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Sticky Thread Making the transition to Boards   ( 1 2 3 ... 37) Tamat by GrandMa5TR 362 Riot Post 70,287
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Silver 1- What the actual **** @riot@matchmaking The Shaco Bot by The Shaco Bot 5 95
Why TSM will get relegated for sure... BARS123 by BARS123 0 84
Here is a way to give Syndra's ult counterplay/higher skill cap without a "nerf"   ( 1 2) firesflame4 by firesflame4 16 639
These games are of a VERY low quality Slashiroth by MaxConners 1 73
Tsm... why are you not banning ziggs. fadĂȘ by SGT Dingle Berry 2 128
let's take a look at zionspartan's pick Death by Kum by Death by Kum 4 272
Ekisu, the Half-Burnt Aikairi by Aikairi 0 44
If Nasus catches on in the LCS   ( 1 2) Pluto Nash by EatMyPanties 16 751
Thank you Riot (No Sarcasm) TheWeedIsLoud by A Horny Sergal 3 48
"just shut down nasus" ZioticX by ThePreyMan PHS 4 282
Another Server Crash with NO loss prevented Thunder Kats by KaiguraTalent 1 56
Some channeled abilities break on move command and some do not Uncle Taric by Uncle Taric 0 32
Alistar Blitz Combo Fun! Oakrie by Oakrie 0 55
Please help me Isaac DeathFlame by Isaac DeathFlame 0 19
NA LCS is boring JohnWinter by Bryan1714 1 56
Wild Turtle uses culling on DIG Nexus   ( 1 2) Commando Yi by Skilliard 10 750
na lcs dream team rjdude31 by Risurin 1 43
TSM, The ROSTER mistakes. Wolkrin by Wolkrin 6 231
These are the worst games I've ever seen in my life Hapopo by Cynetic 2 160
Meanwhile at Riot BaneFire344 by BaneFire344 0 33
If you had the choice to play your highest WR main... XMoulinRougeX by xpew75 2 71
Na playoffs more viewers than dota's biggest tournament King of pies by Dotislav Pro 3 258
What's with Kobe's red headband? Ur little sister by Lajinn5 1 82
TSM chanters should all be executed right now Frans Bauer by Frans Bauer 0 73
Wildturtle would have successfully destroyed the nexus if he got BOTRK instead of BT aedificium by Stephanie Dora 1 147
I feel this should be its own thread. BabySealHunter by BabySealHunter 0 23
Servers just happen to go down as LCS match starts   ( 1 2 3) FEEDlNG TIME by ThePreyMan PHS 21 838
that was the worst ending ive seen in a while PoppaMan by PoppaMan 0 62
༼ つ ಠ_ಠ ༽つ nerf alistar ༼ つ ಠ_ಠ ༽つ Pluto Nash by Pluto Nash 0 59
At this rate with TSM and DIG... Jikker by Jikker 0 60
Move over xPeke Swampi by DnielR105 3 236
Holy ****, this series! saldrith by SGT Dingle Berry 2 109
Game 3 will have Nasus in it. Quitch by Quitch 1 67
Come on DiG Ay Yo Boo Boo by Ay Yo Boo Boo 0 37
TSM vs Dig SaIty Cashew by FlutterColinz 4 209
TSM and Dig getting private lessons from Trick2G.... Soley by Miko Ryukudo 1 201
Summoner name (Offensive?) Nerf Ahris Boobs by Nerf Ahris Boobs 0 39
League Launching Problem (Windows 8.1) Pilloww by Pilloww 0 69
Kha'Zix picked in LCS Overlord Malz by DarkflameShyvana 5 214
literally fkn done watching the LCS Zantheus by Zantheus 0 100
Nerf Elise WhiteSmokeNinja by WhiteSmokeNinja 0 30
Dig wards coverage is silver level LudaCriSe by LudaCriSe 0 39
i got this girl, she don't go to school, i got this girl, she dont go to work.   ( 1 2) that nidaIee by that nidaIee 12 533
OMFG Lizard Squad has their own Twitter Account? Degleon by Degleon 0 89
xpeke is disappointed with tsm Dokusei by Dokusei 0 141
I called the Nasus pick into Ali/Maokai top HateDaddy by HateDaddy 7 282
Fiora not having cc or an escape doesn't justify her having the best ult in the game   ( 1 2 3) King of pies by AntiSkillshot 29 967
"Riot, we will revisit you soon. You upgrade, we upgrade :)." Eedat by Eedat 1 165
Kiwi singlehandedly lost that game for Dignitas SkuhLs by SkuhLs 0 129
Why didn't Dig go with the same team comp from last game? Seoo by Seoo 1 88