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Sticky Thread Making the transition to Boards  ( 1 2 3 ... 37 ) Tamat GrandMa5TR 362
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Sticky Thread Detecting and banning extreme Intentional Feeders  ( 1 2 3 ... 71 ) Lyte ZaWarsman 709
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These games are of a VERY low quality Slashiroth MaxConners 1 77
Tsm... why are you not banning ziggs. fadê SGT Dingle Berry 2 136
let's take a look at zionspartan's pick Death by Kum Death by Kum 4 292
Ekisu, the Half-Burnt Aikairi Aikairi 0 50
If Nasus catches on in the LCS  ( 1 2 ) Pluto Nash EatMyPanties 16 801
Thank you Riot (No Sarcasm) TheWeedIsLoud A Horny Sergal 3 53
"just shut down nasus" ZioticX ThePreyMan PHS 4 304
Another Server Crash with NO loss prevented Thunder Kats KaiguraTalent 1 61
Some channeled abilities break on move command and some do not Uncle Taric Uncle Taric 0 40
Alistar Blitz Combo Fun! Oakrie Oakrie 0 64
Please help me Isaac DeathFlame Isaac DeathFlame 0 25
NA LCS is boring JohnWinter Bryan1714 1 61
Wild Turtle uses culling on DIG Nexus  ( 1 2 ) Commando Yi Skilliard 10 811
na lcs dream team rjdude31 Risurin 1 52
TSM, The ROSTER mistakes. Wolkrin Wolkrin 6 238
These are the worst games I've ever seen in my life Hapopo Cynetic 2 168
Meanwhile at Riot BaneFire344 BaneFire344 0 39
If you had the choice to play your highest WR main... XMoulinRougeX xpew75 2 76
Na playoffs more viewers than dota's biggest tournament King of pies Dotislav Pro 3 272
What's with Kobe's red headband? Ur little sister Lajinn5 1 91
TSM chanters should all be executed right now Frans Bauer Frans Bauer 0 82
Wildturtle would have successfully destroyed the nexus if he got BOTRK instead of BT aedificium Stephanie Dora 1 157
I feel this should be its own thread. BabySealHunter BabySealHunter 0 30
Servers just happen to go down as LCS match starts  ( 1 2 3 ) FEEDlNG TIME ThePreyMan PHS 21 890
that was the worst ending ive seen in a while PoppaMan PoppaMan 0 66
༼ つ ಠ_ಠ ༽つ nerf alistar ༼ つ ಠ_ಠ ༽つ Pluto Nash Pluto Nash 0 68
At this rate with TSM and DIG... Jikker Jikker 0 66
Move over xPeke Swampi DnielR105 3 245
Holy ****, this series! saldrith SGT Dingle Berry 2 115
Game 3 will have Nasus in it. Quitch Quitch 1 71
Come on DiG Ay Yo Boo Boo Ay Yo Boo Boo 0 42
TSM vs Dig SaIty Cashew FlutterColinz 4 213
TSM and Dig getting private lessons from Trick2G.... Soley Miko Ryukudo 1 231
Summoner name (Offensive?) Nerf Ahris Boobs Nerf Ahris Boobs 0 44
League Launching Problem (Windows 8.1) Pilloww Pilloww 0 110
Kha'Zix picked in LCS Overlord Malz DarkflameShyvana 5 222
literally fkn done watching the LCS Zantheus Zantheus 0 106
Nerf Elise WhiteSmokeNinja WhiteSmokeNinja 0 34
Dig wards coverage is silver level LudaCriSe LudaCriSe 0 49
i got this girl, she don't go to school, i got this girl, she dont go to work.  ( 1 2 ) that nidaIee that nidaIee 12 626
OMFG Lizard Squad has their own Twitter Account? Degleon Degleon 0 101
xpeke is disappointed with tsm Dokusei Dokusei 0 170
I called the Nasus pick into Ali/Maokai top HateDaddy HateDaddy 7 378
Fiora not having cc or an escape doesn't justify her having the best ult in the game  ( 1 2 3 ) King of pies AntiSkillshot 29 1004
"Riot, we will revisit you soon. You upgrade, we upgrade :)." Eedat Eedat 1 172
Kiwi singlehandedly lost that game for Dignitas SkuhLs SkuhLs 0 135
Why didn't Dig go with the same team comp from last game? Seoo Seoo 1 96
Riot should make a kickstarter to raise more money Degleon Degleon 5 111
Raid Boss Blue Buff (TSM vs DIG - NA LCS Summer Playoffs) TaiigerBlue TaiigerBlue 0 87
You'd think peps would look at team comps in aram before talkin when playing aram Delimon Delimon 0 48