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Soraka healing should heal turrets Wellness Inhaler by Falling Objects 4 93
I'm reminding myself I need to go to bed Tyrannus0 by Tyrannus0 4 127
"ff is still op" "ff is useless now" yami889 by Currymancer 4 263
GP has been out on a limb for longer than the old Eve StealthRemakePls by Elite Urf 4 88
4.6 Palaside by Sun Tzu X2 4 108
I just wanted to say this to RIOT PersianMeow by Copper Kangaroo 4 73
Anyone spare a Curse beta key for a poor loser? XylemUP by shadowfoxer 4 176
Hey riot! Can you fix this. vFrawst by Mig0s 4 41
What do you do to people who steal from you? MeesterKite by Rastilan 4 66
Does anyone ever wish... ilse15 by Das Ist Gut 4 60
Showdown and Hexakill, modes practically nobody enjoyed, on PBE again. Rijda by EmployeNumber427 4 149
GD, how do you Spend those 15 seconds before you can hit Punish? EmployeNumber427 by Fock Raet Gumis 4 112
Supports that need guides The Xelif by EmployeNumber427 4 64
buff elder liZard AD and buff golem health back to 500 Currymancer by Currymancer 4 189
Riot Blitzcrank for Fist Bump Liaramancer by Zastie 4 252
New Ezreal nickname Ur a Manlet Brah by Ballserium 4 121
How does the heal debuff work? Does it affect the "heal summoner spell", or all heals ForumPostingAcco by Jinxed Amulet 4 132
How can people stand to play voli? Bandet by Bandet 4 137
morello was fired/caught for elo boosting Teemò by REAL ELO SATAN 4 251
welp Best KhaZix Void by Worst Talon Ever 4 60
ESO is bad leveltwentymage by leveltwentymage 4 122
The most malignant cancer of league.. Brokeback Braum by TitCalm 4 149
Welp GJ Riot you nerfed the living **** out of Feral Flame Whos There by Whos There 4 183
Are the SKT skins available? Corpse Princess by Crimson Mutt 2 4 206
After the patch, should Volibear still use Feral Flare? alexmf2 by alexmf2 4 440
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Why I love League, but hate playing it. NasusIsMyLover by Madsparta 4 156
Vel-Koz Support Stream SevSaint by SevSaint 4 75
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Curse Voice Official Live Date IceKacang10 by IceKacang10 4 117
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"We have changes in store for Jarvan IV" OP Champion by OP Champion 4 179
Why I love League but hate playing it MG Caristinn by iplaylol 4 118
My cat will attack a fully grown German shepherd but is scared of box fans HateDaddy by atz9999 4 124
I am noticing a problem Riot always has. Voluug13 by Ur little sister 4 135
Support Plat-diamond challenge + Super informational Hyun Seyuk Manji by Hyun Seyuk Manji 4 110
Fix the broken zed! JayZenCe by Ballserium 4 126
rat pack at store Angler Jax by Poisonpowder 4 534
A third party interface is not unethical McDaddi by YambrinZ 4 61
Add ons are bad for this game; TLDR Riot is lazy MajorPain9 by DadSav 4 103
Just read an article that Korean Riot admins ban curse voice users. EstaBienHolmes by SageModeGamer 4 147
"Curse voice is unfair because NO ONE times stuff" - bronzies riv3ls by Aurora Borealis 4 192
"I don't play black champions" - sharby XcitoiZ by IAintDarius 4 191
When will NA server be back up AntsMelester by LitoJ 4 176
Shen's Q Voidizarre by Das Ist Gut 4 142
Does anyone else think Taric could use a buff? The ODB by Kiyoish 4 162
When Do I Lose Points From Not Playing Rank Games? HKBS KyoKunChan by Hitokiri Hokosai 4 110
Ban everyone who communicates with their team Not Arcane Ezrea by YambrinZ 4 79