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Fell asleep at 8 now I'm not tired anymore ****. Chaoyo 5 by Lost Puppies 4 91
"We nerfed garen/darius ults because they were up every time you came back to lane" MLG420YOL0SWAG by Economicz 4 189
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Patch 4.16 Notes? Akali is SO HOT by MaitreJoris 4 301
So that's why they were so good Coldstream Guard by Akumapon 4 118
i post on gd about 17 hours a day Irelia x Irelia by Ibuki Suika 4 66
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Whats kha'standard evolve/max paths now? CapnSuperTeemo by Kholdstare13 4 97
I should switch to DOTA and quit league. GoseiRedRanger by GoseiRedRanger 4 124
@Alistar heal should scale with his bonus health, and not with his AP Drakonitus by McSatan 4 108
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Adc Zed? & Epic Jinx Baron Steal Sihxr by Auz the Ripper 4 127
Irelia bug where to post. Scireg by Scireg 4 80
APC sucks because you know what items you are going to build before you queue. Zantheus by Zantheus 4 129
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Hey RIOT now that nidalee is a hunter tryinddng by tryinddng 4 105
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Whats Riots excuse for lag this week? Hugattack by KawaiiJesusSan 4 68
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just got drophacked, ama. Diamond Song by DUDE BRO 4 53
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Now that Cassiopeia's Q actually shows how large the hitbox is MG Caristinn by MG Caristinn 4 136
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