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Long ago, GD lived together in harmony Maximum Sayaka by Maximum Sayaka 0 42
Are the mods also subdiamond 1 ? I Azir l by I Azir l 0 28
Want to write a story, I am an amateur writer (attachment) Kovah by tnx 5 60
I like the new Desperada Cassiopeia Raleko by blubg 4 118
Can I not get an automated message from riot support once? Cho for Athene by Cho for Athene 0 15
Syndra need nerfs. Quinn PossibIe by tempname78794531 2 75
Close this thread if you think Trist is balanced. PaulRemyBacardi by PaulRemyBacardi 0 60
How to get friends into LoL? Captain BubbleT by CatKiller1291 4 61
If this thread is closed... 12fingerJIM by 12fingerJIM 0 127
mods are delete Gd 1 thread at a time that nidaIee by Quinn PossibIe 3 82
Mods are on a Killing Spree 41Lewd by 41Lewd 0 40
Memorial for those slain in the 9/18 moderator attacks on general discussion tempname78794531 by tempname78794531 0 58
all annie players are jerk faces Irelia x Irelia by 41kawaii 1 57
MOD ATTACKS! TAKE COVEEEEEEeRRR! warriorbbb by Jikker 3 101
reported for taric jungle yokazo by The Octobus 3 84
People closing threads Miss Younha by Miss Younha 0 37
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mods aren't murder IC Icy ISeeStars by IC Icy ISeeStars 0 37
Any East coast players in NA teams? Captain BubbleT by Captain BubbleT 0 23
One day we will have a champion with a pull Arduno by Arduno 1 90
Their generation...and ours... Peel The Carry by Peel The Carry 8 209
Mods are scrambling to meet monthly thread-closure quotas Farranor by Farranor 0 41
Tokyo Ghoul TheWayOfTheNinja by TheWayOfTheNinja 0 28
Mods WildCard Actress by PaulRemyBacardi 2 61
URF idea, Please give chance Luin243 by dustwind8 1 17
Lets aim for the front page to be all closed threads HateDaddy by HateDaddy 0 38
if you close this thread im innocent IC Icy ISeeStars by warriorbbb 2 77
i like it that mods do their job when you don't want to Koldheartedjsp by Koldheartedjsp 0 34
why does riot hate me tempname78794531 by tempname78794531 0 26
An Anemone or Clematis plant's juice can cause a rash. When pruning them, it's a goo KyreeXD by KyreeXD 0 28
Which champs do you hate in-game, but would date in real-life? UnicornPurple by UnicornPurple 0 44
mods stop pls Future Diary by ricekripsies 2 55
close this thread if you are homosexual mysticalsoap by Charrend 2 56
Wonder who pissed in the Mods' cereal warriorbbb by I Love Cordelia 1 52
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All of a sudden, a wild mod appears Ballserium by Erijian 2 83
Another vote bot spammer/lvl5 account vote spammer on the loose HateDaddy by HateDaddy 0 36
When will underworld twisted fate come back? SporerExplorer by WildCard Actress 5 60
The mods closed that self-picture thread. Quinn PossibIe by Erijian 4 102
I can spectate the game I'm supposed to be in but I can't reconnect to it. Pijan by Pijan 0 14
i got ddosd rito pls wujoh by Xiious 6 70
Where are the featured games? Shanalotte by Shanalotte 0 10
Tokyo Ghoul Manga ending Sweet Cavity by Charrend 8 161
GD Post a Pic of Yourself! ~   ( 1 2 3) Xeronator by Legal Shota 24 684
Mods are active WildCard Actress by WildCard Actress 3 86
im making a league related thread Irelia x Irelia by Irelia x Irelia 0 42
OMG ARABIANS SO VIOLENT VERY TERRORlSM Why such madness by Why such madness 0 37
Today no Shortage of Rengars on Team Builder Sydelle by Sydelle 2 76