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Sticky Thread Detecting and banning extreme Intentional Feeders   ( 1 2 3 ... 68) Lyte by 420GreeNBuD420 678 Riot Post 173,841
@Lyte i want to see my chat logs. CiggyTangZ by CiggyTangZ 0 23
Enemy team didn't have gnar so I couldn't ban him Londyn Enden by redniwediS 4 192
Prepaid cards and 'bonus' RP. SMA Odyssey by SMA Odyssey 0 45
Lyte lyte lyte lyte lye lyte CiggyTangZ by CiggyTangZ 0 32
Riot lyte riot lyte riot lyte CiggyTangZ by Jikker 1 32
If I were in Diamond RaG nuh RocK by RaG nuh RocK 0 33
Should Riot change all the names that have TSM/SKT/DIG Diamonesd by Mokkun 7 159
QOL buffs to Diana and Xin Xordis by wachumba 1 57
Yasuo has no counterplay, he is just so op itsWind by vApexPredator 8 229
Tribunal system is so flawed. TheOrangeTree by TheOrangeTree 0 29
@Lyte. Banned for 14 days. Smile IU by Smile IU 1 15
Lyte where are you chat logs CiggyTangZ by CiggyTangZ 0 8
next victorious skin? Angler Jax by CopyPasterinoPls 2 135
@riot lyte CiggyTangZ by CiggyTangZ 2 24
@Lyte Sharing your work with the community LouisLeGros by LouisLeGros 0 16
So LYTE I play 2000 games this season nLoOoLb by nLoOoLb 0 10
to anybody who currently plays WoW   ( 1 2) No Hitbox by gsai 17 360
Hail Your D1 Overlords and King/Queen of GD: Janna F Kennedy and Janna Bot   ( 1 2 3 ... 7) Janna F Kennedy by Naethmor 65 1,433
Happy birthday janna bot <3   ( 1 2) Janna F Kennedy by xanim 12 214
High Ping and Lag Recently Gandalf010812 by Gandalf010812 0 19
Poppy skill order Challengur Suppo by Fried Chopsticks 2 48
2 q's did 500 damage from braum you get the D by you get the D 0 45
I'm extremely scared of... Quinn PossibIe by The Demon Star 2 69
Well my team learned how to stop Akali from getting fed. Quinn PossibIe by Challengur Suppo 8 232
@Lyte I got banned for good reasons Church of Lies by Church of Lies 2 44
Thoughts on Cassiopeia? PastelNewt by Canastus 5 114
Looking for someone to help me get my smurf to diamond Smoking Fox by Smoking Fox 0 9
@Lyte Whyd i get banned? RaidAndFade by RaidAndFade 0 14
To the Long Time Koggy Mains- Rebonack by Rebonack 7 180
@Lyte I don't think I should be banned Best Varus KR by Best Varus KR 0 13
"Dino Gnar will eat you up" Smoking Fox by Smoking Fox 0 51
Riot Champ select gltich Mir0skies by Rortik 4 80
If you don't think your ban was justified... The Spoon Dog by Jacobdg 1 46
What the fox say? Smoking Fox by The Demon Star 1 61
Pick Gnar you deserve to be trolled. Gold-bronze nLoOoLb by nLoOoLb 1 68
Gold 3 stream! Pyroze by Pyroze 1 17
Most useless reports? Shashoumo by Quinn PossibIe 4 70
Can somone get your IP Address from LoL? Morello Bot by Mariios 7 120
Reminder that it's rej-eee-ice, not rej-ice. Quinn PossibIe by Quinn PossibIe 0 41
@lyte: Banned for no reason! xXmagicaXx by Calabok 6 76
Just played with someone that said my actions were straight Eiki by Umbra Gemini 7 160
Made it to Bronze. AMA qroar by qroar 3 33
Had to dodge 2nd game out of 3 because of a troll TheKingkel by TheKingkel 0 26
kaellrus killed my dad(easyaeta) QuadraSmoke21 by Insert Dunk Here 4 60
Yasuo mains, please tell me: Gorton Fisherman by The Demon Star 1 93
Gnar players are the new Riven players. AllHailRackier by GizzmotheGreat 7 322
stop playing malphite support Golden Dawn Mage by Golden Dawn Mage 6 165
Latest bug report on champion ultimate abilities ExtremeExcadrill by The Scyphozoa 2 64
Just got to Diamond, AMA anything related to League.   ( 1 2) Maximum Viktor by LeviathanElite 14 222
Made it to Plat. AMA. Whos There by Whos There 2 41