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Sticky Thread Making the transition to Boards  ( 1 2 3 ... 37 ) Tamat GrandMa5TR 362
Riot Post
Sticky Thread Detecting and banning extreme Intentional Feeders  ( 1 2 3 ... 71 ) Lyte ZaWarsman 709
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WTF I LOGGED INTO LEAGUE AND IT SAYS IM BANNED UNTIL THE 24th?  ( 1 2 3 ... 9 ) Xeronator A White Girl 85
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@GD the life Versus0919 Versus0919 0 44
Don't play ranked if you're D1 Arczer howlling 4 137
Game crashing every game for about 4-5x (RIOT PLS READ) DigBickman DigBickman 0 51
@Riot I drew KogMaw Eating Yasuo- Plz give me 22 RP Sentirrius MrGoldTech 1 98
can a rioter poss my chat history ProCookiez ProCookiez 1 82
Is it just me Jettomatic Jettomatic 0 44
Ascension Bug eggy124678 thefenceturtle 2 174
Lol so this girl today in history looked at my shirt and made a face  ( 1 2 ) DarkvolcanReborn Colonel J 19 928
@Riot smite me please Pkerzach makchamp 2 74
Been Staring at a reconnect button for 2 hours or so MooglesGoKupo MooglesGoKupo 0 41
Can I Get Unbanned Lyte or Riot or Whoever l Sakurasou l I Win Haha 9 172
This smiting spree Hammizone Hammizone 0 50
Free RP Giveaway! Xeronator Xeronator 5 148
A Suggested QoL Change for LeBlanc? Sigil of Silence Sigil of Silence 5 123
sHURIMA DONT LIKE IT GreekLobsta GreekLobsta 1 59
WookieCookie? Burnt Light Burnt Light 0 37
Question about the server/my internet STB DaddyO STB DaddyO 1 50
Banned TheExHarbringer TheExHarbringer 7 229
Is there ANY way I can get a refund token? The One Who Nocs The One Who Nocs 0 48
My heart goes out to you toxic players howlling howlling 0 53
Leona: "morg outscales me, has to engage." icefrogy Samzies 1 79
Before, I thought everyone was overreacting when it came to Lore. MintyLoL VelNyeScienceEye 6 196
They changed Cassiopeia's lore. Kyrie Friegraf B00tyWarriorr 1 83
I am sorry for having a small monitor @Riot staff Horo Marisa Catopuma 3 99
The Kiss Ups Burnt Light Burnt Light 1 68
my dog died today Xpecial Effects Yenn 1 71
Streaming ascension as a support Chillzilla Chillzilla 0 41
Love how all the pros call the OP Champs broken live on stream Akali is SO HOT Akali is SO HOT 4 161
2010 Sivir revival! SwingChainz SwingChainz 0 49
@Lyte Can I see the logs? UnholyShadow23 UnholyShadow23 0 45
I was a 40cdr ezreal with gauntlet and zilean with me Legal Loli Ictus 7 175
I like these ban waves, the chat logs are quite amusing B00tyWarriorr B00tyWarriorr 0 65
My name is Peepsy, and I am a toxic player. Peepsy Peepsy 0 58
couldnt exit our of masteries VietEggrolls VietEggrolls 0 48
Tristana b00nkeg basictiger 2 67
NUNU Consume is broken in Ascension Cabo Messaiga 9 1572
Champion Select Bug! Rito I want my LP back GG itsChris GG itsChris 0 36
How do they show the LCS? Rortik Crowned Eagle 1 48
5 Akalis vs 5 Nidalees Vxniqht toejamfunk 9 296
I just spent the last of my RP... The One Who Nocs The One Who Nocs 0 35
Welp looks like theres nothing good to read today Wisdom Cat Wisdom Cat 0 33
Did my mmr tank overnight? TheSchizoGenious TheSchizoGenious 0 50
@Lyte Show me the logs, UnholyShadow23 UnholyShadow23 0 38
Option to remove chat all together Diceberry Diceberry 0 39
this new lore 3 goats 3 goats 0 42
Summoner's Rift is just Gnar playing with his action figures Rebonack 420Templar 2 111
Any one on GD can recommend a good Studydesk? Desynkronize Desynkronize 1 38
Malzahar forgotten. Pool Party Talon JBangin 3 127
14 day suspension MSDOS MSDOS 0 53