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Sticky Thread Making the transition to Boards  ( 1 2 3 ... 37 ) Tamat GrandMa5TR 362
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Sticky Thread Detecting and banning extreme Intentional Feeders  ( 1 2 3 ... 71 ) Lyte ZaWarsman 709
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Hi I'm riot Antipath Antipath 0 40
What does creationism, feminism, the anti-vaccination movement, and denial of climate Blade Queen Liss Renaito Yuujou 5 158
Girl troubles part 4 DarkvolcanReborn Ouroboro 8 185
should i get nashor's tooth on azir? RubMeGood ScruffyScruffs 7 201
Another day goes by and still no AFK system hypermonkieboi hypermonkieboi 1 42
The Cure for Depression  ( 1 2 ) Hi Im Ear Hi Im Ear 19 383
iaw era seemed so fun  ( 1 2 ) Future Diary mysticalsoap 13 229
Just Me Hasagii got demoted  ( 1 2 ) Cordelia Gallo Fooly Kuri 14 312
Why Did Lissandra Cross The Street? Blade Queen Liss Blade Queen Liss 0 48
so i've been trying out zed Awesomepenguin Awesomepenguin 0 61
How many consecutive wins before MMR goes up? hypermonkieboi hypermonkieboi 4 97
We Are Trying To Make A Theme Song For GD Atm LASTARCFlNISH The Dravening 1 50
Why was i banned? @mods or whatever goldandglowin Rito blows booty 5 66
Ok so GD is dying - What does Lacey look like? 2Black2StronK Dryad Soraka 4 189
I haven't been active in a few months. AlphaKiloGaming Just Mids Smurf 1 43
Should shyvana get a texture upgrade as well? Mr Deceiver Eeveefyre 4 116
I was surfing on the internet and found a chat room with a cute girl. AP Ezreal is OP 413asdfqwe 3 192
Once GD gets archived it will be like a really long novel.  ( 1 2 ) universe within Jikker 11 326
I always get feed in my game OG JASON OG JASON 0 50
I understand why people are Toxic Hi Im Ear MagnusMentula 4 89
Options While Temporarily Banned Dauntless Ursus Dauntless Ursus 0 49
Are questions actually answered on this board? Lyless Jamaree 3 53
Steaming Masters gameplay! Caspar Caspar 4 54
Tristana R should be a charged up skillshot similar to Zac E Felfire Dartheos 7 279
The Number of bot accounts while smurfing is astronomical SeargentAnus SeargentAnus 0 67
Chingu changu chongu robu ma dongeru AP Ezreal is OP AP Ezreal is OP 0 53
How to carry when your team is feeding in high elo Just Mids Smurf HollywoodHU 1 75
Riot fix your report system! xROOPZx xROOPZx 0 31
GG Server 1000 rp never forget!!! ill miss you GD Lunar Lightning SloppyMayor 1 59
I hope ebola wipes out 80% of the world  ( 1 2 3 ) Felfire HollywoodHU 25 819
24hr Zilean 2 Realean Loqki Loqki 4 112
What gets more white the dirtier it gets? VoHagen VoHagen 2 82
Ow my teeth hurts AP Ezreal is OP VoHagen 6 85
When GD Dies? Spanks N Ganks Spanks N Ganks 6 114
Music while playing. deathlyxheals deathlyxheals 0 29
Yasuo got his crits damage reduced because it would be too strong AP Ezreal is OP Free Reset 3 113
can someone spectate a game of mine? im looking to improve! Milkyway457 Milkyway457 0 38
free $23m chips zynga poker account (facebook) Dust Draven Dust Draven 8 217
ahri or viktor ?  ( 1 2 ) Amarix11 Mia Bella Volpe 12 380
GD jcarsonw Keenano 1 43
Test your knowledge of league, win a skin! BugUgly BugUgly 0 48
I just played with Woookie Coookie AMA Maximum LeBroken Maximum LeBroken 5 93
Simmer down *****, it's Lissandra EpicYogurt EpicYogurt 0 49
Strife is better than League. Wolf383 Rennagade 6 170
Banned on someones thread HollywoodHU HollywoodHU 0 31
When people say the only truly NA team is C9... Quiet Rito Quiet Rito 8 229
This game is so insanely flawed canihaveyour canihaveyour 0 42
gd customs are full of ****ing hsit i jsut try to have fun and ****ing ******s bm m AwfulSound PaulRemyBacardi 1 60
I hate stuff Summoners Drift Summoners Drift 0 29
@dredge mammus OnIy Ahri Cordelia Gallo 2 44