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Sticky Thread Detecting and banning extreme Intentional Feeders   ( 1 2 3 ... 63) Lyte by Tammerlane 623 Riot Post 169,440
I'm convinced that these games are rigged CMD Ruby Rose by A Deadly Amoeba 5 148
DP vs AHQ Iabusemyminions by shletithappen 4 82
match history frozen, can't get shurima rewards Euclide by Euclide 2 30
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The only issue I have with eSports Ashali by Shaquane 1 70
Champion Idea: Hue, the Huekaiser Mad Policecars by BeQuickOrBeDead 2 47
Turkey is only good for Thanksgiving CantCareyMariah by Iabusemyminions 1 39
We're not Mineski or Gaminggear, we came to win Ashali by PoisonTea 3 198
We are not Mineski -dark passage 2014 theroaringturtle by theroaringturtle 0 169
It's funny how Tristana is the new QQ   ( 1 2 3) Ryc Nairda by Rabidrabbit7 27 528
DP getting double penetrated Cant play bottom by Cant play bottom 0 33
CS Meaning?   ( 1 2 3 ... 4) Somethingwierd by YambrinZ 34 58,578
Riot has the best support. Selao by Selao 2 64
This Greek team does not deserve to be here LOLTEHNOOB by LOLTEHNOOB 0 43
GREAT JOB Dark Passage! Iabusemyminions by Iabusemyminions 0 39
should the little wave from placing a ward get removed? Koldheartedjsp by Koldheartedjsp 5 101
inb4 for the Rumble nerf threads... IHITNTIHI by IHITNTIHI 0 58
An Upgrade for Smartcast Stellar Phoenix by Ashali 4 83
If you can play almost anyone Top Iabusemyminions by engieninja 1 41
So are we just giving Arcade skins to everyone now? Mad Policecars by EUW ForumAcc 1 57
NA is not the Bronze V of Worlds anymore?   ( 1 2) Limitless RX by PoisonTea 14 332
This Is Why You Don't Play Caitlyn Anymore ARCDR1VEFINISH by Derp Purple 6 322
My husbandu is playing at Worlds. Sydelle by medium katarina 2 71
Graves is Great Iabusemyminions by Iabusemyminions 0 30
C9 vs TSM finals   ( 1 2) DustyElLion by Ashali 13 301
Poor Dp Resedia by Resedia 0 23
How are sides decided in a tiebreaker? Ashali by Ashali 0 24
"Tristana is not OP, she has always been like this!" 8U1137PR00F by Vxniqht 4 95
What happened with the champions ''Recommended Items''? Manolishill by Raptamei 2 72
Did my eyes just deceive me? Zelink by Xpecial Effects 1 81
am i the only one not impressed by SSW so far? Maximum Sayaka by EmployeNumber427 7 130
After watching worlds so far Testing for hemo by ProfDrDeath 3 90
How is it even possible to miss with Fizz's ult? SillyPuttyMcG by Naethmor 9 213
TPA beats SHRC, TSM beats SK, TSM get's first seed. DustyElLion by ProfDrDeath 6 141
Azir needs major changes to mechanics   ( 1 2 3) Undervalued by Raptamei 23 560
SHRC vs. TSM third game for seed 1   ( 1 2) sweet Baby ohai by TeemoRift 12 212
E.U and KOREA and China/taiwan have their championships CMO Marc Merrill by cheongmal 1 41
is it bad that i want TPA to beat royal club? Minimum Donger by Minimum Donger 0 30
riot it's been fun and all Jawshhh by Jawshhh 2 69
Does anyone actually become a better player from watching Tournaments? Mad Policecars by Doctor 420 1 42
I just saw Zilean banned. Iabusemyminions by Mad Policecars 3 87
Nothing Saves EmployeNumber427 by EmployeNumber427 0 13
Final Boss Veig got no login screen? TeaVeeBag by Zac x Me 2 48
"Just because you can lift, doesn't mean you can carry." Mad Policecars by spicytaco69rs 2 81
Trist's OP for cleaning up kills after their team does most of the lifting NaCl Shaker by TeemoRift 6 156
What the hell does "seed out" mean? Mad Policecars by Raptamei 3 61
Cannot wait until Trist is gutted. finkypop by finkypop 0 30
Dyrus Wins Lane, TSM Wins Game brian rad by medium katarina 1 116
I know what Tristana is... VoyMachoboy by Doctor 420 2 46
Suck it china! USA USA USA USA Best KhaZix Void by Best KhaZix Void 9 156