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Sejuani's Theme (Orginal By Me) itsClockWork itsClockWork 3 512
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Mirrai Nikki *(Minor spoilers)  ( 1 2 3 ... 6 ) Jesus thy Lord Keppa The God 52 978
Opinions!! CHARLIEnr1MURPHY mysticalsoap 1 187
Worst Teemo NA Wallymarts Wallymarts 1 198
Looking For A LoL Girlfriend  ( 1 2 ) WalkingIllusion LadyKingston 18 1140
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There's a surgery to permanently remove toenails. Colonel J Keppa The God 5 247
Hunters of Old Community Opening Its Doors RobinHood Outlaw RobinHood Outlaw 1 371
ask bout my katarina Chicago Kruger mysticalsoap 1 206
Need support GG itsChris xXxAlcoHolic 1 180
Anyone want free Steam game coupons? K18Uu K18Uu 0 223
People who think they are "safe" by saying "gg" and Girls don't like anything hex ghost Samus Frost 8 430
How to counter tryndamere Darkendnine Darkendnine 0 170
Go fish Gorwrathe Gorwrathe 7 224
Ice bucket challenge?! IIIPlasmaIII Dark Nephthys 5 317
Feedback on my music, thanks! scrapzz scrapzz 6 433
I hate grammar Wow cc nub Ask Luxanna 6 248
Why are they making a sequel to this aiden1630 Bicepitis 2 270
Suggest me a FEK avatar, OT Ask Luxanna mysticalsoap 3 194
kids been getting rekt by me all day Chicago Kruger hex ghost 1 279
5v5 Tournament SMITE Josh0035 Josh0035 0 175
2 Cents on Ferguson  ( 1 2 3 ) Poeta Somnium Notalent 21 1130
Kill Bill is the best Quentin Tarantino movie. MarieTheKitten Notalent 9 336
What is this Ferguson bull**** and why should I give a ****? MarieTheKitten Light LaserTower 7 413
wow the Notorious B.I.G son is getting married to his BF Chicago Kruger Chicago Kruger 0 221
@Ferguson, The Real Enemy Nice Boots BlindandCynical 1 197
My 5 cents on Ferguson, donthitonmegirls Nice Boots 5 272
Areligious, Agender, Polyamorous Panromantic Bisexual Poppy Main BlindandCynical 6 329
So apparently, this is a thing Kodoku xXxAlcoHolic 1 205
God don't answer when you call? Reconsul Reconsul 0 228
Im streaming with my wife, come watch!!! Wallymarts Wallymarts 4 255
Does anyone know when riot will get their sht together and have a working server? sparksong Poppy Main 1 226
How do I stop headset wires from twisting? Sinnirgy Zastie 5 560
Sword Art Online MMORPG  ( 1 2 3 ) Kathrall Kathrall 21 1757
Anyone here from High Desert? PappaSmurf23 PappaSmurf23 0 212
So does anyone here like Pokemon? TheKingPyro Linna Excel 1 212
All I Want Is To Be Riot MrPudding CCrescendo CCrescendo 0 188
new streamer http://www.twitch.tv/fonduby Fonduby Fonduby 0 150
Looking for ranked team dragonx23 dragonx23 2 352
The story of how league helped me find my dream grill (There is hope for you!) c5 Volkswaggin hex ghost 1 199
Selling custom card playing mat! PappaSmurf23 PappaSmurf23 1 300
Kitten Party MarieTheKitten hex ghost 6 219
Should I buy a trampoline? Paradoxmancer Postal Twinkie 3 312
What is your favorite movie genre? Darkluminoo hex ghost 1 162
What do you guys think of my summoner name? Phreak The Freak Good Little Girl 3 195
Gift scam questions Topscorer17 hex ghost 3 177