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When a country has its top female stars putting naked pics of themselves online...   ( 1 2 3) I destroy noobs by Dynasty Ahri 29 1,513
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Bjergsen just stunned Trist during the beginning of her W SageModeGamer by Zanzen Ahji 5 256
Reginald > Phil Jackson, Bill Belichick, Jim Harbough That Riven by Nice Boots 4 82
What's wrong about a champion that can stun your whole team and delete a carry with R Akali is SO HOT by Akali is SO HOT 0 75
deleting my gift and purchase history Hallows Evelynn by Hallows Evelynn 0 116
why haven't you fixed tristana being able to rocket jump out of all cc yet PIumsauce by Drakconen 2 97
just gifted and received red baron corki from mystery skins killedbythatguy by killedbythatguy 0 67
You were saying about Lucian? KayleeT by SoftHearted 3 91
Wyndra lands her Q on me in lane. sweet bunnies by sweet bunnies 0 79
hail tsm jcarsonw by jcarsonw 2 78
"so damn well" Anakluthen by Volor Flex 5 86
I'm against Kassadin Mattpig by Mattpig 1 58
Everyone complaining about Trist Maximum Sayaka by Maximum Sayaka 5 141
I'm the last person left who thinks Trist is balanced BoomyGhostGT by Domo Ahrigato 8 225
Tsm tsm tsm tsm tsm tsm tsm ThermodynamicZ by PikachuRPG 1 62
Those Sweater Vests 8 Bit Astronaut by Little Seal Girl 1 73
In the middle of a 1 minute orgasm. Super Lous by RlVENONAPRAYER 1 117
Ezreal's Q is now an autoattack enchanter instead of a skillshot Onche Onche by Apache1990 4 176
Can we have a Monarch Gnar?   ( 1 2) Compenisator by Compenisator 10 350
Ashe clearly needs a buff Datahero by Bloore 2 86
Elise counters Garen? wat?   ( 1 2) Onche Onche by ViniFofinhoX3 15 444
Buff Trist please I love beer by I love beer 0 57
This is why Yasuo isn't good Derp Purple by Derp Purple 0 108
Men's view on women of different race. Please be true by yokazo 3 145
tsm win pls Aeroner by Aeroner 0 54
gg Crunchyroll Please be true by l Everlasting l 5 99
who can apply red buff with a spell? Mister Oinker by BoomyGhostGT 9 146
Buying a new macbook   ( 1 2) EMurdock by XxBarbaric Titan 18 8,349
This is why you perma ban alistar, kids B00tyWarriorr by B00tyWarriorr 2 134
Ashe is an excellent AD carry Abusive Janna by Bloore 5 129
I dont know who or what to play in LOL TheCursedEntity by TheCursedEntity 0 33
Will we ever get a true HD stream? GotRektGG by GotRektGG 2 54
Apoqliphort Killer is the most disgustingly overpowered thing i have ever seen Kraz Kzraxus by Alamiator 2 129
Game 2 between C9 and TSM is such a sloppy game ajhawk by ajhawk 0 55
What's wrong with nudity?   ( 1 2 3 ... 4) XMoulinRougeX by Sadistic Lulu 30 1,229
That fake baron to get Elise. OGZ Poptart Cat by OGZ Poptart Cat 0 61
How to balance Yasuo Onche Onche by Oqira 4 128
I just realized that Banshee's Veil actually makes you weaker against Alistar. The Scyphozoa by Soulsie 1 111
Can Project taric come out already? KingSpadeIX by KingSpadeIX 0 49
Has anyone else just been waiting for the HH Caitlyn skin? Sea of Stars by Sea of Stars 1 56
PROJECT: Yasuo is out NA Aries by Anti Neutrinoism 1 50
Lets see what LoL player are you guys Xeronator by Xeronator 2 88
The only thing worse than a Madstone player   ( 1 2) Domo Ahrigato by sakuraxsasuke 10 280
Tristana is a balanced champion, STFU sweet bunnies by AnonTwo 5 110
I dropped my keyboard while playing tristana. EpicYogurt by Ragnarok93 2 122
What can replicate "The Culling" from the same range and damage without using an ult? Super Lous by Domo Ahrigato 1 72
Dyrus pulverizes make me wet. Dunkilius by Dunkilius 0 58