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Come Eat Your Vegetables Community! AVSplayer by camster138 1 99
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Pulling Logic2 Gaming PL2G iPoling by PL2G iPoling 0 2,990
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Dad Streamer Climbing to Gold, Stop in call him a noob   ( 1 2 3 ... 4) zZ Madness by Buddds 30 1,167
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Gold Adc/Support looking for serious team ChaosK0re by yameen 1 110
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3s gatorbeastx by gatorbeastx 0 92
ADC LF support to teach me :3 Aztec Advocate by sMoKeOuT90 5 205
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Recruiting a Serious team for season 4 Plat/diamond preferably x Best Fizz NA x by ChaosK0re 3 130
gold 3v3 team looking for s2+, experinced players. Teisujin by Teisujin 8 194
looking for PLat+ for 3's ranked Teisujin by Teisujin 0 88
Platinum IV ADC looking for team DoYouWantAHug by DoYouWantAHug 0 85
Plat ADC lf tourney team stb by stb 0 75
Team ARAY recruiting silver v support/Top ARAY Intuition by ARAY Intuition 1 105
Team Xecute Looking for Plat 1 and Above x Crysiss by x Crysiss 0 68
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desperate for GOLD! [silver2+] Report Graves by Report Graves 0 70
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Last minute 3v3 Hooblikan by Hooblikan 1 82
CGG Looking for Chill And Skillful players Silver + CGG Phantom by CGG Phantom 0 50
Plat Top/Mid/ADC LF 5s Team Call Me Visionz by Call Me Visionz 0 32
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3v3 Gold or Plat (Try to make it to Plat) Schwiddy by Schwiddy 0 47
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3s gatorbeastx by TopazWeaver 2 120
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Plat Top/Mid/ADC LF 5s Team LoL Visionz by LoL Visionz 1 35
Recruiting for Silver 5v5 Team AVSplayer by AVSplayer 0 57
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Ranked team ~Read Fireablade by Raiderx200 1 56
LF Gold/Plat Jungler for Ranked Team WHTruSMOKINKkid by WHTruSMOKINKkid 0 32
Looking for plat or higher top/adc/support!!!! Tasimony by bloodsheakers 5 65
LF ACTIVE Bronze V TEAM Raiderx200 by Raiderx200 0 29