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Dedicated team lf 3 more subs! PheonixOfAshes by NGG Blind Spiral 1 33
LF Duo Wardport by Wardport 0 33
Gold Plus Team looking for Dedicated Players Telnets by LeQuebecoiis 8 167
Search/Cherche 3s Team! or 5sTeam! LeQuebecoiis by LeQuebecoiis 0 35
Looking for summoners to play ranked 3s and possibly 5s mrdoohickey by mrdoohickey 0 38
Silver 1 looking for a GOOD duo partner with Skype! Jaximus by Wardport 1 84
Looking for Duo SKB Vires by Wardport 2 108
Skilled Silver mid stuck in elo hell, Looking for duo, pref jungle with skype JyrasiQ by JyrasiQ 1 41
Skilled Support Main New Stream Wardport by Wardport 5 98
Looking for a top laner for our serious team. q5 Sabotage by q5 Sabotage 3 80
Gold 4 ADC LF DUO Crullex by LolzKitteh 2 81
D3 S3 Mid looking for team FuuKmAnN by FuuKmAnN 1 50
D3 jungle S3 LFT CascadeTheGreat by CascadeTheGreat 0 42
New Clan Recruiting JagonX by JAEDENISAB3AST 1 55
Main Support LF Team/Duo AmonRaTe by AmonRaTe 0 45
Gold 1 s3 mid looking for casual team justinph by justinph 1 31
LF> S3 Plat support tsundereway by tsundereway 0 41
looking for players for my soon to be soon to be gold ranked team dirtybro74 by NGG Blind Spiral 1 55
Top mid and jungler looking for a team NateSlays by NGG Blind Spiral 1 48
high silver or better for team 5v5 lil el neek by NGG Blind Spiral 3 106
adc/top needs ranked team xLATHINOx by NGG Blind Spiral 1 49
LF Support for Ranked 5s m0rbs by NGG Blind Spiral 2 60
Jungler/Support LF Serious Team xCriteria by NGG Blind Spiral 2 53
LF GOOD duo partner. karn1vore by karn1vore 0 49
Lf supp/adc/mid for r5's (gold+) Tytrey by Tytrey 0 43
gold lvl support s3 novak10 by novak10 0 41
Plat 2 Jungle Main LF Mid Duo WeenieHutJuniors by WeenieHutJuniors 0 39
Gold 3 - Support Main - Looking for Serious Team for S4 BT Synthetic by m0rbs 8 135
S3 plat 1 support lf> diamond adc for s4!! FallenKingMufasa by ZackT 7 129
plat level adc looking for serious duo. WinglessCrow by B4BY HUEY 5 178
Looking To Be The Analyst For A Team Manifest Omen by Manifest Omen 0 33
Team Recruiting! | Looking for dedicated players |   ( 1 2) xxxgunz4nickxxx by xxxgunz4nickxxx 19 363
Season 3, Gold 3 Support LF AD Duo Partner BT Synthetic by BT Synthetic 2 64
Need players for Ranked Team   ( 1 2) DHL130 by DragonM2n 17 331
making a team to get out of bronze Kilzong by xTORQUEx 8 200
Plat Team LF 1-2M   ( 1 2) Poisonsvodka by ImaGetYouWet 15 4,430
Looking for team for low elo tournament!~ AM Profanity by AM Profanity 0 57
Looking for team for low elo tournament!~ AM Profanity by AM Profanity 0 41
Looking for a Team/Duo Suject by Suject 0 41
need more people for my 5v5 ranked team dirtybro74 by dirtybro74 0 48
LF an bronze support Rambo OTF by l DC l 6 173
LF Support for D1-Challenger quality Go4lol Team Wubblebeam by CJBulldogs 1 103
plat 1 last season. lf duo q partner. FogOfWarSlayer by FogOfWarSlayer 0 49
Looking for a Mid or Top duo partner - was Diamond S3 Sir Xtreme by DKgaren 1 72
sick of solo q? barrenzane by DKgaren 1 98
Support Looking For team. Eiwis DirT by Eiwis DirT 0 50
Chuck Finley's Special Forces Recruiting and Looking for a team to scrim with ChuckTFinley by ChuckTFinley 3 123
support was plat 1 looking for duo adc Drakenfox by Drakenfox 0 60
Virtue of Honor recruiting Razgriz86 by Razgriz86 0 54