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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Active fives team seeks silver 2+ top laner memoryx Gaymer169 9 92
Looking For Duo Partner <GOLD OR HIGHER> methodxdd Jew Lee Oh 3 63
need +1 person for 3s to get challenger (plat2+) Blonde Blonde 0 36
Gold 1 5s Team Needs Support! LamborghiniMercy Unlikely Hiro 7 111
ADC looking for a gold+ support MAIN!!! x ProMini x ProMini 2 69
.,;:||Bronze IV Mid LF Team!||:;,. McDoubleWide McDoubleWide 0 39
Gold + Player LF Team T R I B U S H T R I B U S H 0 27
SILVER III (Support) LOOKING FOR DUO. BOSS AS BlTCH Kisuke Urahara 1 44
Gold 4 support LF duo partner Lingo Lingo 0 38
ADC LF Team MVPxSaint MVPxSaint 1 33
LF Duo Ranked brandeng4 Gankstarrr 1 55
Team Opening! RZmac RZmac 0 73
lf 5th to fill for 5s right now ifuchokeasmurf ifuchokeasmurf 0 48
Recruiting members for a new team str0fhe The Roogan 3 119
Bronze Team Looking for ADC GambieG The Roogan 1 79
gold3 support LF duo partner Quiggish Quiggish 0 40
Making a team that wants to improve Th3 Misanthrope iStayGoingHam 5 121
Silver 4 top lane LF team Michigangsta brandeng4 5 101
G5 Support LF Duo's Hashtag Support BebopAnon 2 77
Bronze 4 Looking for Duo Help brandeng4 brandeng4 0 34
Silver 4 ADC main LF duo Fetialis brandeng4 1 45
Ex-Challenger/ Diamond 1 LF Team. SilSoI SilSoI 1 49
LF High Plat/Diamond Duo Perfect Fit Perfect Fit 0 42
Bronze 4 player looking for a duo partner or fives team refiper refiper 0 41
3s Rank team NA MissAnarchie C9 FatesDemise 4 98
support looking for a serious team stroked stroked 0 42
LF Duo bot S4 atm Zaethiel Zaethiel 0 44
Non-ranked team (is that a thing?) Dooker Dooker 0 49
LF Jungler for gold-plat team Prototype Zerg C9 FatesDemise 3 86
Gold 1 ADC looking for long term team Torayz Torayz 3 53
Diamond Ad/Sup - LF Team Braderino SilverLand 8 167
LF support/top for serious ranked team Gold+ SilverLand SilverLand 0 50
Plat 4 Jungler/Mid looking for team. Zakipoo Zakipoo 0 44
LFT Gold prefered WNxShadowKiller Zama174 3 181
Bronze 4 player looking for Duo Q help 6 PooI 6 PooI 0 55
Plat 1/D5 MMR Jungler/Bot Laner Looking for Duo/Team Dunkydoodle Dunkydoodle 0 65
LF Gold Team + (solo laner, prefer mid) iThroopeR iThroopeR 4 100
Gold I Top/ADC LF Team Ciel Barchetta Ciel Barchetta 0 54
Silver 5 jungler looking for team lymle300 lymle300 0 49
9-1 Gold team 3v3 need 1 now! -gold/plat I play Jax I play Jax 0 71
Plat Jungler/Top LF serious 5s xAvatar xAvatar 0 64
LF Players For Ranked Teams  ( 1 2 ) The Nidja erockthehouse69 17 328
Gold 5 Support LF Gold+ ADC to duo Evenescent Evenescent 1 70
LF diamond+ ranked 3s Miniblitz Miniblitz 0 56
Plat Solo Q and Ranked 5's ADC LF late night team oBluee oBluee 0 101
Looking for members to join The Black Rose IamKoreanJesus IamKoreanJesus 2 97
Gold V Support LF Duo InsertAWittyName InsertAWittyName 0 55
Ninja Flow Looking for serious players. Gold3+ only Saeteurn23 Fundip 6 150
Plat Mid/Support Looking For Gold+ Team. nVCriTiCaL Tyzn 2 81
Need Jungle or Supp for ranked 5's add Fyzn Tyzn Tyzn 0 68