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Free $25 Riot RP Card to Subscribers Comeback Jedi by Comeback Jedi 3 94
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Loss Prevented for DC's darkLightning45 by Matthevv 3 54
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What's the Critical Chance Rune that you use for Cheese crits as AD Carry? EpicSmurfAccount by Critkeeper 3 175
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Lee sin and trinket jumps Binxy Prime by Secretbeef 3 124
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~League Video~ LIKE A RAMMUS BALL! Baby Kami by Cyanites 3 196
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Ranking Question. Clutch aF by SofaKingTopLane 3 37
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Gold+ lf duo Triggerthis by Triggerthis 3 49
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Loosen Leaverbuster? Anyone? MoldyRasputin by Jenos Idallian 3 44
Fiora is so broken rito better nerf gg W1zzardo by Zachrin 3 106
League of Legends client breakage DerpyDemon by DerpyDemon 3 52
Let me tell you a story about my UNranked game last night revenge2012 II by revenge2012 II 3 196
I Want To Poop Here. Croconaw1 by Croconaw1 3 54