster99 by DuhFlyingPenguin 7 88
Looking for gold tier or better support who is on ALOT... 5plit Champ by Relise 2 73
Hi, im looking for a support thats plat 3+ amazinchewy by amazinchewy 0 33
Top Lane Need 5v5 team Boatsandhoes13 by Boatsandhoes13 4 94
Forever Bronze Gaming is looking for serious Bronze players for 5s WotB DeathisupnU by squirrelzkill 1 43
High Plat Team LF> Plat Jungler How To Ragerino by How To Ragerino 4 47
plat v adc lf plat+ support duo RUKTHENUKE by RUKTHENUKE 0 25
Smurf Dou Bot Road To Plat ZackieChann by ZackieChann 0 28
Gold support looking for team. Killvious by Killvious 0 25
Lookin for Silver/Gold top/adc player   ( 1 2) Big Pappa Janna by EvilMrRogers 10 136
Looking for a team JackNoire by JackNoire 0 26
LF Plat players for ranked 3's Pouring Reign by SelenaGisonmyD 2 33
Silver ADC main LF Ranked Team SurrenderNowPls by SurrenderNowPls 1 27
Lf ranked team Main mid silver Wyld Agumon by Wyld Agumon 1 35