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silver 5 Top lane LF serious 5s team koagalves by koagalves 0 14
LF: Serious Ranked 5s team. Versatile Player L3THAL88 by L3THAL88 0 21
Silver V top/jung LF serious 5s team Neon666420 by ChrisIsHereNow 1 23
Silver Fill player looking for active team FeedtoPlat by ChrisIsHereNow 1 15
LF> Mid&Jungle For rank 5's D3ADMIK3Y by iiChex 1 29
LF ADC for 5s be Silver+ lolsaywhat by lolsaywhat 1 29
Looking for an Silver+ ADC Scooter by lolsaywhat 1 18
Casual Player creating a ward team VWT by Velocity120 5 58
Gold V Jungler LF> Ranked 5's/Duo partners Archiez by Archiez 0 16
LF Diamond ADC or Mid for Ranked 5's! And potentially tournaments! Seviar by deegodoubledees 1 40
LF top/jungler/mid silver 3+ For ranked 5's serious team FeedtoPlat by koagalves 1 20
Gold 2 LF ranked 5s gayness190 by gayness190 0 15
Gold 2 Support Main LF 5's TDB Divineheresy by TDB Divineheresy 7 84
needing a silver + top and support Vagueness by Vagueness 4 61
Looking for a Plat+ Top Laner. iDropBeatz by iDropBeatz 0 20
5 ranked team, need 2 more Krenlan by FeedtoPlat 5 72
LF Members for Silver Team! greggoeT by FeedtoPlat 1 21
plat v looking for duo partner Cloud Leonhart by Cloud Leonhart 1 22
Gold looking for duo . Haruuu by Haruuu 0 24
Recruitment for Alex Tan and The 4 Lesbians Slyntch by GOATgoinHAM 3 64
Gold V(Previously Plat IV[Inactivity demotion]) Lookin for someone who wants to Climb Cloud King by Haruuu 1 41
LF 1 Plat 5+ player for ranked threes. Playing now. Devair by Devair 0 16
Next Level Recruiting ISanctified by The Grim Mystic 6 80
LF a team to join in Silver/Bronze 5s or Silver/Gold 3s. The Grim Mystic by The Grim Mystic 2 24
Diamond Bot Lane L/F Diamond or Challenger Team. IceColdLee by Flacian 1 30
Looking for 3s team very exped Wizardswordplay by The Grim Mystic 7 90
Silver Ranked Team looking for players   ( 1 2) PriG Razor by flammaimperatore 10 118
LF High Bronze Support LoL LeaveBuster by The Grim Mystic 1 31
Gold 2 Supp LF ADC Aslanman by ETHANNN 3 38
Looking for Competitive play? I Boxx I by I Boxx I 0 19
Making ranked team for ward points BudlightLime by BudlightLime 1 22
S4 with 100lp mid looking for a ranked team. DEARDALLAZ by DEARDALLAZ 0 8
Wreckers Gone Wild - Recruiting SavageResistance by DEARDALLAZ 1 33
Gold V looking for 5s team for ward points PoyDLlama by PoyDLlama 0 6
LF ADC Bronze 2 team DrygoreSlayer by RCGN 3 45
Looking for a adc for our 5s team TPA Maktrukk by TPA Maktrukk 0 19
Silver 4 LF Ranked Team GrumpyToast91 by GrumpyToast91 0 9
LF serious players Mid silver - low gold   ( 1 2) Paraxd by Sanityxoxo 13 146
Recruitment Smallbots by Lucky Support 4 54
LF Ranked 5's. I adc.Plat2 Dig by Dig 0 13
Gold 1/Plat V Support+ADC Duo Looking for Similar level 5's Team Adycted by Adycted 0 12
Suck my Jinx Gold-Silver team Looking for a top, mid, and ADC 3clypse by ImADuckQuack 6 107
Gold 4 support main lf duo any role   ( 1 2) XxMinibeastxX by XxMinibeastxX 16 295
Starting a silver ranked team Neon666420 by Neon666420 0 25
Plat Team LF Plat+ Top Laner Bufforz by Bufforz 2 28
Recruiting active people for a new team Kabronzote by Kabronzote 0 21
Silver Fill player looking for active team FeedtoPlat by FeedtoPlat 0 12
Gold 1 player LF ranked 5s team (fill) Jeffwally by Jeffwally 6 116
New account LF others to play with Rising Hopper by Rising Hopper 0 11