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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Silver 1 ADC Looking for a beast support Keaubra Keaubra 0 36
Bronze 3 Jungler looking for a duo partner Cannon Rush Cannon Rush 0 28
Now looking for Top laners diamond/ plat for RAnked 5s team. LandtheQ MansionHunter 9 138
Need diamond jungler pissywolf pissywolf 0 32
Looking for a duo, Gold 3 + Agencies Agencies 5 62
LF MID, Jungle or ADC Gomezism Gomezism 4 108
LF 2 for Ranked 5s tonight Lionheart509 Lionheart509 0 50
new team looking for a jung ratedrstar ratedrstar 0 33
Deadly Gaming (Sponsored team) Looking for new members!  ( 1 2 ) Demon Seoul RG Logic 14 197
LF a Mentor GenZ GenZ 0 38
LF a Team That is can do good and does not change luisocampo luisocampo 0 28
Silver Carry DUO partner Tunkey10 Tunkey10 0 38
Plat 1 ADC L>Team LoLChanges LoLChanges 0 29
ADC looking for good team interested in progressing Kohana Sushi Kohana Sushi 0 46
Prohibited Gaming Looking for Players Bronze 1+  ( 1 2 3 ) DOUBLEDOWNZ DOUBLEDOWNZ 24 429
new community fun and a great tourney comeing up for 100$ and rp Only Elise Only Elise 3 38
LF 3v3 bot laner BRONZE/SILVER MC Copern MC Copern 0 30
Bronze 3 Jungler looking for a duo partner Cannon Rush Cannon Rush 0 27
Need Bronze ranked 5 team rossmt rossmt 0 45
Silver Adc/Support LF 5v5 Team JyrasiQ JyrasiQ 0 29
Plat 3 Mid/Jungle/Top LF Dedicated Team Malantide Malantide 8 124
Diamond Support LF team SpiNxx SpiNxx 2 56
Looking To Be Recruited For 5v5's Ranked Team (Currently Silver V and A Support Main) CLBGamer CLBGamer 1 127
Prohibited Gaming currently looking for people to try out for Jungle DOUBLEDOWNZ DOUBLEDOWNZ 7 145
Silver mid lf team basedcoogi basedcoogi 0 27
Gold 3 Player LF Team (Any role) mottled model mottled model 0 37
Beginner wanting to play with people Afleezy Afleezy 0 45
Gold Support LF Duo TheHandsome1 TheHandsome1 0 38
Gold III Team Looking for Support MrBrindle Torrig 7 135
LF Fun,Chill Players Randomocity Randomocity 4 127
--Looking for ranked members to join my team-- DeathDragon86 GrimmChallenger 3 95
Very Skilled Silver 2 LF Duo w/Skype Add JyrasiQ JyrasiQ JyrasiQ 0 41
Support Main LF ADC Jinnypoppin Here Fishy 4 131
Platinum Bot Duo Looking for Team Chrisizard Chrisizard 1 48
Competitive 5man team looking for jungler Chaosstrike Chaplin 2 93
Wanting to start a team Gold+ all roles welcome (relaxed for now) The Foo Fighter The Foo Fighter 0 40
Wanting to start a team Gold+ All roles welcome (relaxed for now) The Foo Fighter The Foo Fighter 0 37
LFT Gold Pls All roles welcome (relaxed for now) The Foo Fighter The Foo Fighter 0 34
LF Mid Laner Kaast Lilmk 8 137
Recruiting for ranked 5vs Plat+  ( 1 2 3 ... 4 ) jayden keller BigBearKeith 32 672
Diamond 5 games stream ! Archope Archope 0 39
Just Got Gold - Bot Lane Main LF Team Allonso Allonso 0 48
Mid/Support/Jungle Bronze IV (Silver III on smurf though) looking for duo q partner MeltedWater MeltedWater 2 52
creating ranked team Hotindianguy Hotindianguy 0 50
LF Dedicated Top Laner for rank 5's Stenno Stenno 2 88
ADC/Mid looking for 5s team Saiford Saiford 0 90
Silver II ADC main LF consistent duo partner Kwizz juss gimme head 4 83
Diamond 3 ADC LF Support DUO Rille Rille 0 47
Looking For ADC and SUPPORT MrxElectrify MrxElectrify 0 57
Smurfing looking for a duo WheelsTheWombat WheelsTheWombat 5 185