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Why did C9 drop to 2nd? Fonkee by Fonkee 2 126
Why do people say Hecarim is OP DarkoHellbane by xZeo 2 126
NSFW is badddd! ByeByeworld by ByeByeworld 0 126
Every game I watch someone play jinx, they do bad CrookedSmileGoon by Piezo 2 126
SmashGizmo collecting feedback on Pantheon and not AP Nid Caristinn by RustSka 7 126
New Rengar HTS Zeal by HTS Zeal 5 126
New champion idea: Goku Rackier by Lustrousio 8 126
can vlad casts his E while moving pls? doublelift fg by doublelift fg 5 126
I don't know what to do with my night now... Fusion322 by Yuki Pichu 9 126
OMG akali counters me so hard... I'm not going mid medulla00 by DriedPrunes 2 126
Zyra is my waifu now Drakonitus by ShiaNeko 3 126
Rengar update is..... Stolarz by Holy Malevolence 2 126
Are Katarina mains the welfare queens of League? Caristinn by Gaggle of Koalas 2 126
AOE champions are dominating in solo queue Cho for Athene by GeneralWig 6 126
Jax is back in popularity Maximum LeBroken by ThunderDunkMasta 2 126
Pretty much URF in a nutshell BaskinRobins by Freaky Eighty 1 126
While every other pro jungler rushes sotel on Eve,NintendudeX chooses sotsw instead Ventose by SageModeGamer 2 126
The true machine gun champion Jaximum Max by LG Harmony 2 126
Honest questions you think I shouldn't have to ask. Caulder by Caulder 6 126
Lmao someone picked Twisted Fate on my team Raichu Tall Tail by XeonDev 3 126
You think I like this **** Riot?! Quinn PossibIe by Quinn PossibIe 4 126
GUYS, second random poll for GD MadMad Sickness by Carapau 9 126
Im now reporting everyone who says the word "toxic" FNATIC Kaceytron by FNATIC Kaceytron 7 126
Ultra Rapid Fire missing 1 thing IMO lightdragoon88 by lightdragoon88 0 126
For all of the bad that you think may happen Smoot by Smoot 4 126
Riot keeps closing my threads about nid Nugun by Oconnomo 8 126
whats with all the heimerdinger hate going on? that nidalee by Hyrum Graff 5 126
ITT: I attempt to make a better Skarner rework Menea6587 by Menea6587 5 126
Where do I vote for all-stars? Rawrior by Dragonease 5 126
Petition to keep URF mode around! iEzreal by mikejr222 6 126
Im never getting gold again ;_; Furi Kuri II by 12fingerJIM 4 126
I constantly DC in 3's oreos666 by ReportThisShaco 6 126
Aphro>Xpecial Smurf It Up Gg by Crits and Gravy 5 126
League needs a champion that uses fans. Zer0caliber by Shingo 6 126
I hate how much IP leblanc is pls lower Maximum LeBroken by GucciMane69 2 126
I am... thegorn by thegorn 5 126
Am I on tilt or something? Give me some advice plz and ty Develop by Durzaka 8 126
Is top lane Graves good? Drunken Megaman by stealthfox94 3 126
EG- "Let's go to an easier region" regalbeagle by Mokkun 1 126
Anyone Else Have a Random Icon? ForsakunJoker by xSgtLlama 3 126
So much untapped power Yago Xiten by BestJewishNA 4 126
Windwall doesn't block Nunu's E? Verx Interis by Too Ton 3 126
Team builder is funny. Roenier by Attila22 3 126
Riot has accidently discovered how to improve Skarners reworked kit Yetibus by Fried Noob 3 126
So what exactly did riot expect when they nerfed every ap support Starrow by haaaaaaaalp 5 126
Does URF CDR also affect ammo counters? mi ramfan by Mokkun 2 126
riot, i win grimreefa by SpderMan 5 126
URF recommended for nerds LvI5syndrome by LvI5syndrome 4 126
Where's zekent? LuckyTofu by Judge Arcadia 3 126
Does Quinn's ult reset turret aggro??? TommySparkle by Bunny Killer 3 126